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Canada’s Unprecedented Inquiry 5 — Time to Stand Up

First they came for the unvaccinated, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not unvaccinated.

Then they came for the truckers, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a trucker.

Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out —

Because I was not a Christian.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

~ An homage to Martin Niemöller

When do you stand up?

That was the title of my first blog here, posted exactly 2 years ago this week, which began with the famous Niemöller poem.

I could not have foreseen that I would write 150 more stories about Covid science, anti-science, and the outcomes of policies using words that, before 2020, I did not have in my lexicon.

Social distancing, mask mandates, anti-vaxxer, dis-information, lockdowns (outside of prison) and more.

I could not have imagined that “vaccine” and “passport” were only the first 2 words horrifyingly strung together by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to incite division.

I could never have anticipated that I would become the Spokesperson for one of the most inspiring and empowering movements in Canadian history.

As I type those words, sitting on an airplane headed to the next set of hearings of the National Citizens Inquiry, my eyes fill with tears.


Those who have been in attendance or viewed online even one full day of testimony in any of the 5 cities we’ve now visited, will have some sense of why I find myself crying so often these days.

We have heard sworn testimony of health ruined, families torn apart, churches targeted, and lives devastated.

We have heard expert after expert speak of the absolute failure of governments and institutions charged with protecting the health and safety of Canadian citizens.

And despite all this (or perhaps because of it), we have been ignored by any authorities and agents responsible for the devastation created over the last 3 years, as well as by the mainstream media whose job it is to question government policy and to accurately inform the people of important events.

And, I’m moved to tears for another reason.

Canadians are coming together to bridge the divides created by those who willfully or through negligence have sewn fear and hatred and suspicion based on superficial differences.

We have heard testimony from citizens across the country and across the political spectrum, from scientists and pastors, from rural people and urban dwellers, from teenagers and the elderly, “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated.”

And we applaud them all.


Every witness is accorded the respect they deserve by an audience of fellow citizens acknowledging the courage it takes to stand up and speak out in these grey days of caustic commentary and state-sanctioned censorship.

Because we all understand that telling any truth that defies the mainstream narrative is risky.

Take the well-known case of former RCMP officer and Trudeau sniper guard, Danny Bulford, whose moral code and adherence to duty led to his lawful involvement in the Freedom Convoy last year, for which he was arrested. He now finds himself unable to work in a field to which he dedicated his life.

Then there is the lesser known case of Dr. Justin Chin, an ER doctor who simply and respectfully asked questions about Covid policies on social media, who was fired without trial and threatened with physical harm and death — by fellow healthcare workers. [Red Deer day 2 @ 3:21:26]

“Science isn’t something to be blindly trusted, it’s a process.”

Dr. Justin Chin

Despite these threats, there are more doctors coming forward to give testimony to what has become painfully obvious.

We have failed, miserably.

We heard from dismayed dentist, Dr. Misha Susoeff, who was sure that doctors would never allow “vaccine” mandates to completely contradict the foundational concept of informed consent.

“The streets of Ottawa should not have been packed with trucks. It should have been the Mercedes and the Escalades. And it should have been the doctors honking and waving flags. They should have been there to protect us."

Dr. Misha Susoeff

A chiropractor for 26 years, Dr. Curtis Wall found that mask-wearing was interfering with his ability to do his job and stopped wearing it. While none of his patients complained, his governing College found him guilty of professional misconduct, labelling him “ungovernable.”

Dr. Eric Payne is a brilliant paediatric neurologist who was brought to Alberta from the Mayo Clinic. With 3 other physicians, he filed a lawsuit against Alberta Health Services for defying the medical ethic of informed consent and implementing mandatory “vaccination” — and still has 2 complains against him for spreading “misinformation.” [Red Deer day 3 @ 4:38:13]

Another brave doctor who co-filed in the AHS lawsuit is Dr. Gregory Chan, who has diligently and relentlessly been pursuing justice for the vaccine injured. Of the 56 forms he submitted to the public health authority, nearly 90% were either ignored or rejected. [Red Deer day 1 @ 5:32:03]

We’ve also heard harrowing stories of Christian pastors persecuted for fulfilling their religious duties.

In Red Deer, James Coates relayed how he was jailed, handcuffed and shackled, and how his congregation went underground and were hunted by RCMP -- with a canine unit. [Red Deer day 3 @ 3:04:00]

In Canada.

But there are courageous truthtellers that Canadians would never know about without their testimony at the NCI.

Joelle Valliere is a funeral director who spoke up about how her first Pfizer shot caused kidney failure resulting in the need of a transplant — which she cannot get because she doesn’t have the 2nd shot. [Red Deer day 1 @ 1:31:03]

Tracy Walker shared openly about how she lost her house and couldn’t afford food or insulin because lockdowns closed her in-home hairstyling business. [Red Deer day 1 @ 6:58:36]

Dianne Molstad withstood bullying and being fired by her doctor of 30 years to stand up for her right to decide what to do with her own body. [Red Deer day 2 @ 6:41:36]

Sherry Strong used her considerable health expertise to speak out about unhealthy mandates and became a “social pariah,” losing her career as a speaker overnight. [Red Deer day 1 @ 10:22:10]

Angela Tabak recalled the tragic decline of her beautiful son who suffered mental health issues but failed to get much-needed support after mandates led to “extremely compromised” mental healthcare. She testified so that no other mother would have to go through what she has. [Red Deer day 2 @ 7:19:48]

3 days of hearings ended with the testimony of Jennifer Curry, whose mental health injuries from getting the jab against her will are as profound as her physical injuries.She crossed a province to share her story, which has left her counting the days of suffering since she made the decision to take the shot.


“I changed my life because I didn’t stand up.”

Jennifer Curry

As a result of her testimony, Jennifer has the possibility of starting her count over.

She can now begin counting the days since she took a stand for herself, and so many others.

Her testimony brought us full circle to the day 2 testimony of Regina Goman, a Polish political refugee whose stand during the Solidarity movement in Poland led to 13 months in prison.

When many years later she was awarded with Poland’s Cross of Freedom and Solidarity, she could not leave Canada because of travel restrictions imposed by our government on the unvaccinated.

Having lived through authoritarianism before, Regina pleaded with Canadians to recognize the direction we’re headed.

“Please take advantage of the time we have left….This is the time to speak up.”

Regina Goman

If these stories aren’t enough for everyone around the world who has been subjected to anti-science policies that have caused incalculable damage to stand up, perhaps this will be…

The testimony of expert witness Catherine Christensen.

As a lawyer representing the men and women of the Canadian armed forces who are prohibited from speaking out against the military and the government, she was able to articulate just some of the alarming damage done to both those who serve and the service itself.

“COVID-19 did not decimate the military. The leadership did it from within.”

Catherine Christensen

The injection mandates led to a loss of ~3000 to 5000 service men and women who were forced to leave through vax refusal or vax injury.

But perhaps even worse is the damage to those who have remained.

“The foundation of trust is gone in the Canadian military….Once trust is broken, you can’t have a military.”

Catherine Christensen

Ms. Christensen declared that the military is effectively “out of business.”

All of this was completely avoidable.

With a 27-year career in the military, Lieutenant Colonel David Redman was well equipped for the job of head of Emergency Management Alberta.

Though he retired, his pandemic plan was still in place when the Covid crisis began.

That comprehensive, well-established and researched plan was discarded.

Among the many mistakes and misdeeds perpetrated by the government, the use of fear was perhaps the most destructive.

“You always control fear — never use fear.”

Lieutenant Colonel David Redman

If you want to understand how a pandemic is meant to be handled, you must watch Lieutenant Colonel Redman’s expert testimony.

And share it.

Also watch Dean Beaudry’s expert testimony on Risk Assessment and Mitigation Assessment.

He came to several sobering conclusions, including the idea that the past 3 years were, “a pandemic of loss of values.”

Giving a Chief Medical Officer so much decision-making power, with no inclusion of dissenting opinions or approaches, was a disaster.

“The only reason to [not build consensus] is when control is prioritized over doing what is right.”

Dean Beaudry

We need to share any and all testimony that will have people see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears, and feel with their own hearts, what has happened and what is continuing to happen in this country.

And while I want to leave you on a positive note, I am also in tears because so many still do not see.

“We are at a point of peril.”

Lieutenant Colonel David Redman

As I finish writing my impressions of the latest set of hearings of the National Citizens Inquiry, I know that the vast majority of people who read this are already aware of the collision course we’re on.

You, dear reader, already know that democracy is under siege.

You already know that people are dying for absolutely no good reason.

And so I am asking you the question, what moves you to tears?

What will it take fro bring all your skills and talents to bear?

When do you stand up?


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May 13, 2023

What would you do if they come for your unvaccinated family member or neighbour? Think very carefully as these shots could be mandated again. Maybe not for covid but for another planned pandemic. Will you be silent and follow the pack. Will you as doctors commit more ethic breaches in order to keep your license?

Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
May 13, 2023
Replying to

If Bill Gates has his way... count on it.


May 13, 2023

150 stories on covid written by Michelle. Amazing. Writing is a great therapeutic.


May 12, 2023

All those testifying at the NCI are courageous and have integrity. The Vimy Ridge Foundation is up in arms and so are many others because the Passport Office has decided to remove the soldiers in the passport pictures along with Terry Fox and replace it with some woke pictures. Well I have news for all those disgusted at the slap in the face to removal of Canadians they honored in the past. You slapped James Topp and veterans who were unvaccinated. You slapped Canadians fighting for freedoms at the Ottawa protest who were fighting for body autonomy and trying to protect others from harms of the vaccine who didn't want it. Now you see how it feels and how out…


May 12, 2023

The CAF spent 1.2 million to influence Canadians during covid and the documents have disappeared. Imagine that. The CAF is guilty and they know it thus the documents are missing. They have insulted Canadians. They disgraced veterans including James Topp with vaccine mandates.

The CSIS former senior intelligence reports that Canadian politicians have been enriched by China for the last 20 years and that treason is closing in on those who are connected to Chinese interference and other foreign interference and jail time should come. Remember China is a hostile nation.

Canada followed a hostile nation for covid lockdown policy praising this hostile nation because they are heavily invested financially with this hostile nation and they harmed Canadians including those…


May 11, 2023

How come Brian Peckford has insulted the NCI. I can understand he has the mootness vaccine travel mandate lawsuit hearing in the next few months but to attack this hearing as biased is an insult to all those who courageously come to speak at them. In lawsuits the lawyers prep the witnesses and many times tell them what to say. The emotions and inner thought of those here at this inquiry are genuine without interference from lawyers and a judge. They can speak from their heart free from judgment. That's why this Inquiry is so special and unique. Shawn Buckley adds heart and soul to this Inquiry and unlike in a Court of law with stuffy lawyers and judges perched…

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