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Masking the Truth

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

When there was still speculation (and a lot of fear), there was at least some justification for masking.

Even if they provided minimal protection against the vulnerable, why not try?

But they don’t.

The evidence is clear.

I have posted the actual data showing that public masking does not work HERE.

We have comparisons of those countries and regions that masked and those that didn’t.

There is little to no difference -- and the little shows preference for NOT masking.

We don’t need more studies or more evidence.

We also know that masks are not benign, which I’ve shared HERE.

For those still not convinced, there is a new study on harms to children.

Yes, all those rumours about breathing in excess carbon dioxide are true.

HERE is the actual study from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

And here is Irish health expert Ivor Cummins explaining the data in a short video summary…

Why are masking policies not screeching to a grinding halt?

Why is the public not being told about potential harms, loudly and often?

For those of us who already know these facts, why is it still so difficult to remove our masks in public places?

Because almost no one else is doing it.

There is still a perception that those who don’t don this virtue signaller are selfish or crazy.

There are ads all over the Toronto subway showing earnest young people wearing masks, with captions that say, “My mask keeps my grandparents safe.”

This is an incredible manipulation of the facts.

Since when did we start believing that having no symptoms meant we could be sick and contagious?

And that our asymptomatic faces needed to be covered up in a futile attempt to stop a virus that is too small for any mask to filter?

Even Fauci (initially) understood the uselessness of focusing on the asymptomatic…

I’ll leave you to judge why a doctor would turn away from established science and protocols.

Here’s Viral Immunologist, Dr. Byram Bridle, demonstrating how and why masks cannot work to stop a virus...

[March 2022 update: like many scientific videos censored by Big Tech for not following the approved narrative, this one was originally taken down. Fortunately, it has been replaced and re-posted without incident, and you can watch it here 👇...for now.]

In an arbitration between St. Michael’s Hospital with the Ontario Hospital Association and the Ontario Nurses’ Association between 2016 and 2018, a controversial mandate to have healthcare workers either get the flu vaccine or wear a mask was overturned.

“There is scant scientific evidence concerning asymptomatic transmission, and, also, scant scientific evidence of the use of masks in reducing the transmission the virus to patients.”

But this masking mistake goes further.

Masking even those who are sick is problematic.

“…a contagious individual should not wear a mask or respirator that creates a concentrated plume of aerosols, thinking they are protecting others.
Plosive force generating events, such as coughs and sneezes, increase the pressure behind exhale emissions. Masks can exacerbate the spread of airborne pathogens due to focused plumes of fine particulates that increase the emission trajectory and aerosolization of droplets through a membrane.”

Read this comprehensive scientific explanation - with numbers and pictures!

Click the graphic for the full article...

The article even addresses the “but surgeons use surgical masks” rebuttal.

“Postoperative wound infection rates are not improved by surgical masking. Surgeons wear them to prevent splatters and sprays of bodily fluids from reaching oral and nasal mucosa, not to protect themselves or others from airborne pathogens….”

Though we started with the assumption that Sars-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) was droplet only, we have long known that it is airborne as well.

“We heard “DROPLET” nonstop for 6 months before any governing body began acknowledging airborne spread, without ever correcting course on our nation’s PPE recommendation considerations, especially as source control.”

Why, we must ask ourselves and those creating and enforcing unscientific policies, are we still doing this?

Why, when we already know that masking is harmful?

“Not only is there an accumulation of rejected respiratory emissions in mask dead space, but also biological amplification of rejected bodily waste picked up from inhaled airborne microbes, in addition to periodontal bacterial contributions, which thrive in low-oxygen, warm, moist areas.”

There’s more in this excellent article.

Check it out for the pathogens found on a freshly washed mask.

Some savvy parents in Florida sent their kids’ masks to a lab and had similar findings, which I wrote about HERE.

“We are engaging in dangerous practices by requiring apparatuses that are shown to be harmful from so many angles. For the protection of people of all ages, we must encourage a national pivot to focused protective measures for our vulnerable populations….”

As if this isn’t enough, there are new concerns about masks that contain graphene.

Click this graphic for the full article...

“…preliminary research conducted on animals suggests the inhalation of graphene particles could, in some cases, cause lung problems…."

More than 16 million of these masks have been distributed -- and not just in France.

“In April, the Canadian health ministry suspended the use of the masks, pending a proper risk assessment, citing a possible link to breathing difficulties.
The Canadian health authority, Health Canada, said its “preliminary assessment of available research identified that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals”.

Why isn’t all of this, or any of this, headline news?

Why isn’t it enough to change government policies?

We must be the change, dear reader.

We must be the leaders, the mentors, the precedent setters.

So I’m unmasking, publicly.

Make no mistake.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

I need to psyche myself into it.

I remind myself that I am doing this not just for my own health and freedom, but to give others courage to defy not just an unnecessary mandate, but a dangerous one.

I calm my confrontational thoughts of unwanted attention and anger.

I remind myself of Martin Luther King Jr. and his ethos of brotherly love.

I rehearse my reasoned responses should anyone question me.

This past weekend, my husband rode the subway with me.

I was maskless, he wore his below his nose.

A young man across from us casually lowered his mask below his nose.

Then my husband lowered it under his chin.

Slowly, the young man lowered his.

Then someone else did the same.

We must be brave, dear reader.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

Please share this information with the people you care about -- and even with the people you don’t care about.

If we wait until politicians decide for us, we may eventually find ourselves breathless.


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