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Trued Up with Amanda Forbes and Todd Michael Harris

In the before times, in what seems a lifetime ago, I worked in lifestyle television.

I produced and directed stories about fashion and makeovers, home decor and design, cooking and health.

I even hosted a ballroom dance show on W Network.

I was a dancer myself, and belonged to a Ukrainian dance ensemble with whom I toured Ukraine in 1989...

...before the fall of the Soviet Union.

I was an actor, studying Shakespearean theatre during one unforgettable summer in Oxford that changed the course of my life.

And I have been a writer in a variety of capacities for over 30 years.

There are many stories I could tell, in many different genres, and in the before times one of my biggest challenges was deciding on which ones and how to tell them.

Do I write fiction or non-fiction?

Books, short stories, films, stage shows?

There was so much possible that it was almost paralyzing.

There is an old adage that says that a man with too many choices will know pain.

In the before times, I felt that pain.

But when everything changed in 2020, everything changed.

I had only one choice, and that was to use whatever skills I had to share the truth, to the best of my ability and knowledge.

I loved and still love the arts.

I am moved and inspired and shaped by beauty and art.

I find myself swept away by the art and craft of storytelling — a skill that goes back to the very beginnings of human history, or “his story.”

Storytelling is how we create narratives, change behaviours, and even shift societies.

It shapes morality — or lack thereof.

This is why I believe that artists have a duty to tell the truth, to shine a light into the dark corners of human behaviour, even and especially when those truths are unpopular.

This is why it has been particularly puzzling and disappointing that more artists haven’t spoken out about what has happened over the past few years.

In the before times, there were rebels with a cause.

There were artists speaking truth to power.

There was real art.

I’m not saying that art no longer exists, but that these days, what gets most of our attention is bread and circuses.

And so it was with great enthusiasm that I watched The Big Picture — a new docuseries that draws the viewer in with the finesse and suspense of a favourite drama series.

Telling the truth about what we’ve all experienced, and telling it with great credibility and great human feeling.

Todd Michael Harris is a professional filmmaker who has stepped up and out to use his formidable storytelling skills to shine a light on uncomfortable and sometimes shocking truths.

Amanda Forbes is the force of nature who approached Todd to make this film, and together they have created a series that will both upset and inspire you.

They are clear examples of people who are creating art in alignment with their purpose and principles. 

They are Trued Up…and they are my guests today.

You can also listen on your favourite podcast platform or join Freedom Network for early access to the whole season.

Please consider making even a small donation through the button in the upper right hand corner.

Sharing and likes are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your partnership in outing the truth and being the change. 🙏

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Feb 22

Excellent interview. Wonderful to hear the stories of those who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to put an end to this tyranny, at all costs. God/Love rules!

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Feb 28
Replying to

Thanks very much! Please do share. And feel free to clip and share, too!


Feb 21



Patricia Ann Russell
Patricia Ann Russell
Feb 21


In your usual fashion, you continue to inspire me to be trued up. Thank you.

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Feb 21
Replying to

So great to see you here, Patricia! And thank you. 🙏💙

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