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Protestors Are Not What You've Been Told

What happened to the idea of judging a person based on their character?

Do we even listen to those with different opinions anymore?

There was a time when political opponents across the aisle could argue in the House and meet for drinks afterwards.

There was lively debate without hateful dismissal, admonishment, and lies about those who didn’t conform to the “right” views.

And politicians certainly didn't verbally attack the very citizens they're supposed to represent.

Today, we have moved so far away from open discussion that even families are divided and forbidden from socializing together.

Only in this zealous zeitgeist could people making their own private health decisions be assumed to be selfish “covidiots” who are wilfully killing people.

Only in our current cult of Covidism could the people who chose not to get an experimental injection be banned from participating in society and fired from their jobs.

And only in this dystopian time could others either passively stand by or accuse an authentic, pro-democracy movement of being hateful or even criminal.

We have been manipulated into false sides with a classic divide and conquer tactic.

While those opposing the mainstream Covid ideology are condemned and held in contempt by our Prime Minister and mainstream media, see for yourself what’s been happening in our nation’s capital…

Before protestors arrived in Ottawa, supporters of all political stripes, cultural backgrounds, and vaccine status gathered to cheer them on.

But even then, the media was trying to paint us with one dismissive brush.

I want to make something clear.

Most of the truckers are vaccinated and their supporters are not "types."

I am not a type.

I am not alt-right.

In fact, I was a card-carrying member of the Green Party and voted NDP before that.

I am not “anti-vaxx.”

I have not taken the C-19 jab, but got my tetanus-pertussus-whooping cough shot last year.

I am not “racist."

In my youth, I attended anti-Apartheid and Ban-the-Klan demonstrations and still believe in one race — the human race.

I am not a “misogynist.”

I’d also have to be a masochist, so I’ll leave that one there.

I am not on a “side” except that of truth.

I was a mask-wearing, socially distant, happily locked down pot-banger at the beginning of the coronacrisis.

I trusted the government and the media.

I liked the sense of Canadians coming together for what I thought was “the greater good.”

It was my research, not politics or ignorance, that had me change my mind.

And that leads to the final stereotype: I am not scientifically “uninformed."

For the past 8 years, I have done almost daily health science research to heal myself from over a decade of chronic fatigue.

The medical establishment, while brilliant at trauma, had no answers for me and said, “Go home and manage your symptoms.”

I had no choice but to find another way — or succumb to pain and exhaustion forever.

I have made much progress by following cutting-edge and natural health resources, and friends have often come to me for health information and advice.

For those who have suffered from similar health issues, you know that the road to full vitality is a long, slow one, but it is possible if you keep researching and trying new things.

While I’m not 100%, I am now able to cook, walk, do yoga, and work almost every day — none of which I was able to do just a few short years ago.

I did not enter into the Covid conversation lightly or even by choice.

I stumbled into it, as we are apt to do when discovering any inconvenient truth.

First, I heard my trusted health science experts talk about actual C-19 data.

That led to other experts who offered a deeper dive into the sometimes confusing world of science journals and publications.

I started an online Yale University course on understanding scientific studies.

(Kind of like “Studies for Dummies.”)

I learned a few things about what to look for.

I joined Twitter to follow the scientists and researchers I was reading about to get information straight from the horses’ mouths — seeing as they weren’t being interviewed by the legacy media or consulted by my government.

I discovered that online data is readily available to the public.

You actually don’t need to be a scientist to check the government’s own statistics showing the very small risk of fatality for those who are healthy and under 70, and the massive number of vaccinated people now getting C-19.

People who know me well know that my most valued possession is my integrity.

And my television background makes me mindful of what I say publicly.

So when I started a health freedom blog to get information out about C-19, it was because I wanted my friends and community to have access to accurate information and reasonably argued theories and opinions that we weren’t getting in the mainstream media.

I had to look beyond my so-called “side” and search out online resources and news outlets that I never would have given a second glance to because of their political affiliation.

I had to move beyond my own opinions, my identity, and even my ego.

I had to be willing to put aside my beliefs, do critical thinking, and judge for myself the truth of the situation.

What the government and mainstream media was telling me was wrong.


What should have been a fire drill for a real pandemic (as per the pre-2019 definition) turned into arson.

Politicians turned a manageable health emergency into a panicked battleground of ideology, while media fanned the flames of fear with daily case counts having no relevancy to any real risk assessment.

I did not switch sides.

My so-called side left me.

More than that, they abandoned their own values and commitment to the very people they purport to represent.

We need only witness the disdain for the truckers and farmers and other ordinary citizens exercising their democratic rights in Ottawa.

Despite having false accusations and names hurled at them, they continue to stand strong and inspire us with their message of freedom, kindness, and camaraderie...

Is Canada so class-divided that we are unwilling or unable to understand the reason for and value of civil disobedience when those without power are pushed to it?

It is the working class who have most suffered and sacrificed during these past 2 years.

Where is the Canadian media analysis and political understanding of what mandates have cost regular people?

Where is the compassion for their lost income, children’s education, and hope?

Instead, it is the working class that have brought hope, pride, and personal responsibility back to Canada through the Freedom Convoy.

Several reporters and politicians have complained about the noise and traffic congestion caused by the truckers in Ottawa.

It is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even chaotic, I know.

But it is nothing compared to nearly 2 years of ruined livelihoods, relationships, rights, and health due to unscientific mandates and vilification of those opposed to Draconian measures.

There is no question that non-medical interventions have done more harm than good.

The people have been left with no choice but to protest.

That is what you do in a democratic society when you feel you are not being heard.

Excerpted from the Julius Ruechel article, The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con

So I am with the truckers and am grateful to them for their stand.

Individually, we have differing backgrounds, life experiences, and views but collectively, we that support them agree that mandates must end.

In the words of C-19 hero, Dr. Julie Ponesse, an ethics professor fired for her private medical decision...

"You are awakening a passion and a love for this country we thought we had lost forever."

We all have a right to wear masks and choose boosters.

I do not assume that those who do so are a “type.”

We also have a right not to make these medical choices.

This is at the heart of the support by every doctor, scientist, and politician who has spoken in favour of the Freedom Convoy.

Including the last living signatory of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, former Newfoundland-Labrador Premier, Brian Peckford…

We have moved beyond the point of no return.

As Mr. Peckford says…

“We must stand strong, we must stand firm...."

There are many actions you can take, including offering financial support for the legal fees being incurred by the truckers blocking the Coutts, Alberta border crossing.

You can find the legal fundraiser and incredibly inspiring videos of their stand HERE.

You can send a letter to your MP letting them know that you do not support illegal, immoral, and unscientific mandates.

You can find their contact info HERE.

It’s time we put aside limiting paradigms and divisions and started following actual science and leaders who unite rather than divide.

That really would create a greater good.


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