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Blog Bite - Pro Disclosure

"Israel is the biggest laboratory in the world."

I'm sharing some very heavy darkness this week.

As regular readers know, I don't like to highlight bad news.

But we cannot bring light to that which we are unwilling to see.

For most of my life, I was unwilling to even look in the direction of darkness.

How liberating to discover that when I summon the courage to face injustice, allow myself to experience all the thoughts and emotions that come as a result, I am left stronger and more resilient, confident and infinitely more compassionate.

Witnessing is only the smallest act of courage compared to today's speaker, who is risking his career, his finances, his reputation, and even his life.

When I first watched today's video over 2 months ago, I felt it was too much for this platform.

But as death and injury, suffering and confusion, and perhaps scariest of all, fear, demoralization, and defeat increase, I decided it was time.

I endeavour never to make decisions for you, dear reader, but to inform and encourage critical thinking and spiritual practice.

And so I share with you today the testimony of one of the world's leading C-19 doctors and the creator of the Zelenko Protocol, as he speaks to a Rabbinical court in Jerusalem.

I will warn you that it is shocking.

It may be upsetting, as it was to these experienced religious judges.

But in watching the Nobel Prize nominated Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who successfully treated both Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani when they had Covid, you will see the perspective of a physician whose team has treated over 6000 Covid patients, reporting a success rate of 100% for low-risk patients and 99.3% for high-risk patients.

Watch and remember, there are no shadows to fear when we know we can face anything with light...


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