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The Heartbreaking Story of Ivermectin

“The story of Ivermectin shows that we, as a public, have misplaced our trust in the authorities and have underestimated the extent to which money and power corrupts.”

Dr. Tess Laurie

I have no words.

It’s not the first time I’ve found myself in this state over the past year.

It’s not even the first time I’ve typed those words in this blog.

But I have just finished sobbing and wailing and what can I possibly say to express that here?

Because I have just finished watching one of the most powerful and important videos put out in the last 2 years.

It’s incredible to me that I can still be so shocked by what I already know in the ongoing saga of Sars-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

Millions of people have died needlessly.

Millions of lives have been ruined because of cruel and unscientific mandates.

And millions more have been injured, have died, and will continue to suffer and die from the experimental gene therapy injections masquerading as “safe and effective vaccines” -- because we didn’t choose early, proven treatments instead.

“Never before has our role, as doctors, been more important. Because never before have we been complicit in potentially causing so much harm.”

Dr. Tess Laurie

We have, as a society, ignored or forgotten the fact that we have never in the history of medicine not offered advice on prevention or early treatment of a disease.

Think about that, if you haven’t already.

We knew early on that C-19 was dangerous to predominantly people who were obese.

We knew early on that low vitamin D was a key risk factor.

And we knew that low immune function was critical.

In the vast majority of people, all of these factors can be fixed before the disease becomes deadly.

Putting all this aside, we had inexpensive, effective outpatient treatments available as well, and we did not use them.

In fact, doctors were told not to treat people until they needed to be hospitalized.

Consider that.

You go to a doctor with C-19 and they say go home — until you can’t breathe.

Then go to the hospital, by which time it’s probably too late.

In the past 2 weeks, so much shocking information has come out that flies in the face of the mainstream C-19 narrative that I’m struggling to keep up.

I’m trying to disseminate and discern which outraged scientist is talking about what new study.

Of course, you have to be following these stories to find them, though all of them should be front-page news.

The government and legacy media have turned our attention away from them with breathtaking speed.

Stories about new data will have to wait a little longer, because the story of old data has surfaced with an incredible new video put out by the world-renowned Dr. Tess Laurie in the UK.

Here’s the description…

“In October 2020, Dr Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organisation on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

But on January 18th 2021, Dr Hill published his findings on a pre-print server. His methods lacked rigour, the review was low quality and the extremely positive findings on ivermectin were contradicted by the conclusion.”

In this video letter to Dr. Hill, we get an overview of the evidence and the obfuscation of that evidence.

In just over 18-minutes, we see the story of Ivermectin’s effectiveness and the subsequent smear campaign that led to millions of deaths.

Dr. Laurie’s Zoom call with Dr. Hill is included in the video, and it has all the cringeworthy notes of an episode of The Office — but with humour replaced by life-shattering consequences.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen corruption this up close and personal.

Watch for yourself here…

The tragedy of this story doesn’t end here.

It will continue unless we, the people, demand justice.

We are living in new and uncharted territory, dear reader.

We can no longer assume that someone else is coming to hold bad actors to account.

We need to share this video far and wide.

We need to stop following the mainstream media and start following the actual science and scientists who have nothing to gain and everything to lose by sharing the truth.

The tragedy of Ivermectin is not the first or last time that Big Pharma wins over inexpensive alternatives.

I’ll leave you with Dr. Tess Lawrie again, explaining how and why this continues to happen.

Here is her remarkable and moving speech at the conclusion of the International Ivermectin for Covid Conference in April 2021…

“It is time we recognize and scrutinize the involvement of industry and institutions, once known for their scientific integrity, and all the so-called public-private partnerships and charitable foundations that have facilitated the corruption of science and our honourable profession: Healing.”

Dr. Tess Laurie


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