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Trued Up with Michael Alexander

Truth. Beauty. Goodness.

What are you most drawn to?

What gives you access to the Divine?

What could lift you right now?

These three transcendentals hold the answers to the questions of life, the universe, and everything.

(That, and 42.)

They’re also starting points of inspiration.

I used to be sourced mostly through beauty.

I love to dance and sing.

I was a director and an actor, and still write and read.

I produced home design shows and fashion segments for television.

I was inspired by great art in all its forms.

I could find inspiration in a plush armchair in the lounge of a grand hotel or with a walk through a cobblestone street in an old village.

When my health deteriorated and my life became contained inside the perimeter of my country home, I turned inward.

I began to deeply explore spirituality.

Why was this happening to me — or for me?

How do we overcome obstacles and be our best selves?

Goodness became my primary focus.

Making meaning out of suffering that seemed senseless.

Making a difference for myself as a source for others.

With the Covid crisis, my attention turned to truth.

I spent my days researching and writing, sharing information I didn’t then realize was being intentionally withheld.

Exposing the truth, unleashing it with as much goodness as I could find.

Beauty took a back seat —until my inspiration dried up.

I needed to find my source again.

I wrote almost nothing between September of last year and February of this year.

But I started regular interviews to begin to bring my vision of TruedUp into fruition — to begin to create again.

And it started with the conversation you’re about to hear.

Michael Alexander is the lawyer who represented my previous guest, Dr. Mark Trozzi.

He has also represented and continues to represent many medical professionals wrongly accused, discredited and dismissed in Canada.

He has done so with his inimitable style, made obvious in the conversation you’re about to hear.

Michael, I discovered, is a Renaissance Man.

Of course we spoke about the medical establishment here in Canada, and the state of our constitution.

But we also spoke of art and philosophy, small town architecture and big box utilitarianism.

We spoke of his fortitude and passion for justice.

Truth. Beauty. Goodness.

On a cool autumn day in mid-October, while exploring how to bring hope and inspiration to others, I discovered how much I needed these things.

We all need access to the eternal.

The question is, through which portal do you find yours?

My hope is that you find some here in the discourse and dialectic of Michael Alexander, my guest today on TruedUp

I left my conversation with Michael in a state of inspired receptivity.

When I went back to listen to it nearly 6 months later, I had the same experience.

Conversations, I was reminded, are an act of creation.

They form the foundation of our life experience.

They lay the groundwork for anything and everything we want (or don’t want) to build — from healthy relationships to a New World Order.

In the beginning was the word.

When the government and media want to control us, they start with conversation.

“The greater good.”

“Safe and effective.”

“Two weeks to flatter the curve.”

Most people didn’t even know what that curve was but we compliantly locked ourselves down.

Michael reminded me that we need not only to counter the false narrative but to invent a true one — a compelling alternative.

“Truth over trust.”

“Facts over fear.”

“They locked us down. Let’s lock them up.”

(Off the top of my head.)

My next takeaway, among so many, is that when we have nothing truly beautiful to aspire to, the human spirit is crushed.

What is our experience of life when it becomes simply about efficiency or productivity?

To live lives we love, we must have inspiring content and context.

We must have something that fuels us when the tasks before us become challenging.

It reminds me of the story of the two bricklayers.

One lived a life of drudgery, meaninglessly laying bricks all day.

The other lived a life of joy, present to his purpose to build a cathedral.

Finally, there is Michael’s observation that every aspect of how we organize society gives us (or takes away) our identity, our morality, and our experience of life.

It all matters.

Our thoughts and words and actions matter.

Which means we have the power to organize ourselves in a way that supports our experience of life.

And we have the responsibility, the opportunity. 

If we allow others to determine the direction of our society, we get what we tolerate.

Now is the time for engagement, for creation, for community.

Truth. Beauty. Goodness.

In Michael Alexander’s relentless pursuit of justice, I found a man standing up for what is right using his unique talents, tools and training.

We can all use our own unique talents, tools and training.

We can bring impeccability, excellence, and integrity to everything we do --- from the way we make our bed to the way we make our mark.

One simple and easy thing we can do is join the Switchaway Initiative and shop for a better world.

A world where companies with values, principles, and non-toxic products replace utilitarian chains selling us poison.

When you click the link above and fill out the form, one of our team members will contact you to show you how to make the switch.

There is so much more I could say about this rich and diverse discussion, but I’d like to know about your takeaways.

Please let me know in the comments section.

And stay tuned.

Be true to yourself.

And remember that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

P.s. You can also listen on your favourite podcast platform or join Freedom Network for early access to the whole season.

Please consider making even a small donation through the button in the upper right hand corner.

Sharing and likes are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your partnership in outing the truth and being the change. 🙏

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1 Comment

20 hours ago

Remember flatten the curve. The social media docs called epidemiologists lied.

Farr's Law used by them states viruses take a natural bell curve. They do not continue to accelerate like they lied to us. it comes down on its own.

No need for lockdowns or a vaccine. The fraud was evident and we have these not so esteemed doctors words prior to COVID as proof of the lie. They fudge models in their own words.

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