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The Delta Force

If you’re someone who regularly follows the mainstream media, you're tougher than I am.

Kudos to you for maintaining sanity and sobriety among the constant fear mongering.

Every so often, I check my previously trusted sources and am amazed at the narrowness of the narrative.

Instead of robust questioning of the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of unscientific policies, we seem utterly focused on scaring people into submission.

Covid’s coming.

There’s a variant.

There’s another variant.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised…

Has fear always been the driver?

I know the media maxim, if it bleeds it leads, but I used to think that was for the more sensational TV stations and tabloids.

I grew up hearing Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner on my parents’ television every night.

There was no yelling at guests or angry rhetoric.

News was a foundation for intelligent conversation.

Or so it seemed to me.

But today, we have media influenced by policymakers and pharmaceutical advertisers.

Today, we have mass censorship of scientific debate, and we’re forced to look outside the mainstream for information less varnished and more raw.

And so I’m posting another Ivor Cummins video created with the raw ingredients of government data.

If you’re reading about the Delta variant, there are ample examples of scary speculation.

But like disproven models, there’s no need for guessing.

We already have the evidence.

And this is the puzzling bit…

Why are policymakers still following models and speculation when we have real world evidence of this seasonal virus?

If this video lowers the fever of one person, it will be worth my weekend spent wading through dozens of videos, articles, and Twitter posts by both mainstream media and science heroes.

This is good news.


This is not opinion.

Watch this for a 3-minute Delta data summation to free you from fear…

Here’s what we need to understand about viruses.

They mutate.

They create variants.

Thousands of them.

This is nothing to be afraid of, because variants are generally less virulent than their predecessors.

You can check out my last post on variants for a delightful 5-minute lesson from Oxford University professor and epidemiologist Dr. Sunetra Gupta.

There’s also an excellent resource created by doctors and scientists out of the UK called the Health Advisory & Recovery Team.

Here’s their data-based take on the Delta story…

But there’s even proof in the pudding.

Just a few days ago, The Globe & Mail published this article about real world exposure to this new variant.

“A study in Britain of nine entertainment events …found that they produced just 28 cases of COVID-19 out of 58,000 total spectators and led to no significant community outbreaks.”

Oh, and of the 28, they figure 11 were infected before the event…and the other 17 may have been infected afterwards.

So when the next variant comes around, and it will, remember the lessons of Delta.

And may the Force be with you.


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