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There Was No Pandemic

A guest blog by the Honourable

Ches Crosbie

Administrator, National Citizens Inquiry

Canadian multidisciplinary scientist Denis Rancourt has been invited to testify to the National Citizens Inquiry three times. Why?

The Commissioners have taken an intense interest in Dr. Rancourt’s evidence because it has radical implications, implications which many scientists and freedom loving citizens critical of government COVID narratives have not yet worked through. Radical, in the sense of going to the root of things.

According to the testimony of Dr. Rancourt, there was was no viral pandemic. The implication is that it was a sham pandemic perpetrated by the military and security state through a sophisticated psychological operation against the civilian population. Yes, some people died from a virus which probably escaped from the Wuhan lab, but

as with the three other declared pandemics since WW II, the deaths do not show in the excess death data. Since the advent of antibiotics and other effective medicines, pandemics, including this one, just do not show up in the death data. Wars do, intense heat waves do, earthquakes do, but not proclaimed pandemics.

What does show up in the excess death data is death caused by measures and mandates imposed since government implemented extreme rights-limiting measures in March 2020.

Excess death analysis looks at government statistics on death rates, and spikes of those death rates, in comparison with a prior period. No reliance on anyone’s interpretation of the cause of death is involved.

Dr. Rancourt’s evidence to the NCI is that the excess deaths which have occurred since 2020 were due to measures and mandates. These deaths were not an unfortunate collateral result or side-effect of necessary measures and mandates, because the measures and mandates were unnecessary and destructive, in and of themselves. They caused all the excess deaths defined by the data.

We can get an accurate sense of the thrust of this radical evidence by focussing on Dr. Rancourt’s most recent testimony, given to the NCI on June 28,2023.

The following is my summary of this radical testimony.

Dr. Rancourt explained that the purpose of his third testimony to NCI was to focus on Canadian data. Dr. Rancourt is trained as a physicist and became an interdisciplinary scientist with a long list of competencies displayed in his first slide, from statistical analysis, to geopolitics, to theoretical epidemiology. The main areas of expertise and publication relevant to COVID-19 are nanoparticles, molecular science, statistical analysis, modelling, and measurement methods. A large book of exhibits is obtainable on the National Citizens Inquiry website.

Dr. Rancourt uses excess death data to analyze the impact of the pandemic and pandemic measures. It is objective and not subject to bias. By June 2, 2020 (early in the crisis) the expert had published an article saying there were not excess deaths from COVID-19 but rather there were hotspots and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response.

These responses included lockdowns, excessively harsh medical treatments, and withholding of conventional treatments for respiratory disease like antibiotics. The conclusions offered in his previous testimony to NCI were that there was no viral pandemic causing excess mortality, rather these deaths were caused by government measures, in particular vaccination, and if governments had basically left things alone and done business as usual, there would not have been any excess mortality.

No measurable excess mortality was caused by any of the three respiratory virus pandemics declared since the end of the Second World War, a very important point. There is very significant excess mortality during the COVID period.

Dr. Rancourt reviews some academic literature discussing pandemic and vaccine impacts. See the slides in the video. During the vaccine rollout in India, authorities particularly targeted the old and infirm, and he calculates a death rate per injection of about 1% or 3.7 million people in India.

the number of people killed by the vaccine is 13 million worldwide

Across all jurisdictions, the risk of dying on a per injection basis ranges from .05% for all ages, to around 3% for the frail elderly. The risk of dying doubles with every five years of age and increases exponentially in the elderly age group. Extrapolating the number of doses given to the world population, the number of people killed by the vaccine is 13 million worldwide, 300,000 in the USA, and 30,000 in Canada. See the slide at 52 minutes.

Dr. Rancourt notes that he confines his analysis to using data which is robust and bias free, which is mortality data. Whether the vaccines protect against severe illness is a difficult question to answer because the question is not dependent on the hard data of mortality, and the vaccine clinical trials were severely flawed and even rigged. For example they excluded the vulnerable groups who are being killed by the vaccines, with the result that scientists could not know from the trial data whether this was likely to happen.

it is a completely firm conclusion that there is no particularly virulent pathogen that was killing people and there was no fundamental reason to do anything special.

At 1:08:00 [in the Ottawa testimony above], the witness testifies that he is extremely sceptical about any claims as to the relative virulence of variants. In India they were getting a death peak attributed to the Delta variant, but in Australia to the omicron variant, and this was coincident with vaccine drives. Modellers make the garbage science mistake of taking death statistics and working backwards to derive the virulence of a given variant. Anyone with a sound training in statistics could do his type of analysis, including statisticians in the government, but they don't want to because it would lead them to conclusions like there was no viral excess death and the vaccines are killing people. His data are very robust, and it is a completely firm conclusion that there is no particularly virulent pathogen that was killing people and there was no fundamental reason to do anything special. Based on all cause mortality data this is a completely firm conclusion and if the authorities want to ignore it, then we are living in a world in which anything they say is true. We have been exploited by people screaming fire when there is no fire. We need to go back to the data and look at what actually happened and did not happen.

At around 1:26:00, witness is asked about duration of excess mortality after injection. There is an immediate peak which lasts a few days after injection, then an exponential decay that lasts at least two months. This pattern makes the witness sure of the causal connection. From all cause mortality, in many jurisdictions you enter a regime of high mortality. This is so in Canada in 2022. The explanations are extremely complex and dependent on local conditions. It is almost impossible to say that a year after injection, a death is caused by the vaccination. For causation one would have to look to other forms of investigation such as autopsies.

Everything the witness and his team have seen in the death data looks like an imposed societal transformation. Scientists have to get their heads around this and around the fact that there is no evidence of the spread of a viral respiratory disease causing excess mortality. We have to reset our thinking by using hard data that cannot be disputed. If not, we will be subjected to destructive measures again.

A Commissioner asked why the COVID regime was imposed. The witness referred to a 2019 article he published which was submitted in his materials.

The COVID regime looks like a military rollout of a demonstration showing they could inject everyone. Injections are the most powerful bio weapon there is. The COVID regime could also serve the purpose of demonstrating that it is possible to mass inject an antidote to a bio weapon. So the management of the Covid regime is part of geopolitics, and geopolitical considerations involving competition with Russia and China.

Anyone who is interested in following up this evidence to the NCI should check out Dr. Rancourt’s recent appearance on the Dr. Drew show.

For those who like to read, Dr. Rancourt summarized his profoundly disturbing, but data-driven views, in an article on his website.

The death rate for the vaccines is 1 death in 2000 injections, across all age groups. It rises to as much as 1 death in 100 injections for those over age 80. He offers the conclusions that:

from our detailed studies of all-cause mortality in the COVID period, in combination with socio-economic and vaccine-rollout data:

  • If there had been no pandemic propaganda or coercion, and governments and the medical establishment had simply gone on with business as usual, then there would not have been any excess mortality

  • There was no pandemic causing excess mortality

  • Measures caused excess mortality

  • COVID-19 vaccination caused excess mortality

As the headline says, there was no pandemic! What scientific insight could be more profound, more radical, than that?


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4 kommentarer

26 juli 2023

I think wide awake people knew from day 1 there was no Pandemic. The evidence was there right from the beginning. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College did the same prediction for H1N1 in 2009 and look at what occurred when no one followed the hype and carried on normally. No masks no restrictions and it fizzled out as a Pandemic. Ventilators were used but not to the extent like covid and it was stated then ventilators killed. The virus was here since Oct 2019 or earlier and without fear it was just a stronger flu like 2017/2018. We all carried on normally and then overnight the world stood still and we were told to run and hide using military psyo…


20 juli 2023

Thank you Michelle for standing strong in sharing other's Truth ... If only all media had your integrity to get the Word out there, you could writing about the New Earth and all the amazing experiences we have to look forward to in a transformative world of Peace! How do we shake and wake these materialistic sheep up?

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
21 juli 2023

Thank you for your unwavering support. 🙏💙

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