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Samizdat 100

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

This is my 100th blog on COVID-19.

In honour of the many, many informative, empowering, and inspiring resources I’ve found over the past year, I have put together a collection of my top 100.

The doctors listed here are rock stars of science and represent the tip of the iceberg of C-19 heroes.

The resources listed are by no means the only ones available to you, and I’m sure I’ve missed others I’ve used, but these are some of them that I’ve personally explored and found meaningful.

Please feel free to add your faves in the comment section below.

And please share the wealth.

Together, we can release the capture of science, government, and media.


1. Action 4 Canada

“ …a grassroots movement reaching out to millions of Canadians and UNITING our voices in opposition to the destructive policies tearing at the fabric of this nation. Through Call To ACTION campaigns, we equip citizens to take action. We are committed to protecting… FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM.”

2. Alex Berenson

The former NY Times reporter was one of the first to get kicked off Twitter for inconvenient C19 truths. (He’s suing.)

One of many prolific Substack writers.

3. Bad Cattitude

Demonstrating that new media is full of quirky and brilliant characters, El Gato Malo combines kitty humour with razor sharp insights…and claws.

4. BOOKS - all available on Amazon and through other booksellers

A) COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What's Next — by Pam Popper & Shane Prier

-- Dr. Popper’s book was recommend by Dr. Peter McCullough. Enough said.

B) COVID: Why Most of What You Know is Wrong — by Sebastian Rushworth

-- Dr. Rushworth has been a calm and reasonable voice out of Sweden. I read this early in 2021 and found it very informative and educational.

C) My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates — by Julie Ponesse

-- Dr. Ponesse’s grace and dignity came through in her viral video about being fired as an Ethics professor for refusing the vax. I look forward to reading this one.

D) Overcoming the Covid Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000 Patients — by Brian Tyson & George Fareed

-- If you want frontline reportage, these 2 doctors have been there and literally done that.

E) Plandemic: 100% Censored. 0% Debunked — edited by Mikki Willis

-- An easy, riveting, and credible read. Gives more details than the film.

F) The Great Covid Panic: What Happened, Why, And What to do Next — by Paul Frijters, Gigi Foster, Michael Baker

-- Got rave reviews when it came out last year. Haven't (yet) cracked open my copy.

G) The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health — by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

-- The kahuna of Covid books, this #1 bestseller is a jaw dropping and well-documented account of Fauci’s crimes against humanity.

5. Bright Light News

“Shining a light on the Covid-19 narrative. Investigate. Facts matter.”

My favourite source for short, current, and relevant news, with interviews by an MD.

You can get a free or paid subscription.

6. Brownstone Institute

The Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research is a non-profit, non-partisan organization created out of the C-19 debacle “to come to terms with what happened, understand why, discover and explain alternative paths, and prevent such events from happening again.”

They have some of the best science articles around.

7. Browser & Search Engine

You’ve probably heard that Google is one of the bajillion dollar companies molding opinions and censoring truthtellers as they guide you to their chosen sites through manipulative algorithms.

If you value your privacy, don’t want to have your choices censored, and want to support freedom of information, you gotta ditch the Google.

The Brave browser proudly promotes itself with, “The best privacy online.”

It even tells you how many creepy trackers it’s blocking on any given site you’re on.

The best search engine to use, and a perfect match for Brave, is Duck Duck Go. Again, no trackers, no targeted ads, no manipulation.

8. Canada Health Alliance

“A non-profit network of healthcare professionals from across Canada whose common goal is to reclaim and protect each individuals’ right to health freedom through education and empowerment.”

This site has a big list of other resources, as well as petitions and affiliates from other organizations around the world.

9. Canada Unity

I just found out about this group of boots-on-the-ground patriots. Undaunted by Canadian winters, these folks protested outside Trudeau's cottage in December. They have created a Memorandum of Understanding to stop the mandates, to be presented to the Governor General.

These are also the people behind the historic Freedom Convoy!

You can sign the MOU and explore their many activities at their site.

10. Canadian Covid Care Alliance

“Independent, science-based evidence to empower Canadians”

There are a ton of excellent resources here, including early treatment protocols and a vaxtracker for injuries. Their More Harm Than Good presentation has been shared around the world.

11. Canadian Frontline Nurses

“As proud advocates of medical freedom, our mission is to unite nurses, educate the public and bring ethics back into healthcare.”

With resources including homeschooling and long-term care support, these frontline heroes keep on giving -- even after being fired for not taking the jab.

12. Children’s Health Defence

Created by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, CHD is a "non-profit organization. Its mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards so this never happens again.”

They also produce a ton of excellent articles about vaccine safety and efficacy, and scientific and gov’t corruption.

13. Constitutional Rights Centre

Check out all their cases, watch their legal interviews, sign up for their newsletter.

14. Corona Investigative Committee

This is an incredible international team of lawyers who have interviewed over 150 experts as they prepare the case of crimes against humanity.

Their startup is featured in CoronaFilm.

15. Covid Advisor

“Independent COVID-19 Guides, Resources and Protocols - Reducing Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Severity.”

This science site has everything you need to know about C-19 prevention and early treatment.

16. Covid Conference 2021

Though you wouldn’t know it from the legacy media, many C-19 conferences took place in 2021. You can buy access to all the sessions and also find free resources here.

17. Crypto Liberate

“We are dedicated to educating and empowering cryptocurrency enthusiasts to transform the dying fiat monetary system, and the corporate controlled internet and media, into a decentralized peer-to-peer economy and culture run by the people, for the people.”

One of the biggest lessons of C-19 is that corruption exists in all areas, and that those seeking to expand their power will stop at nothing. Financial sovereignty has to be part of the solution.

This is a good place to start.

18. Daily Clout

Dr. Naomi Wolf’s article about reaching step 10 of the 10 steps to fascism was one of the turning points in my C-19 thinking.

Her American company “builds digital tools, and produces media to help anyone, from any walk of life, use and affect democracy more powerfully.”

You can sign up for their free newsletter.

19. Daily Sceptic, The

Originally created as Lockdown Sceptics, this UK newsletter serves tens of thousands of people from around the world.

With the tagline, “Question Everything. Stay Sane. Live Free,” this comprehensive resource combines critical thinking, scientific data, and a touch of irreverence.

20. Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario have forbidden physicians “from questioning or debating any or all of the official measures imposed in response to COVID-19.”

Sign the Declaration to counter, “Denial fo the Scientific Method…Violation of our Pledge to use evidence-based medicine…Violation of Duty of Informed Consent.”

21. Dr. Chris Masterjohn

Dr. Masterjohn has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and works to “grapple with complex science and translate it into practical principles that each of us can use to better support our health.”

He has a specific C-19 newsletter you can subscribe to.

22. Dr. Daniel Chong

Dr. Chong is an excellent naturopath who was the first to educate me about the corruption of scientific studies early in the C-19 game.

You can follow him on Telegram or go to his website.

23. Dr. David Martin

If you haven’t heard Dr. Martin’s testimony or watched his interviews, you will be gobsmacked.

He has tracked the patents for the C-19 virus — over 20 years ago, uncovering evidence of a planned pandemic.

24. Dr. Francis Christian

The eminent Canadian surgeon and professor was fired for standing up for children.

His audio recording of termination is some of the best theatre I’ve ever heard.

You can read about him through the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms’ website, or do a Duck Duck Go search for other interviews.

25. Dr. Geert Vanden Bosshe

Dr. Vanden Bosshe is one of the most important and most censored voices of our time.

He is a world-renowned vaccine expert who warned about the dangers of vaccinating into a pandemic, predicting the rise of vaccine-immune variants.

26. Dr. Hugh Willbourn

Bringing a psychotherapy perspective to the C-19 conversation, Dr. Willbourn wrote one of my favourite blogs on the WHY question for our current cock-up.

27. Dr. Jay Battacharya

Stanford professor and epidemiologist, Dr. Battacharya is one of the 3 creators of The Great Barrington Declaration.

If only we’d followed these now recognized recommendations.

28. Dr. Jessica Rose

A Canadian doc with an attitude and the brains to back it up.

Dr. Rose in another doctor who has taken to Substack to get her uncensored and valuable medical opinions out.

You can also find her here...

29. Dr. John Ioannidis

Anyone seriously interested in epidemiology should know who Stanford Professor Dr. Ioannidis is.

If you see him smeared, ignore it.

He’s one of the greats.

30. Dr. Joseph Mercola

Starting “the world’s #1 Natural Health Newsletter” put Dr. Mercola in the crosshairs of corporate and gov’t censors.

This hasn’t stopped him from putting out a TON of health information — even after his YouTube channel was shut down without warning and he had to delete 15000 articles from his website. Thankfully, he’s moved them to Substack!

You can subscribe there or go to his website for the full picture.

31. Dr. Julie Ponesse

The brave and dignified Ethics professor stood up to her employer of 20+ years, publicly using her dismissal for not disclosing her vax status to raise the very important issue of ethics.

32. Dr. Kulvinder Kaur

Another Canadian doctor who has maintained dignity and decorum despite having every name and accusation thrown at her.

A prolific and profound Tweeter.

33. Dr. Mark Trozzi

One of the first Canadian doctors to go on record calling out the “vaccines” and other aspects of what he calls the Criminal Covid Conspiracy.

His newsletter is full of no-holds-barred interviews.

34. Dr. Martin Kulldorff

A Harvard professor and epidemiologist, Dr. Kulldorff is one of the 3 creators of The Great Barrington Declaration.

If only we’d followed these now recognized recommendations.

35. Dr. Pamela Popper

A highly regarded and outspoken advocate for wellness and “food over medicine,” Dr. Popper offers free workshops on C-19.

36. Dr. Paul Alexander

Dr. Alexander is an impressive and prolific C-19 consultant, researcher, and blogger.

You can check him out at his website and subscribe to his blog on Substack.

37. Dr. Peter McCullough

An actual frontline C-19 doctor, early treatment pioneer, and medical giant, Dr. McCullough is one of the most credible and interviewed C-19 experts around.

He also broke a world record on Joe Rogan’s podcast — over 40M views!

He hosts his own podcast as well.

38. Dr. Pierre Kory

Another C-19 hero, Dr. Kory helped pioneer Ivermectin for early treatment.

He has tirelessly researched and advocated for the use of this inexpensive repurposed drug and is one of the co-founders of the FLCCC.

39. Dr. Robert Malone

Another C-19 giant, Dr. Malone is one of the inventors of the MRNA technology.

Though he has more cred and gravitas than almost anyone, he was also banned from Twitter.

He has an excellent Substack that you can subscribe to.

40. Dr. Sam Dube

One of original Canadian doctors to speak out, Dr. Dube hosts The 5th Doctor interviews.

41. Dr. Sebastian Rushworth

Dr. Rushworth is the author of one of the excellent books I’ve recommended.

He also has a blog you can subscribe to.

42. Dr. Sunentra Gupta

An Oxford professor and epidemiologist, Dr. Gupta is one of the 3 creators of The Great Barrington Declaration.

If only we’d followed these now recognized recommendations.

43. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his C-19 early treatment protocol.

He has treated world leaders and testified about the dangers of the jab.

He created a prophylactic vitamin regimen for adults and kids that you can put together yourself or buy on his site.

44. Druthers

“Canada’s New, FREE, Alternative Newspaper…Because Mainstream Media Sucks.”

Says it all.

45. EbMCsquared

The internationally renowned Dr. Tess Laurie and Dr. Michael Yeadon head the team at this UK-based health resources website, “Advancing health and well-being for the benefit of humankind.”

If you don’t yet know who they are, you really need to.

46. Energy Blueprint, The

My first choice in cutting-edge and applied health science.

I’ve been participating in Ari Whitten’s health programs and following his free podcast for years.

It has been the biggest game-changer in my health, and was the first place I learned about the real science of C-19.

47. Europe Reloaded

A new find for me, this Europe-based resource is, well, loaded with news and information to counter the mainstream narrative.

In their C-19 update they state, “We support REAL science led by doctors and researchers…We support natural health, support for our immune systems, and proven treatments such as HCQ and ivermectin.”

Worth exploring.

48. Evidence Not Fear

“Referenced and sourced COVID-19 information.”

One of the most credible and comprehensive resources around, this UK-based site features world-class experts, scientific news and analysis, a forum for open discussion, actionable steps, and relevant downloadables.

I’ve only recently discovered this find!

49. Fat Emperor, The

Ivor Cummins nicknamed himself “Right Again Ivor,” which gives you a sense of his irreverence.

A health expert and engineer, he accurately analyzed the data from the beginning, recognizing the seasonality of C-19 before many “experts.”

His data analyses have been invaluable.


A) CoronaFilm — I posted this must-see film in my very first blog. It is more relevant, eye-opening, and profound today that it was nearly a year ago when it was released.

B) Covid Chronicles — follows the rise of Ivor Cummins and his deep data analysis of C-19, as he became of the world’s “go to” Covid commentators. COMING SOON.

C) Monopoly —If you want to understand the motivation and manipulation behind the coronacrisi, you need to watch this one.

D) Plandemic l, ll, lll — Despite smear campaigns indicating the contrary, these documentaries feature some of the most credible scientists of our time.

(Also in FRENCH)

E) Pushback — If you ever doubt that you’re alone, or that a global community exists, look no further than this enlightening and inspiring film from the people at the heart of the World Wide Freedom Rallies.

F) Thrive l, ll — The first of these wide-ranging films on how our world functions and how to be healthy was made over 10 years ago. Watching it this past year made it eerie in its prescience.

51. FLCCC — Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

The pioneer US front line doctors and warriors using Ivermectin to save lives created this comprehensive resource with protocols for protection and early treatment of C-19.

52. Free North Declaration

81000+ Canadians including 500+ lawyers have signed.

Add your name.

53. Free to Fly

“Sign up, and join 2,868 Canadian aviation professionals, and 38,717 passengers, on a mission to make their voices heard in every legislature, court, and board room across Canada.”

Check out their library of videos and order health freedom and informed consent blue ribbons.

54. Freedom Travel Alliance

This one's also new to me and looks like a US-based organization.

Their purpose is “to be the solution provider in the travel and transportation industry, honoring everyone's right to move freely and to bring joy back into travel industry.”

You can listen to their “freedom talks,” sign up for events, and even book a charter!

55. Global Covid Summit

Over 10000 physicians and medical scientists met in Rome in late 2021, creating a new Physician’s Declaration to honour the Hippocratic Oath and “first do no harm."

The Declaration has now been signed by over 17000 doctors and scientists, and the website is now a C-19 news resource from actual doctors.

56. Great Barrington Declaration

Despite documented attempts to discredit the world-class epidemiologists who wrote this seminal guideline on “Focused Protection,” the CDC is now suggesting we move towards these protocols.

Add your signature to nearly 1 million others.

57. GreenMedInfo

The world’s largest database on natural health studies, this invaluable resource has been censored and targeted.

You can search over 10000 health topics.

58. Hart Group — Health Advisory & Recovery Team

This UK-based “group of doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts” is dedicated to exposing the truth about C-19 through news articles, open letters, and archival information on every aspect of the coronacrisis.

59. How to Be Free podcast

Full disclosure: this is my podcast!

My good friend and co-host, Stephen Francis, came up with the idea for this show.

What simple steps can we take to be just 5% more free in any area of life in just one week?

Experiencing freedom strengthens immunity to authoritarianism.

60. C19 Ivermectic

Everything you always wanted to know about Ivermectic but were afraid to ask.

61. JP Sears

One of the few comedians who has covered the Covid comedy of errors since the beginning.

62. Julius Ruechel

One of my favourite C-19 writers. Period.

Julius is a Canadian treasure who can disseminate data, put puzzle pieces together, and write an airtight story.

If you read nothing other than his blog, you’d know more about C-19 than any mainstream journalist in the country.

63. Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

The JCCF is “a Canadian legal organization and federally registered charity that defends citizens’ fundamental freedoms under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, through pro bono legal representation and through educating Canadians about the free society.”

They are doing great work in fighting unconstitutional mandates and the suppression of courageous scientists.

64. JW Foods

This one is only relevant to those in the GTA in Ontario, but I had to include one local business that has publicly refused all mandates and welcomed all customers.

Look for others in your area.

Unfortunately, there are very few in Toronto.

65. Lawyers4Truth

A powerful Canadian resource of legal truths and FREE legal advice that unmasks the unlawful mandates.

Businesses can download posters to welcome all by adhering to the Ontario (and other provincial) Human Rights Code.

66. Left Lockdown Sceptics

Yes, Virginia, there is a real Left.

Despite the complete lack of protection of the working class by those purporting to represent them, there is a very small but critical left-wing voice speaking out against our unprecedented authoritarian measures.

67. Librti (social media platform)

With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn censoring information and discussion, a number of other platforms are gaining traction.

You have to wade through a lot of alt-right stuff on some of them, but this 1-year-old Canadian platform looks promising.

100% member-funded,“private, independent, and hosted offshore,” their key missions seems to be free speech.

68. National Vaccine Information Center

“Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.”

This US-based site is focused on everything you need to know about vaccines.

69. Neil Oliver

If I didn't love my husband and Neil wasn't married...well, let's just say that I could listen to this Scottish archeologist, historian, author, and broadcaster read the telephone book and be completely captivated by his every word.

Oliver has created the most humane and heartening video commentaries about the coronacrisis.

He is an inspiration for millions and can be found on GBN's YouTube channel.

You can also follow him on Twitter.

70. No More Lockdowns Canada

Information, petitions, and legal rights are among the resources on this action-oriented site focused on “strength in community.”

71. Ontario Businesses Against Health Pass (Facebook group)

This group of business owners and freelancers see the vax pass as unconstitutional and refuse to discriminate against people based on medical status or any other reason.

They are now 147K members strong and provide a very encouraging and supportive environment.

Lots of networking going on.

I recommend searching for similar groups wherever you are.

72. Oval Media

Based out of Germany, this production company’s tagline is “Understanding the world.”

They make excellent documentaries and other resources and are supported by donations.

2 of my film recommendations are by them.

73. PANDA — Pandemics, Data & Analytics

One of the most credible, resource-rich websites around, you can even find real-time data on C-19 cases and deaths.

If you haven't seen Nick Hudson’s BizNews presentation, you can watch it in my blog post.

74. People’s Party of Canada

Labelled an extreme right-winger by the legacy media, the PPC’s head, Maxime Bernier, has been the only federal politician to consistently follow actual data and speak out about anti-science mandates.

Whatever your politics, he’s worth hearing out.

75. People’s World War

Another new find, this site seems to be Canadian but offers C-19 news stories from around the world.

Their most mentionable post is a petition to oust Justin Trudeau. You can sign it HERE.

76. Police for Freedom

As international movement launched in 2021 to “improve overall societal wellbeing in these difficult times - both for citizens, as well as members of the police, firefighters, security personnel and the military.”

You can check out their site in 12 countries.

77. Police on Guard for Thee

Canada’s own organization was created, “To honour our Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada…To continue to serve and protect the public, while remaining independent of political influence. To repair and regain public trust which is being damaged and lost due to the enforcement of Emergency measures.”

Check out all the actions you can take as part of their campaign.

78. Rational Ground by Justin Hart

A rich resource of well-researched C-19 news from another rogue journalist on Substack.

79. Rebel News

Despite their sometimes unorthodox journalistic style, this news resource is one of the most prolific, powerful, and relevant of our time.

Though they have a clear conservative voice, RN does not shy away from criticizing their own — you know, like all journalists used to do.

They’ve also put their money where their mouth is, creating numerous petitions and fundraising campaigns to support those unjustly targeted, fined, and jailed due to repressive mandates.

80. ResearchGate

“Our mission is to connect the world of science and make research open to all. The 20 million researchers in our community come from diverse sectors in over 190 countries, and use ResearchGate to connect, collaborate, and share their work.”

You can access 135+ million publication pages here!

81. Roman Baber

An independent Canadian MPP in Ontario, Roman is another of the lone political voices speaking out against unlawful mandates.

He was kicked out of Doug Ford’s caucus for opposing lockdowns and offers good political insight on C-19 policies.

82. Rounding the Earth, Mathew Crawford

This genius data wizard has been quietly in the background of many a powerful science roundtable.

I have used his resource on numerous occasions and highly recommend a free subscription to his Substack.

83. Russell Brand

One of the most interesting and spiritual thinkers of our time, Brand is far more than a comedian. His YouTube videos and Under The Skin podcast are mindblowers.

I have been introduced to so many new ideas in his deep and delicious conversations and analysis. Oh, and he’s very funny.

84. Smile Free

“Smile free is the campaign to repeal mask mandates in the UK.”

Simple mission.

Uplifting resource with lots of articles and interviews on masks and mandates.

85. Solari Report, The

If you don’t know Catherine Austin Fitts, you need to.

A powerhouse financial expert who worked for 2 US administrations, Ms. Austin Fitts has put together an eclectic resource that includes the important financial part of the C-19 equation.

86. Spiritual Support

Every crisis is an opportunity to evolve.

My resources include the following:

A) Daily Om — for compassionate courses on everything to do with daily well-being.

They have a pay-what-you-want scale.

B) Eckhart Tolle — for my favourite access to presence and wisdom, Eckhart has both paid courses and loads of freebees.

C) Marianne Williamson — for politics with spirituality.

D) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — for a reminder of the power of love to transform.

E) Richard Rohr — for a non-dualistic and non-materialist understanding of Christian wisdom in particular, and spiritual wisdom all round.

87. Steve Kirsch

A tech millionaire who puts his money where his mouth is, not only funding vaccine research, but offering $2M to any “expert” willing to publicly debate him. They don't even have to win!

Kirsch’s abrasive style seems driven by an absolute commitment to uncovering lies about vaccine safety. His Substack blog is prolific, to say the least.

88. Strong and Free Canada

The whole shebang is explained on this “voice of the covid counter narrative."

“The pandemic is to force you to get the vaccine. The vaccine is to force you to get the vaccine passport. The passport is to force you to get the social credit score.The social credit score is to force you to obey the government. The government can now deny you food, medicine, housing and travel. SPEAK OUT. TAKE ACTION. REFUSE TO COMPLY.”

SFC offers actions, toolkits, data and more.

89. Take Action Canada

“We are focused on providing information and enabling Canadians to take action to take back their lives.”

Focused on education and action, TAC has a ton of resources that you really need to explore.

90. Taking Back Our Freedoms

“Our message is for both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.This website is an appeal to stand together for freedom and choice.”

An excellent resource to end the false division created by gov’t, TBOF has clear information and actions you can take to empower yourself -- including sample letters to send to MLAs.

Their impressive advisory board includes C-19 hero doctors Alexander, Bridle, Christian, Hodkinson, Phillips, Ponesse, and Rose.

These are Canada’s rock stars! Don’t miss this one.

91. Together

This UK-based organization has been prolific in their activism.

You can sign their declaration rejecting vax passes, join their campaigns, attend events, and watch video testimonials from healthcare workers.

92. Trial Site News

You can subscribe to this incredible source of clinical research articles on all things C-19 and beyond.

Their advisory committee includes heavy-hitter doctors Malone, McCullough, and Kory.

93. True Blue Initiative

You don’t have to be a Conservative to get behind True Blue’s latest petition — to stop mandatory vaccination in Canada.

Yup, it’s not just conspiracy theory anymore.

94. Vaccine Choice Canada

(Also in FRENCH)

Somehow, questioning the safety and efficacy of drugs has not been allowed to include vaccines in the public discourse.

Thankfully, there are thoughtful advocacy groups like this providing a huge amount of scientific research and legal resources for the vaccine curious and the injured.

95. Video platforms

With the incredible censorship of leading doctors and scientists and anyone challenging the mainstream narrative, many video platforms have risen up to protect freedom of speech.

A lot of videos formerly posted on YouTube are now found on other sites.

These are the ones I’ve found most useful.

(And like all freedom of speech sites, you won’t like everything you find.)


96. Whole Hearted Media

WHM bills itself as “a newly spawned member of the new generation of media, past and beyond social media and mainstream media.”

Bridging a gap between a young Canadian idealist and the experienced Constitution lawyer, Rocco Galetti, makes for an interesting partnership.

97. World Council for Health

The WCH is “a worldwide coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups that seek to broaden public health knowledge and sense-making through science and shared wisdom.”

They’ve got live meetings, dozens of recorded interviews, and practical articles for managing your health in a C-19 world.

98. World Doctors Alliance

“Uniting around the world with integrity and right action.”

Another credible medical resource sharing informative articles.

99. World Freedom Alliance

(Also in FRENCH)

This global resource “aims to facilitate an open platform to promote Freedom in all its forms Worldwide and to unite people around the world, and to provide information and share best practice between countries.”

They’ve got news, campaigns, tools, and can be read in 10 languages!

100. World Wide Freedom Rallies

This is where you’ll find everything you need to know about the grassroots, non-partisan, global freedom rallies that aren’t being covered in the legacy media — despite millions of attendees.

They're also on Telegram.

This last resource gives you information about tomorrow's 6th World Wide Freedom Rally.

If you can’t attend in person, you can meditate or pray for peace…


JAN25 Update: This list was updated.

My apologies if this causes any numbering confusion.

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If you’ve got something to contribute, please leave a comment.

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21 gen 2022

Thank you so much Michelle, fabulous list! Here is a link to a course I came across, first module is free, an introduction to the law for mankind, includes all the knowledge and tools you need to uphold the law and your rights:

Mi piace
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
21 gen 2022
Risposta a

Thanks for this! I was intrigued right from the responsibility agreement when you login. I've heard Dr. Brogan speak before and know about The Event, but didn't have a chance to catch any of it. So it's great to have something specific to go to. 🙏

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21 gen 2022

Incredible list!

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