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A Bright Future

I’ve given you a lot of information about what isn’t working lately, so today I’m switching gears.

I’m telling the story of a bright future.

A healthy, happy, financially sound future.

A future where you and I and every individual is empowered to create good health.

In the words of Golden Girl Sophia Petrillo, “Picture it…”

A new virus is spreading around Turtle Town.

(I know, that part’s not very original, but stay with me.)

The government has discovered that 99.95% of Turtletonians under 70 who catch this disease will recover.

And the healthier they are, the easier getting over the virus will be.

The government of Turtle Town declares, “We must do our part for the greater good!”

“The vast majority of Turtletonians will be just fine, so there’s no need to panic. But we must take care of those over 70,” they announce.

“Our most vulnerable have a 95% chance of recovering, too, but that’s still too high.”

Extra protective measures for the elderly are put in place, taking care to not mix those with the virus into their environment, while laying out the big campaign for the rest of the Turtletonians.

“Since this virus attacks the vulnerable, we must protect those as risk, raise the bar on our own immunity, strengthen families and communities, and create increased metabolic health for all!”

They roll out an empowering education plan.

Since upwards of 80% of Turtletonians die from preventable, lifestyle diseases, the government realizes that spending money on prevention is the best protection against unnecessary death and the financial burden that comes with these diseases.

Using positive, science-based evidence and actionable steps, a new paradigm in created.

“Healthy together!” say the posters around Turtle Town.

A campaign to encourage healthy eating includes subsidized fruits and vegetables and hormone-free meats for the poor, all from local farmers.

Exercise education and opportunities are provided free of charge in local schools and community centres.

Corporate mindfulness programs are set up to encourage lucid, logical thinking through proper sleep hygiene, meditation, and other stress reduction practices.

Known immune boosters are made available and inexpensive.

Contests for best health improvements are created.

Billboards plastered in subways and around town show happy Turtletonians engaged in healthy activities, having fun, and getting healthier, together.

Most who contract the new virus recover and herd immunity is soon created.

The vulnerable are able to rejoin their healthier family members once again, using sensible precautions to keep them safe.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and all metabolic diseases go down.

Healthcare costs are lowered and money is actually saved!

The Turtletonians are healthier, happier, and working together for policies that protect and preserve a free and democratic way of life - where those who choose to be unhealthy can do so at their own risk.

Healthy is the new black.

Everyone wants to wear it...because being healthy goes well with everything.

🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢🐢 🐢🐢

You may say this is a fantasy, but I say it’s a fable.

We can make healthy choices, personally and politically.

We can react in fear, or be proactive with facts.

We can turn this crisis into an opportunity to increase and strengthen our health, wealth, and communities, or we can continue as we have.

Today, I present a powerful discussion between 2 science lovers - Ari Whitten, creator of The Energy Blueprint, and Dr. Daniel Chong, ND, of Vital Human.

In this podcast, you’ll learn about:

  • Working with nature rather than against it

  • Creating immunity

  • How bad science happens

  • Bad study designs around covid prevention

  • The hugely greater effectiveness of Ivermectin over covid vaccines

  • The fallacy that vaccines prevent covid

  • The exceptionalism thinking around vaccine risk

  • Preventative measures against almost all disease

  • How our view of health is broken

  • Powerful incentives that public health could be using

My biggest takeaway is the missed opportunity to focus on prevention through known immune boosting protocols, which could have not only drastically reduced covid deaths, but would have gone a long way to reducing the impact of the vast majority of the diseases killing us in the western world.

Thus the fable of Turtle Town and the Turtletonians.


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Jun 02, 2021

I wanna live in Turtle Town!

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