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Canada’s Unprecedented Inquiry 7 — The End of 2 Solitudes

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

“[The National Citizens Inquiry] is the finest example of democracy we can dream of….Our work will remain for posterity….The world is watching.”

Philippe Meloni, NCI Quebec Team Leader

I will start with a disclaimer. The testimonies in Quebec were almost all in French and were translated by a team of dedicated volunteers. These translations were not done by paid professionals and therefore may not be exact. As a result, any quotes in this article can only be presumed to be approximate. For the original French versions of the testimony, please go to

English translations are forthcoming.

I flew into Quebec City with great anticipation.

I knew things would be different here in Canada's and North America’s oldest city.

I’d been living and writing between Montreal and Ottawa for the past year and had gotten to know some of the people and flavour of the freedom movement in la belle province.

The French language and culture bring a passion and poetry to the conversation that is unique in Canada, and I was looking forward to what we would discover in the 7th set of hearings of the National Citizens Inquiry.

I was not disappointed.

While Quebeckers often describe the French enclave as small and insular, their language links them to a rich European history of philosophy and science.

So it’s no surprise that, early on in the Covid crisis, those looking for accurate and uncensored information turned to world-class scientists in France.

This was also by necessity I was told, since very few doctors in Quebec were speaking out.

Across the pond, there were several prestigious doctors and scientists with experience in a wide variety of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, who were not afraid to go against the narrative.

And so it was that I came to know of Dr. Didier Raoult, a giant among giants of science.

Professeur Raoult was effectively treating C-19 with hydroxychloroquine early on in the so-called pandemic, and garnered an international following.

As well as reiterating what many doctors and scientists have testified to here in North America regarding scientific fraud and the dangers of the injections, the need for focused protection of the elderly, and the overall degradation of medicine, he also pulled no punches when talking about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others who followed the lead of bad health policymakers.

“These people are clowns…clowns following clowns.”

You can watch his testimony and his perspective on political policymakers on Day 1 in Quebec City at ~1:45:00.

Another scientific giant who testified is Dr. Christian Perrone, an international expert on emergencies and vaccines, and a regular television contributor in the pre-Covid era.

He also spoke about hydroxychloroquine, which was an over-the-counter drug in France — until it was taken off the shelves just before the so-called pandemic was announced.

He talked about mask plants in France being closed down while officials were saying that masks were ineffective.

They even burned the last batch of French-made masks, saying they were out of date.

But then masks arrived from China and suddenly they were promoted, and then mandatory.

There were a few surprises from the esteemed scientist, who was a member of the W.H.O. and gave us an insider’s view of what happens in the belly of the beast.

He witnessed Bill Gates being handed a large cheque by the French Prime Minister, and testified that Gates was never giving money to governments but taking money from them.

According to Perrone, the French government also gave over $1 billion to the consulting firm, McKinsey.

“[This is] an epidemic of corruption.”

For details on his experiences of the corruption and influence of Big Pharma and the world of predatory philanthropy, watch his testimony on Day 1 at ~7:16:00.

Pierre Chaillot is an academic statistician who calculated statistics for the government in France.

His testimony covered the fraudulent data collection and the financial incentives provided to code illness as C-19.

In fact, he stated that C-19 is “not statistically real.”

His testimony and powerpoint can be viewed on Day 1 at ~4:09:00

Dr. Jean-Marc Sabatier is a researcher who worked with the great Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier.

He discussed the dangers of mRNA vaccines and how they can trigger HIV and autoimmune diseases.

In his testimony on Day 1 at ~6:21:00, he also talked about the lack of vitamin D in people who get C-19 — something all Canadians should have been made aware of in our northern clime.

Not telling people to take this essential protective vitamin and get out in the sunshine was, according to Dr. Sabine Hazan, a crime.

She raised the issue of politicians and the media destroying science by creating an atmosphere where publishing data and recruiting people has become increasingly difficult, blaming celebrities for interfering in her Ivermectin trials.

Her testimony can be found on Day 2 at ~8:13:00.

Dr. Hélène Banoun is a medical researcher in the south of France, who also testified on Day 2 at ~1:38:00.

She pointed out that Pfizer’s phase 1, 2 and 3 of their trials all happened simultaneously — a point reiterated by biostatistician, Dr. Christine Cotton, another Day 2 witness at ~2:32:00.

Dr. Benoun echoed Dr. Robert Malone’s Toronto testimony about the involvement of the US military’s Defence Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) in the rollout of the injection.

And on Day 3 at ~1:25:00, Dr. Jérôme Sainton, a scientist and general practitioner in France, displayed Pfizer’s own document that stated the following…

“The safety profile of the vaccine is not known in pregnant and breastfeeding women…”

Why then did the Canadian government say this was safe and effective for pregnant women?

Why would they possibly continue to say this??

It begs the question that Montreal-born Dr. Barry Breger put on the table.

“We have to start asking ourselves why…they’re doing what they’re doing.”

He talked about the Nazi playbook being used to create buy-in from the doctors, and recommended Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav’s docuseries with The Children’s Health Defence.

His testimony is found on Day 2 at ~6:28:00.

Dr. Réne Lavigueur is another Quebec MD who gave some of the most moving testimony in Quebec, found on Day 2 at ~9:25:00.

Talking about the conflict doctors faced in Quebec when they had to either adhere to the dictates of public health or the Hippocratic Oath, he testified that half of the doctors in the province are depressed and dealing with the uneasiness of what they did.

He was particularly emotional as he described the struggles of his elderly patients who experienced isolation and depression due to the government health measures.

We also heard testimony from the renowned professor and economist, Michel Chossudovsky, who spoke on Day 3 at ~ 3:00:00.

He began his powerful presentation by questioning the idea that C-19 was even a pandemic.

He made the case about supply chain interruptions causing devastation in developing countries, as well bringing up the pandemic simulation, Event 201.

He called the PCR test the 1st smoking gun, and the injection, which doesn’t stop transmission, the 2nd smoking gun.

He also drew attention to Pfizer’s $100 billion profit in one year, and testified that Bill Gates hugely profited from the WHO pandemic announcement by selling short.

For most people, of course, the health measures destroyed the economy.

“Lockdown is the worst socio-economic disaster in human history.”

We heard from lawyers, including Myriam Bohémier, who has been defending the rights of children and their parents who don’t want their kids injected.

In Quebec, 14-year-olds are allowed to decide for themselves if they will take the shot.

Teenagers, who are already subjected to enormous peer pressure, are being coerced by the government to taking an experimental injection without their parents’ consent.

Ms. Bohémier talked about the incredible challenges of defending cases in an environment where the rules were changing every 10 days.

Her testimony, found on Day 3 at ~6:37:00, elicited one of several standing ovations over the 3 days of hearings.

As did that of François Amalega, a man who has been standing up against unscientific and immoral mandates since the beginning of the Covid crisis.

A man described as “the face of the freedom movement in Quebec.”

On Day 2 at ~10:16:00, Mr. Amalega described his defiance of mask mandates and curfews and recalled the story of going into a police station on Valentine’s Day and telling the police that they had his love locked up and that he wanted her back.

His love is freedom.

And his commitment is unshakeable.

“We are stronger because we have the truth."

The truth is what the NCI’s own lead council, Shawn Buckley shared, in what was the only English-language testimony in Quebec.

Acknowledging his bias, Mr. Buckley prefaced his testimony by sharing that he would only be offering the facts of the Food and Drug Act.

As a uniquely qualified lawyer with nearly 30 years experience in getting drugs approved through Health Canada, he was asked to testify as to how the C-19 injections were approved.

His testimony will shock you.

As always, it’s the victims’ testimony that must be heard.

It is the story of broken trust and broken lives.

When I listen to the testimony of the “vaccine” injured, I am struck by the heinousness of the government using our insecurities and our innocence against us.

Jeremie Miller didn’t want to be ostracized as an outsider if he didn’t get the shot — now the young father is paying with his health. [Day 3 at ~53:00]

Vincent Cantin followed the vax mandate to be able to visit his elderly mother — and now has debilitating health issues that have shortened his life expectancy. [Day 3 at ~ 6:11:00]

“When I sleep I dream and when I wake up I have a nightmare.”

Caroline Foucault simply trusted her government and the media — and now trusts nothing they say and is considering leaving Canada all together. [Day 1 at ~8:21:00]

“I feel like I’ve been abused.”

But it is the testimony of Marylaine Belair that broke open the hearts of everyone who heard her story.

Her husband was trying to protect a female security guard at the Walmart where he also worked in security.

In the hostile and fearful environment that the Covid mandates created, a customer ran him down in the mega store parking lot.

After months in a coma as a result of the assault, where Marylaine’s 5 children were allowed to visit their father only once due to Covid restrictions, the brave family man succumbed to his head injury and died.

But the funeral imposed further pain and suffering as family were forbidden to sit and grieve together.

Her Day 2 testimony at ~3:41:00 provides more evidence of the degradation of our humanity in the face of needless fear.

While some suffered literal death, others experienced the death of careers, reputations, and relationships.

We heard testimony of many “cancelled” citizens, including an accountant, a politician, an artist and a blogger.

Story after story reveals the ugly truth that only one sacrifice is needed to silence an entire group — and the more prestigious the better.

Just like in English-speaking Canada, anyone who spoke out was made an example of.

Take the incredible case of Professeur Dr. Patrick Provost.

As a microbiologist and virologist at the prestigious University of Laval in Quebec City, he ran an mRNA and nanoparticle laboratory.

If anyone was qualified to talk about the injections it was him.

And yet the University and the media proceeded to defame and discredit him, eventually firing him.

And what was his crime?

Questioning the validity of “vaccinating” children with an injection that has been proven to pose far more risk than value.

In his Day 3 testimony at ~10:41:00, Provost described the frustration of being publicly criticized and cancelled by journalists with little to no scientific credibility, while offering no forum for rebuttal or debate — despite his monumental credentials.

What I am left with at the end of the Quebec hearings is that across this country, in English- and French-speaking Canada, we have all suffered.

And we were all naive once, to one degree or another.

But we are no longer alone.

Those who were silenced and whose reputations were destroyed have found each other.

Those who trusted the government and the media now have our compassion.

And those felt alone and unable to speak have found their voices and our capacity to bear witness.

As I leave Quebec, I am more hopeful than ever.

I see, I feel, a new unity.

I will carry this to the nation’s capital and I will not forget this experience.

Je me souvien.


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Jun 22, 2023

Michelle can you relate to Vincent Gircys that RCMP have been instructed to stand down on arresting Trudeau. We want to know who gave those instructions and if Blackrock has bought politicians or the WEF. We want to know what role David Lametti plays here. The ethics commissioner found Trudeau guilty of obstruction of justice which is a criminal offense and the RCMP are caught in lies over and over again.


Jun 22, 2023

Everyone demand an answer as to why David Lametti the crooked evil Justice Minister would fight to protect Paul Bernardo's privacy and then ask if they plan on using Paul Bernardo for nefarious stuff in Quebec. Ted Bundy serial killer escaped a couple of times when captured therefore why is Paul Bernardo going to a medium security not maximum security prison. Very important for media to demand an answer. Paul Bernardo possesses a same behavioral pattern as that serial killer therefore concern is necessary to public safety. No one would fight to protect a serial killers privacy unless they are up to something.

Jun 23, 2023
Replying to

Why would the Mahaffey and French family have to pay Court costs. What they did falls under FOIA . This shows intimidation tactics at play and smart inquiring minds are curious as to the motives behind the scenes. Everyone would do well to search expenditures by foreign affairs office and who they give money to . If they can give money to a no fixed address company of the Clintons using Canadian money they can surely take on the court costs of the Mahaffey and French family. Stop insulting Canadians. Stop putting the serial killers the mobsters and terrorists privacy or Charter rights before good Canadians. This money was given to a company schooling Columbian for port logistics and pol…


Jun 22, 2023

Crimes against humanity have been committed in Canada. Time for people to admit it. Freedom of Information has resulted in outing the fraud of vaccine mandates in the USA. Rochelle Walensky and Tony Fauci knew of breakthrough cases in the vaccinated in Jan 2021 yet 2 months later they told the public the vaccinated would not get the virus. Rochelle Walensky was grilled on this and tried to lie her way out in the congressional hearing but perjured herself in the process as the FOIA proved. In Ontario the media reported on breakthrough cases in the hospital yet they continued the fraud of vaccine mandates and made the unvaccinated the enemy and attacked the unvaccinated mercilessly. These are true crim…

Jun 22, 2023
Replying to

Yes crimes against humanity has been committed in Canada. MK Ultra and its continued not closed experiments using modern technology is crimes against humanity and Trudeau gagged the victims families of the original MK Ultra at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal. What is he scared of? His father being outed for crimes against children? Cocaine flowing into Canada and other drugs. The federal government under foreign affairs gives money to a no fixed address of the Clintons and Frank Guistra in Columbia and it is alleged it connects to Columbian cocaine being shipped to USA and Canada. Yet they can't take care of Canadians.

Vaccine mandates are crimes against humanity as per the Canadian interpretation under our judicial laws…


Jun 20, 2023

The NCI has done its job. It has resoundingly spread the truth regarding the horrors of covid protocols including these experimental shots and the testimony by CAF personnel and a lawyer has led to a CAF administrative tribunal ruling that the vaccine mandates were a Charter violation. A great win for all Canadians in the Courts. Not only is it a section 7 Charter breach but these vaccine mandates were extortion and conspiracy to commit murder and bodily harm. The European regulator requested the Pfizer documents in Aug 2022 and over 1.6 million adverse events with one third considereal serious were recorded and 60% of those harmed had no comorbities indicating the vaccine was likely to blame. Many adverse even…

Jun 22, 2023
Replying to

Yes PPE experts not doctors are the ones to give advice on masks and doctors should stay in their lane and check their egos at the door as masks have caused sinus trouble bacterial infections an a host of other harms.


May 28, 2023

I was watching your interview with Shawn Buckley and it is so awesome to see real people with real emotions and it is so spontaneous and a far cry from the paid narrative of our politicians and many others. You can tell Shawn is tired and overwhelmed from the last couple of months of traveling in Canada for this very important National Citizens Inquiry and all the work leading up to it yet he is filled with energy to speak of his experience. Absolutely real emotions were on display and truly a remarkable endeavor by all. Michelle you speak of the courage of all those who gave testimony and we want to say you were courageous as well. Thank you.…

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