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This Is Not About Sides

Updated: May 13, 2021

“To change people’s consciousness, we have to find a way to reach their unconscious.….Until our certitudes and our own little self-written success stories begin to fall apart, we usually won’t touch upon any form of deeper wisdom."

Richard Rohr

Over a year ago, a trusted online health resource started posting about Bill Gates’ hidden agenda and the possibility of vaccine passports.

Why were they allowing these right-wing conspiracy theorists to editorialize on their natural health site??

I unsubscribed.

On the surface, I thought they’d lost their way and were caught up in a political agenda.

But underneath, I was scared.

I didn’t want to look at what I thought was “the other side” - the dark side.

One of the greatest outcomes of this covid crisis so far, is that I’m no longer afraid of shadows.

I’m willing to look at evidence, no matter what “side” it’s coming from.

I have let go of my certitudes and allowed the truth to emerge.

We have a great opportunity to transform our polarized political systems, to loosen the grip on our opinions, and to let truth triumph.

Today, I’m sharing some disturbing information.

It can be scary to consider our current covid crisis in the context of a political agenda, but we must look it in the eye.

We must consider it and not turn away.

We know all too well what people said in Nazi Germany.

“We didn’t know.”

It’s so much easier to bury our heads in the sand and plead ignorance.

But I know that’s not what we want for our children and grandchildren.

And I assert that’s not really what we want for ourselves.

Ignorance is not bliss. It’s purgatory.

It’s disempowering and leaves us afraid to open our minds and consider new information.

Knowing, and then responding, not out of fear but as an expression of our values, gives us the keys to the kingdom.

Today, I’m sharing the work of liberal feminist writer, leader, and tech CEO, Dr. Naomi Wolf.

Here is a short video you MUST watch…

And here is an article on her 2008 prediction of what’s happening now…

The more we are willing to look, the more we will see that this is neither right wing nor conspiracy theory.

We are too quick to hurl labels rather than disseminate, discern, and discuss.

But it's not too late to open our eyes and our minds, and to share with family, friends, and neighbours.

It's not too late to talk amongst ourselves.


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