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Stand For Health Freedom

To support the expansion of curiosity,

To provide reliable health and health-related resources,

To encourage fresh and lucid thinking,

To stand for personal freedom and bodily sovereignty,

To  promote accessing one’s own wisdom.


Hello and welcome.

My name is Michelle Leduc Catlin.

I am here because I have been profoundly concerned about and affected by recent changes in human rights, civil liberties, and access to information - particularly as it pertains to health and well being.

I am not an activist or scientist or health expert.

Because of my own health issues, I have had to learn to find and follow cutting-edge, accurate, science-based information on health and wellness. 

With the recent censorship of health resources, I feel that I have a citizen's duty to share information as I find it, so that you are empowered to disseminate and decide what the best course of action is for you and your family.

If you would like to support my efforts, please consider even a small monthly or one-time donation to support this website.

You can find my professional credentials on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your interest.


All submissions sent in the spirit of open, respectful dialogue are welcome.

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