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Trued Up with Tom Marazzo

Before I introduce my first guest, allow me to give you some context for how this all started...

For many years, I suffered with chronic fatigue so severe that I could not work, could rarely socialize, and could barely think.

A walk up my country driveway was an achievement.

I lived in pain, exhaustion, and often in despair.


It was so all encompassing that I couldn’t see a way out.

I just wanted someone to just fix it, or tell me what to do.

But it wasn’t until I took full responsibility for my health, until I starting doing my own research, asking the right questions, and learning through trial and error that I began to understand my own body -- and then to heal.

I not only gained energy and physical strength, but I gained something far more valuable.

I learned that no one, not even the people who love me, could save me.

In retrospect, it was preparation for the last 4 years.

I think it was this life lesson that had me start paying attention to what it was about the people I admire that had them take responsibility for not only their personal lives but the lives of others.

2 years ago, when I went to Ottawa to participate in and to write about the Freedom Convoy here in Canada, I was struck by the dignity and power of ordinary people standing up for what they believe in — for freedom of choice, of bodily autonomy, of expression.

As the daughter of activists, I’d been to many protests in my life, but none like this.

As with most protests, people were using their anger to do something to have their voices heard.

But unlike most protests, the people at the Freedom Convoy were expressing their frustrations with positivity.

With kindness and generosity.

Instead of the uneasy feeling that can often arise at a rally, the atmosphere in Ottawa was jubilant.

The experience was one of camaraderie, gratitude, and love.

Canadians were embracing each other, literally and figuratively.

Regardless of the government’s draconian measures, people felt free.

We were experiencing our own agency.

I began an inquiry into how people could become inspired enough to step over their fears and experience the power within themselves on the other side of those concerns.

A few months later, on the day I marched into Ottawa with James Topp and his team, I was struck again by how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

I started having conversations with people who were stepping out of their own comfort zones to true themselves up to their greater selves.

Their deeper selves.

You might even call it their divine selves.

We each have that divine spark but not all of us true ourselves up to it.

It’s easier to go along with the crowd.

To be guided by convenience and comfort.

To comply.

But at what cost?

We lose a bit ourselves every time we are not true to our values, our principles, our morals.

It is scary to speak truth to power, but my first podcast guest did just that.

And continues to do that at great personal cost.

Tom Marazzo was one of many people at the centre of the Freedom Convoy in 2022.

Like so many people in recent years, he was thrust into the spotlight during Canada’s largest peaceful protest.

And on this anniversary of the enactment of the Emergencies Act here in Canada, on this anniversary of one of the darkest days in our young history, we talk about what it takes to move beyond the personal and stand up for something greater than ourselves.

For those who don’t know Tom’s story, I asked him to start our podcast conversation with a little background about how he ended up at Canada’s largest and most historic protest.

You can watch this inaugural episode right here 👇

You can also listen on your favourite podcast platform or join Freedom Network for early access to the whole season.


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Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)

And above all, shouldn't social distancing be on our terms?

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin

Hmmm. You mean actually choose where and with whom and how we want to engage with each other as mutually consenting adults responsible for our own health? Radical idea, Robert.; )

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