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Canada’s Unprecedented Inquiry 8 — The End of The Beginning

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

“We’re not going to stand alone anymore.”

Shawn Buckley, NCI lead council

Another town, another dedicated NCI volunteer picking me up at another airport.

The car pulled up to the hotel in Ottawa and I welled up as I realized where I was.

The National Citizens Inquiry was about to hold its last set of hearings in the exact spot of the trucker base camp at last year’s Freedom Convoy, where I first connected with the Quebec freedom movement and left home for good.

How perfect that the NCI would complete the circle where it all started, where Canadians first stood up en masse to say, no more.

No more mandated “vaccines.”

No more forced masking, inhumane lockdowns, or hateful divisiveness.

No one could have predicted that 15 months later, the world’s first citizen-run, citizen-led, citizen-funded inquiry would have gathered over 200 hours of compelling, often shocking and sometimes heartbreaking testimony from over 325 courageous witnesses.

No one could have imagined that Canadians would find an outlet to courageously release their voices, silenced by a still fully present and threatening cancel culture where intolerance and censorship have been normalized.

No one could have foreseen the impact of unleashing the truth about the captured media that created an unprecedented propaganda campaign which resulted in untold harms suffered by millions of Canadians.

In Toronto, we heard Rodney Palmer’s explosive testimony about CBC’s 180 degree move away from news gathering.

“A must-watch for all journalists.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In Ottawa, Mr. Palmer gave further must-be-seen testimony in response to the recent CBC decision to (temporarily) leave Twitter after it was (temporarily) forced to label itself as “government-funded media.”

Watch as he uncovers CBC’s go-to science “experts” shared affiliation with ScienceUpFirst — a government-funded organization that promotes C19 “vaccines.”

“[CBC] has blood on their hands. They not coming. They don’t want to see this.”

Media is what the government used to propagate and perpetuate the dangerous and deadly narrative that forever changed the lives of people in Canada and around the world.

And so again we come full circle to the beginning as multiple members of the media testified in the final days of the Inquiry.

Anita Krishna was a control room news director at Global News who was fired for raising concerns about bias and asking questions.

“We never stood up for the people. We just shoved propaganda in your face.”

Outside of the mainstream, podcaster and legal commentator David Freiheit, better known as Viva Frei, spoke about his coverage of the Freedom Convoy and the proven lies told by the legacy media.

Independent investigative journalist James Corbett gave what may be the most urgent testimony we’ve heard, as he outlined the WHO’s “astounding power grab.” We all need to understand how and why the “global pandemic treaty” and the International Health Regulations must be stopped before our national and individual sovereignty is stripped from us forever.

“[The ‘one health’ concept] sounds laudable but is predicated on the devaluation of human life.”

And the NCI’s own Director of Communications, former news reporter Jerry Manegre, verified the legacy media’s willful lack of interest in the NCI’s historic collection of evidence as he shared the Inquiry’s rise in popularity from 16K to 60K followers and total of 14 million online impressions in 3 short months — with virtually no mainstream coverage.

But the most courageous media testimony came from veteran CBC journalist and Senior Reporter, Marianne Klowak, who took us step by step through the remarkable decline of journalism standards during the months before she felt compelled to leave the job to which she’d dedicated herself for over 3 decades.

“It was like the rules had changed overnight."

At this last set of hearings, as much new information was packed in as was possible, with day 2 jammed with a record-setting 12 hours of testimony.

And as always, there was no shortage of shocking reports from physicians and other experts in the C19 saga.

The internationally renowned physicist, Dr. Denis Rancourt, testified in English after testifying at the Quebec City hearings in French — his testimony too important to be missed in either official language.

Dr. Rancourt brought scathing new evidence to the Inquiry, showing a correlation between poverty and excess death, declaring the variant narrative to be “garbage,” and estimating deaths by the Covid shot to be at approximately 13 million…so far.

Let that sink in.

13 million deaths by injection — not by a novel virus.

“There was no virulent pathogenic on the planet….They definitely killed people. This is a huge crime.”

He echoed James Corbett’s dire warning about the WHO, and testified that the shot was a “military rollout” and urged us to reset our thinking before the unelected body with unprecedented power declares another pandemic and implements these measures all over again.

“This was an assault against people….Injections are the most powerful bioweapon.”

Dr. Stephen Malthouse reiterated the mounting evidence that C-19 was a psyop and a fake pandemic, testifying about China’s use of vitamin C and Canada’s non-use of known vitamin protocols, his presence at the recent Covid Summit in the European Parliament, and his alarming personal experiences.

The family physician with 45 years experience was verbally and libellously attacked by other doctors and the media, and was de-banked by RBC for no stated reason.

He called the last 3 years “an integrity test.”

Once again, we heard evidence of the chilling capture of a medical college with the testimony of psychotherapist and family physician Dr. Edward Leyton, who came out of retirement to support people through the Covid crisis.

Sharing stories about the loss of patient rights, the pathologizing of vaccine hesitancy, and the corruption of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), he told attendees about 4 doctors who committed suicide while under CPSO investigation — none of whom had any complaints against them from patients, or any recourse.

“It’s almost impossible to launch a complaint against the College.”

Dr. Keren Epstein Gilboa spoke about the untold damage to children, pointing to horrific Health Canada advise that nursing mothers should wear a mask and limit baby’s contact with others — despite the vital face-to-face connection needed in early childhood.

No one gave more passionate testimony than Dr. Chris Shoemaker, who shared outrage that the injection, which he says contains 40 trillion spike proteins in each shot and is known to break down the immune system, which has been banned for children in several countries and causes “obscene still birth numbers,” has better abortion effectiveness than the actual abortion pill.

“It’s medical malpractice.”

Dr. Shoemaker named the culprit as the UPCE — the “Unelected People Control Entity,” including the WEF, the WHO, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Some of the most outright shocking testimony of medical malfeasance came from BC emergency room doctor, Daniel Nagase, who was removed from his position after saving the lives of 3 near-death patients — with Ivermectin.

Dr. Nagase went on to share stories of doctors unnecessarily using dangerous drugs and protocols, and even removing evidence of their actions from the record after a patient died.

He pointed out standard medical practices that were ignored, and accused colleagues of homicide.

“There’s no such thing as medical ethics, there’s just ethics.”

And of course there’s more.

The Inquiry heard testimony from internationally renowned investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing under the George H. W. Bush administration, Catherine Austin Fitts, who positioned C-19 not as a health or medical crisis, but as a political and economic event.

Ms. Austin Fitts described the “financial coup d’état” that began the economic shift we are currently experiencing, which saw the largest transfer of wealth in history and destroyed many small businesses.

She described the so-called pandemic as a consolidation of business market share and the centralization of political power as “far worse than fascism,” where slavery as “an enormously profitable system” is the goal.

“We’re building the digital concentration camps.”

It seemed fitting that after so much testimony about crimes committed, on the final day of hearings we heard from triple-jabbed Pascal Najadi, the Swiss/British former banker who has laid criminal charges against the President of Switzerland and filed a civil lawsuit against Pfizer in New York.

President Alain Berset was the health minister when he assured Swiss citizens that the C19 “vaccine" would protect them against the virus, which directly contradicted the already known fact that the shot did not stop transmission.

Mr. Najadi, whom I wrote about HERE, has now confirmed through tests that he has lost 20 years of his life due to the injection, and is determined to have the remainder of his life dedicated to stopping the bioweapon and awakening others whose lives have been damaged when most people still won’t look at the abundant evidence.

“How do we get people to admit they’ve been duped?”

Pascal Najadi is, of course, not the only victim of medical malfeasance and other harmful policies that gave testimony in the nation’s capital.

Melanie Alexander’s husband was so wary of the anti-vax sentiment in the hospital that he told his wife he didn’t want to complain about anything.

Though his immune system was compromised, he was put in a room with a C19 patient against his will, and died soon afterwards.

Mallory Flank was a paramedic who was mandated to take the injection, and who immediately had an anaphylactic reaction.

For over 2 years now, she has endured horrific daily immune issues, including weight fluctuations of up to 30 pounds in 24 hours, and being allergic to her own hair.

She now has to carry half a dozen epipens because she is, essentially, “allergic to life.”

Samantha Monaghan recalled the impossible choice she was forced to make when the hospital treating her son refused to use the unvaccinated blood donations she had lined up for him.

Terrified about the potential of spike proteins and graphene in vaccinated blood, she was told that her parental rights would be taken away if she didn’t agree to the hospital’s blood transfusion.

Her son died in her lap 12 weeks after his transfusion, without warning.

We have heard much testimony of our failure to protect the most vulnerable in our society, including the elderly and children, and in Ottawa we heard about harms to the disabled.

Adam Zimpel testified virtually through a computer technology that allows the paraplegic man to type his responses and translate his words into speech.

We listened to the staccato sound of the keypad clicks echoing in the high-ceilinged hall where the last set of hearings were held, as he explained how altering routines is “especially unbearable for the disabled.”

During lockdowns, his regular habit of eating in local restaurants was “brutally taken away.”

Those of us who bore witness to these tragic stories are still figuring out how to process what we’ve heard and what we’ve experienced in meeting these courageous people.

It’s impossible to rank the pain and suffering of so many people who were simply doing their best to follow the rules or trust the authorities or advocate for themselves or their loved ones.

But some stories are so unbearable that we have to question what has happened to our humanity.

The testimony of Sheila Lewis is one such story.

In need of a double organ transplant, Ms. Lewis did everything asked of her, including eating well, exercising, and redoing every one of her childhood vaccinations because there was no record of what she’d had.

Having had Covid and having verified her strong naturally acquired immunity, as well as researching the immune problems caused by the shot, she refused the C19 injection — and was denied her life-saving surgery.


She recently lost her right to appeal the decision in the Supreme Court of Canada.

I have no way to adequately describe what it was like to listen to this quiet grandmother beg for her life in a country perfectly able but unwilling to save her.

“All I wanted to do was live. I just wanted to see my grand-babies grow. Now that’s not going to happen.”

Just yesterday I saw a Twitter post saying that Sheila has found an American surgeon who will do her transplant.

The cost, of course, will be very high, and so a fund has been set up and you can donate HERE.

And this is where we are.

The institutions of Canada are in a shambles.

The authorities responsible for so much death and destruction have not yet been held to account.

The citizens of Canada are damaged by a campaign of fear and division that has ravaged friendships and families, colleagues and communities.

We don’t yet know the full impact of the harmful and horrific policies that the National Citizens Inquiry set out to examine with the innocent and almost naive questions, what did we do wrong, what did we do right, and what could we do better?

The NCI report, currently being written by our 4 independent commissioners, will offer recommendations and suggestions.

What happens to that report will be up to each of us.

What will we do with it?

How will we utilize this historic document and mountain of evidence?

These are the questions that the NCI is asking all of us to ponder, because what we have done together is build a new muscle in the exercise of democracy.

“This has been an impossible task that actually happened.”

Shawn Buckley, NCI lead council

We have created a movement of people who are no longer afraid to speak truth to power.

And we have created a precedent and a template that any country in the world can now follow to empower and embolden their citizens to record the truth of what happened when the world went crazy.

We now have a greater task ahead of us.

We must choose who we’re going to be.

We have the truth on our side, and as someone recently pointed out to me, the only people changing sides are those who hadn’t yet seen what we already know.

More and more people are awakening to the reality of what has happened, but there have, to date, been no repercussions.

“Until there is accountability there can be no reconciliation.”

Honourable Ches Crosbie, NCI Administrator

It’s long past time for accountability.

What should the NCI do next?

What will you do next?

The UPCE has told us that another pandemic is on the horizon.

We know that the WHO pandemic treaty is being implemented, that 15-minute cities are being put in place, and that a digital currency is on its way.

But we also know that, in the words of Shawn Buckley, “Canadians don’t cower.”

We can lead the world by example and live into our lapsed reputation for kindness and compassion, as well as for strength and resiliency.

I don’t know what’s next for the National Citizens Inquiry, but it has been the privilege and honour of a lifetime to be the spokesperson.

I’ll leave you with more of Shawn Buckley’s words from the closing remarks at the Ottawa NCI hearings…

“This is the beginning of something.”


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Jun 24, 2023

A great summary of highlights!


Jun 24, 2023

Thank you Michelle, This is by far the most compelling, comprehensive and insightful coverage of the atrocities that have befallen the highly propagandized public ... in a country of peoples once known as "the strong and free" ... now the "week and enslaved". It is up to us who are aware to stand courageously in Truth and Love, to shed a Light for those who are weary to find their way Home to the higher echelons of Conscious Beingness ... to obliterate every last shard of the demonic realm ... and restore Heaven on Earth. God Bless you!


Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Jun 24, 2023

Wouldn’t it be nice and reassuring to believe that meaningful change is on its way? Unfortunately, that’s not a given.

Since the elder Trudeau’s day, and if it ever had been, Canada has not been an electoral college. He shifted all of the power to the Eastern time zone and set the board up so that it would be the kingmaker in any future provincial election. In particular, the 416 has enough seats to cancel out any Prairie province.

Proof? In only 11 of the last 56 years has the Prime Minister not been from Quebec (usually the Laurentian elite). Within this time, only one party leader outside this region has achieved a second term: the same leader that achiev…


Jun 23, 2023

Another beautiful write up Michelle. Heartfelt thanks to you and the 350 witnesses who courageously testified. The Charbonneau Commission in Montreal outing corruption in government and construction with organized crime had 189 witnesses over 2 years. I believe this NCI has helped to connect the dots to the players involved with the covid debacle. People do not realize that SNC Lavalin got a massive contract to do collecting dust unused overflow hospital tents while Canadians were denied surgeries. All to push the hype for the vaccines .In the Charbonneau Commission there was corruption with SNC Lavalin and the McGILL hospital and they whined of hospital overflow during covid and protecting the Healthcare system and yet corruption in construction of hospit…

Jun 23, 2023
Replying to

I know many of us couldn't believe the pro vaccine stance that was accompanied by hate. Personal choice and responsibility and that was attacked using plain lies. The evidence was already known. A little research outed it so clearly these people are ignorant and have inflated egos. Sad because people's lives were involved and their livelihood and these vaccine mandates caused loss of employment that brings depression anxiety poverty homelessness suicide or drug and alchol dependancy.Iinvestment scams can lead to homelessness depression and suicide and now they offer MAID as a solution to the disabled or those down on their luck. I've read countless stories of disabled individuals who invested their life savings only to be scammed and lose everything.…

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