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“We are in a pandemic of undertreatment.”

Pierre Kory, M.D.

It's happening.

Doctors with integrity are coming together to create something new.

Just last month in San Juan, New Mexico, a panel of prestigious American doctors, many of whom have treated thousands of C-19 patients, gathered to start a new, non-partisan conversation to begin bypassing current treatment restrictions.

In their recorded panel discussions, little known information was revealed.

Richard Urso, M.D., scientist, and inventor of an FDA-approved wound healing drug, pointed out that more children have died of drownings and car accidents than of Covid.

And of the 330 kids who've died of C-19 in all of the US during the whole of the pandemic, not one was healthy to begin with -- they had 4-5 co-morbidities.

In addition, children are not spreaders of Covid.

And many children are being misdiagnosed with Covid.

But perhaps the most alarming information about kids is the disclosure by Dr. Mark McDonald, double board-certified child and adult psychiatrist.

In the article below, Dr. McDonald is quoted during the San Juan Summit.

He fears that a generation of children growing up in this pandemic culture may never recover.

“My concern is that we are building a generation of young people who are so traumatized that they will never fully recover from this.” He cited a study recently published by Brown University Department of Pediatrics that found a 20-point drop in the IQs of babies born after January 1, 2020 compared to those born before.

The panel discuss many controversial issues around C-19, including vaccines and early treatment.

The latter has been the least discussed and perhaps most important aspect of the coronacrisis.

As Dr. Pierre Kory, an outspoken advocate and pioneer of early treatment including Ivermectin points out, no one who has died of C-19 was treated early.

Dr. Richard Urso confirms...

"People don't die of the virus. They die of inflammation and they die of thrombosis."

Lack of early treatment leads to these conditions, and to unnecessary hospitalization and death.

This is perhaps the greatest crime committed by C-19 policymakers.

As the information can no longer be contained, more and more will be revealed to the general public.

It will be up to us to hold authorities to account for these decisions.

In my next blog bite, I'll share the global gathering that took place soon after this one.

For more to the San Juan story, you can read and watch here 👇


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Sonja Francis
Sonja Francis
Oct 06, 2021

Thanks so much for yet another amazing blog! Really enjoy reading them! xo, Sonja

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Oct 06, 2021
Replying to

Always great to hear from readers. Thanks, Sonja! 🙏

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