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Amish Inspiration

Can you convert to Amish?

Except for having to give up Britbox and Telegram (and the submission thing), I think I could do it.

I mean, I’m not allowed in stadiums, clubs, restaurants, film sets (I’m an actor), or gyms as it is.

If I were Amish, I’d be able to congregate with my fellow unvaccinated, I’d have clean, organic food, and I’d get plenty of exercise doing physical chores, both in and outdoors.

It’s funny how government officials and “experts” never talk about the Amish.

If they were looking to prove that lockdowns, masking, social distancing, and C-19 “vaccines” work, wouldn’t the Amish provide us with a perfect control group?

If these things were working, wouldn’t the authorities be holding them up as an example of the devastation caused by ignoring mandates?

So what is happening with the Amish?

One thing I will concede.

If I became Amish, I’d have to give up my blog.

(Internet, email…electricity.)

So for now, I’ll just look upon them from the outside with admiration of their natural community immunity.


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