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How to Separate Fact From Fiction

Today I'm offering a quick tip to bring some easy empowerment to our week.

One of the greatest gifts to come from my 12 years of health challenges is the skill of discernment.

I don’t mean good taste from bad, but something far more objective, valuable, and simple.

There’s a powerful accuracy detector that all of us can use, that immediately sifts a good portion of the wheat from the chaff…


If an article says that X is safe, Y is dangerous, or Z cures or kills, it must have links or at least clear references that we can check.

If an article doesn’t have a link to the study or reference to back its assertion, it’s just an opinion.

For those of us not trained in science, it’s easy to get unnerved by and embroiled in an endless stream of conflicting and frightening health information - especially when it comes to covid.

Using this one simple tool will quickly eliminate most of the fear-mongering from our midst.

I’m not saying everything we find will be good news, but this one strategy may alleviate our feelings of despair from unscientific case counts based on inaccurate testing.

On what do I base my assertion that what we’re being told is unscientific?

  • The PCR test, used in C-19 testing, was never designed for this purpose, and when used as a diagnostic tool, is easily manipulated and largely inaccurate.

All of these facts - that PCR results are inaccurate, that a disease “case” is not someone with no symptoms, and that actual risk is far lower than reported - are evidence that the story we’re being told is at the very least unscientific.

At worst, it’s anti-scientific.

But that’s a story for another day.


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