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5th Generation Warfare and Why They Want Us Scared

“We're in the middle of a world-changing war right now. Oh, I don’t mean the war in Ukraine…”

James Corbett

By now, you may have seen the latest C-19 scandal coming out of the UK.

The blatant use of fear to coerce the British public is outrageous.

But it’s not news that fear is what has driven and always drives compliance.

We all remember the early days.

I wore the mask (at first), adhered to social distancing (for a while), washed my hands thoroughly and frequently and cleaned doorknobs with regularity.

Even then, it seemed surreal, but better safe than sorry.

Or so I thought.

In a cultural climate where “have a good day” has been replaced by “stay safe” we have to wonder what’s happened to our collective psyche.

When did staying safe become more important than enjoying life, doing good, or just having a nice day?

The moment we prioritized fear above all else.

That’s the moment we gave away our rights, our responsibilities, and our reason.

And that’s the way those who game the system want it.

The response to COVID-19 did not create a massive manipulation of the populations of the world, it exposed it.

It magnified it, compounded it into one giant global campaign of terror, and used it to move us into a compliance and complacency the world has never known.

It was deliberate and it has a name.

5th generation warfare.

In a recent conference on pandemic strategies in Sweden, Dr. Robert Malone spoke of this tactic and its current use.

You can read or watch his speech here 👇

It’s not hyperbole.

Rather, 5th generation warfare is an accurate description of how war is no longer limited to traditional weapons or even combatants, but involves a battle for the hearts and minds of everyone.

For those of you who want to delve deeper and get a fuller understanding, there is an excellent and educational overview here 👇

The media fed us fear on a daily and hourly basis.

People were terrified into submission.

As more and more information comes out about what the mRNA injections actually do and what campaign of terror comes next, we will need to understand these tactics and shift the playing field.

Dr. Malone offers this solution…

“If you want to operate effectively in this space, I argue, you have no other alternative other than humility. You have to acknowledge your ignorance.… It's been a journey to discovery, and every day I learn something new and every day I find out about my own cognitive biases. Don't overestimate your own ability to comprehend what is being done to you. Test everything. Think for yourself.”

This is sage advice.

“Knowing” is what those who would control us want.

When we know for sure, we alienate those who think differently, and we chalk up another win for those who continue to divide and conquer.

There has never been a more necessary time to put aside our certainty about what we know.

We must keep our minds and hearts open — that’s the only way we remain masters of them.

There is so much information coming out now and much of it is really scary.

Whatever we thought the “vaccine” campaign was, it’s likely worse.

But we cannot allow fear to determine our next actions.

We are going to need discernment and wisdom to bring down those who have caused and will cause so much harm.

We are going to need to bring compassion to those who awaken to what’s happening with rage.

We are going to need our wits about us.

And, we have the greatest power to end all this — the exposure of truth and the power to unite.

In Canada, a citizen-led and citizen-funded inquiry is soon to begin.

The National Citizens Inquiry is an opportunity for everyone to tell and hear the stories of how ordinary Canadians have been impacted by C-19 mandates.

If you haven’t already, you can find out more, sign the petition, and participate here 👇

We cannot be afraid of the truth, even if it contradicts our most deeply held beliefs.

As James Corbett quotes in the excellent article I cited above, “…in the modern era, wars are not fought by armies or guerrillas, but in the minds of common citizens.”

It is, therefore, in the power of the common citizens to end the war.

We must put aside our fear and face the facts of what has happened and what is to come.

Only then can we begin to heal, together.


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8 comentarios

08 mar 2023

Fantastic read! This was interesting as well. Apparently there is evidence to suggest that many deaths in the 1918 Influenza Epidemic could be attributed to aspirin overdose.

Me gusta
09 mar 2023
Contestando a

He was an awesome grandfather, who I loved dearly ... I'm glad he made it too!

Me gusta

06 mar 2023

Excellent article! FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real... We have been dragged through a system of belief based on the propaganda that has been fed to the world via the media and education systems instilled since the 1880s ... When Rockefeller and the Free Mason Eugenicists declared war on the world, beginning with his 1916 patented meningitis vaccine that was distributed in 1918 to all soldiers worldwide before they headed off to WWI, use of radio frequencies to trigger the virus and mustard gas (chemo therapy) to wipe out all life... Then WWII propaganda against Jews, isolation and takeover of all their properties and destruction of families... Experimentation in concentration camps with aluminum, fluoride, mercury (thimerosal) and formaldehyde to control…

Me gusta
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
06 mar 2023
Contestando a

Thank you for all of that! "Love One another." 🙏💙

Me gusta
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