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Welcome, Fellow Gatherers

Here's what I know for sure... 

If I'm going through something, other people are, too.

If I'm challenged or grappling, other people are, too.

If I'm finding ways to deal, create, accept, laugh, and thrive, other people can, too.

That's why I created this site - for you, my dear other people.

What I know about you is that you are accomplished. You are a goal-setter and achiever. Someone who figures things out and gets things done. But what happens when all past strategies cease to work? What happens when things can't or won't be fixed the way you want them?

Life is full of uncertainty and uncontrollable circumstances. When you're used to problem solving, this can be particularly frustrating. But the fact is, most of us face these challenges. Chronic and mysterious illness, the end of an industry, the death of a loved one, and more.

We cannot choose all of life's conditions, but we can choose our response.

We can find hidden resources and tap into our inner wit and wisdom.

We can connect to Source.

And we can matter what.

I am delighted that you've stopped by. This is your home. Your access to your peace and power, your wit and wisdom.

What's here for you?

I don't have your answers...

...but you do.

It seems easier when someone provides us with “the” answer, the “top 5," the “how to.” But it turns out that this is not the most powerful part of the Q & A process.

Answers limit self-discovery and growth. They are 2-dimensional. Flat on the page. It’s like expecting to get fit by watching people exercise on TV. Answers are a good idea but have no inherent life in them.

This is an inquiry…

…to animate your ability to create your best life, no matter what.

When we inquire, look, and listen deeply, we experience life with new eyes and ears. That is the beginning of growth. When we're not growing, we atrophy. There is no in-between where we just stand still.

There is no status quo in a universe that is constantly expanding. 

As human beings, we have a shared heritage or source. It’s up to you to decide what that is, but there is no doubt that we are connected. We were born of stardust and possibility.

On this site, I share my journey through health struggles and acceptance, financial hardship and healing, relationships both enervating and energizing, failure and victory, self-doubt and self-worth. You know, life.

This site is here to provide you with a space, an opening, a community, inspiration, encouragement, opportunities and tools for excavating your inner wit and wisdom. 

You are a storehouse, a veritable oracle of wisdom!


What's next for you?

The resources you’ll find here are not about fixing what’s not working. These resources go much deeper than that. They are access points to your limitless inner strength, ability, and capacity to deal with all life has to offer - its challenges and opportunities.

You can read and contemplate, learn to use journaling as a powerful personal tool, participate in group coaching through a private community of fellow gatherers, get one-on-one support, or download my free gift and stay in the loop for upcoming goodies and great deals.

What’s next for you, fellow gatherer, is up to you. You are here because you want and deserve more of what you’re alive for…

Boundless love and discovery.

Freedom and peace.

Wonder and awe.

And laughter.

Your wisdom, found within your stardust soul, is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

Gather Your Wits

 Helping People Find Their Inner Wit & Wisdom



Love learning but can’t get to classes? Learn on your own time, and grow at your own pace...wherever you are.

Low-tech meets high-tech as Gather Your Wits offers excellent online journaling training that you can watch  and work with at your convenience.

Years of journaling practice, buckets of tears, loads of laughs, and genuine passion to contribute to your freedom and joy are at the source of these accessible, engaging, and enlightening online programs. 



"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."                                              Albert Einstein

Why do the best athletes, actors, and business leaders have coaches? Because they understand that to be their best, they need to see beyond their perspective.

Coaching, whether in groups or one-on-one, is a powerful way to expand beyond your awareness and see something new.

Seeing newly creates new thoughts. New thoughts create new actions. New actions create new outcomes. New outcomes create a new life.

Gather Your Wits offers group coaching through a convenient private online membership called The Scribblers Club, and one-on-one coaching in a choice of packages, by phone or online.



When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will engage, inspire, and ignite action.

When you want your event to be a success, you want more than a speech - you want an experience.

As an accomplished television reporter and host, an award-winning performer, and an insightful author and coach, Michelle Leduc Catlin delivers skill-building content and cutting-edge insights that will educate, entertain, and energize your audience.


About the workshops...

"A truly powerful and enriching course! I got so much more than the intention I set for myself. The breakthrough that I had in just the first 15 minutes made it all worth it."

Cynthia Benedek Sanchez

Cynthia Benedek Sanchez

"Fabulous tools, insights and guidance from an accomplished writer and teacher. As a blogger and success coach, I learned how journalling can be an authentic experience that sparks better writing for my blog and webinars. Thank you for showing me how to use free thinking to capture what I really want to say - how I can really impact my followers."

Julia Baxter

Julia Baxter

"A very insightful course and tools to help move forward in my attempts at journalling. Michelle, your passion for sharing your gift was evident."

Marilyn Pyatt

Marilyn Pyatt

"Powerful! I learned something about myself and how to find my access point to begin journaling again….You provide the safe place in your voice and energy. I will highly recommend the workshop to friends and colleagues."

Judy Josol

Judy Josol

"I learned that consistency does not need to be so daunting….I learned that I have many questions, but I also have more answers than I lead myself to believe. Journaling can be an access point for me to…be creative, and I am so grateful for that."

Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Johnson

"I got access to a voice that will be unique in my writing about business issues."

Stephen Shannan

Stephen Shannan

"Wonderful…start to finish. I came to [the course] hesitant and skeptical of what I would learn, and I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve learned the tools to begin my journaling journey and look forward to experiencing the benefits."

Alexandra Pyatt

Alexandra Pyatt

"The exercises gave us a chance to experience writing without having to know what we wanted to say. I discovered things I didn’t already know about myself and I’m clear this is the tip of the iceberg."

Christine Yorke

Christine Yorke

"Loved it, thanks! I got what I came for - inspiration to journal, and seeing the value of it to keep me going."

Karen Nair

Karen Nair

"What an incredible [course] of self-discovery, self-exploration, creativity and authenticity. I adored this workshop and would recommend it to anyone….Journaling is such an incredible tool and gift we have access to and rarely ever utilize. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to access so much of my voice and start me on the path of creation, self love and care!"

Lauren Busteed

Lauren Busteed



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