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Unmasking The Truth

Do you remember the first time you saw people wearing masks in public?

Way back in the spring of 2020?

It seemed not only foreign but bizarre - like being in a dystopian movie.

But hey, I’m a team player.

Probably like you, I got on board.

Besides, it was soon mandated and I wasn’t (yet) ready to break the law.

It also seemed like the right thing to do.

At the very least, it appeared to demonstrate a concern for the greater good.

This virus was apparently lethal, or at least we didn’t know how lethal it might be.

But we know now.

For the vast majority of us, C-19 is not lethal.

And science has demonstrated that even if it were lethal to most of us, masks don’t work.

Yet our legislators keep imposing unscientific protocols like lockdowns and mandatory masking, which have been proven to cause more harm than good.

I know.

You’ve seen a study on the effectiveness of masking.

Or someone told you about a study.

Or the media quoted a study.

And here’s the problem…

A study.

In the first lesson of a free online course called Understanding Medical Research: Why Your Facebook Friend Is Wrong, offered by Yale University, I learned the following:

While the media loves to jump on a sexy new study that shows a dramatic result, one study is not proof of anything.

There are almost always variables that haven’t been accounted for.

This is why multiple studies are so important, and why meta studies - studies that study the studies - are the gold standard.

The first health guru to challenge me with science was Ari Whitten of The Energy Blueprint.

On his Energy Blueprint Facebook page, he posted the following:

“…the original claim of the CDC to get people to wear masks was, ‘If we all wore masks for 4-6 weeks, we would drive this virus into the ground.’
This has been definitively proven wildly false by the actual world data.
If there is ANY effect at all from population mask wearing, it seems to be totally undetectable in looking at COVID curves from around the world. And there is certainly no discernible suppression effect taking place.”

He included these links...

So while mask-wearing has become a virtue signal, creating the illusion of being a good and caring person because you don’t want others to be infected, we must let go of this misnomer.

We must follow the science.

It’s okay to admit we were wrong.

We tried something and it didn’t work.

It’s time to take off our masks, breathe deeply, and reveal the truth.


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May 27, 2021

It is not just that they were wrong about masks. They had no reason to believe that masks would work in the first place. It is just simple math. The virus is 0.1 micron, even N95 masks have trouble filtering something that small. Cloth masks can't filter particles more than 100 times larger than that. This is why they kept talking about transmission based on droplets. Droplets are much larger and easier to catch. The problem with claiming that transmission is mostly due to droplets is that droplets are very easy to avoid. Just don't stand in right front of anyone coughing or sneezing. If Droplets were the main method of transmission there is no way 160 million peo…

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
May 27, 2021
Replying to

You're absolutely right. They had no reason to believe that masks or lockdowns would work. And looking at the science, or as you say, the simple math, they would have not only known that but acted accordingly. But policymakers did not act out of logic - most people didn't. They acted out of fear. I'll be writing about this in today's blog, so thank you for your timely comment!

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