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A Line In The Sand

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

It's time for a new story.

A new beginning.

It's true that the old story isn't over.

I wouldn't encourage any of us to bury our heads in the sand.

We're still mired in the absurdity of anti-science mandates, in a world where people are beaten, arrested, jailed, and punished for the good of their health.

But I've had some time off.

I stopped starting my day with stressful, shocking videos, articles, and Tweets about yet another heartbreaking injustice in the name of the greater good.

I've been thinking about the lesson we haven't yet learned.

Not only do the ends not justify the means, but they can't escape the means.

It's a matter of practicality.

You can't force someone into loving you without expanding fear rather than love.

You can't beat someone into belief without expanding mistrust rather than faith.

And you can't abuse people into health without damaging well-being.

If you think that language is too strong, consider this...

Recognize any of this in the behaviour of the government?

How about all of it?

The old story is still heating up as just this week Metropolitan Toronto Police were informed that they will be subjected to mandatory vaccines.

What has happened to our Charter rights?

What happened to #MyBodyMyChoice?

Then Ontario Premiere Doug Ford announced the implementation of vaccine passports (after promising no vaccine passports), further polarizing people and punishing those who won't obey the state -- all the while citing inaccurate information and ignoring early treatment and natural immunity altogether.

Much of what's at the heart of the old story has already been said, over and over and over.

There is ample evidence of what courageous scientists have been saying all along.

C-19 risk is stratified by age and far less of a threat than we've been led to believe.

All the fear-mongering and oppressive measures have done far more harm than good.

Natural immunity is far superior to the experimental injection...

...which is still in clinical trials until 2023…

…despite the political push for pseudo-approval.

The case against vaccine passports is clear.

And in the competition for most effective fight against C-19, Sweden won…

without lockdowns, mandatory masking, or random 6’ social distancing.

But all of the suffering and loss can help forward the new story, if we learn the lesson about the power of fear to replace reason.

The knowledge that C-19 was never and is not a deadly pandemic should have been good news.

The excess deaths from C-19 have equalled that of a bad flu year, according to data from around the world.

Instead, we ignored the facts and tripped over ourselves to see who could out-do whom in a panicked push to try wiping out a seasonal and unstoppable coronavirus.

It wasn't enough to rush a vaccine for those vulnerable to the virus.

The authorities instead chose to go against basic epidemiology by vaccinating into a pandemic, and targeting those who were never at risk, aggressively promoting, pushing, and even paying young people to get it.

We have been so caught up in this gripping fear that people no longer think their personal choice to get a vaccine is enough.

We have lost our logic.

If the “vaccine” works, the vaccinated are protected.

If it doesn’t work, why should the rest of us get it?

After all the lies we’ve been told, after all the shaming, hate-mongering, and censorship of scientists, we must conclude that this is not and never has been a story about health.

When I read 1984 as a naive young woman in the ‘80s, I did not understand how intelligent people could so easily accept illogical restrictions and ridiculous language.

But we have seen the very definition of “pandemic” change.

Before 2019, it included the bit about "enormous numbers of deaths and illness" -- far beyond the 0.05% of the population who have sadly died because of lack of targeted protection and early treatment.

We have seen the definition of “case” change.

Before the corona crisis, a case was someone with symptoms.

You know, a sick person.

With the misuse of PCR tests as a diagnostic tool (for which it was never intended and which has shown inaccuracy of up to 95%), anyone can be a case -- and "cases" have been the justification for all the suppression of civil liberties.

We have seen outright misinformation meted out by government officials labelled “noble lies.”

And now Ivermectin, one of the most used and effective drugs in the world, on the WHO’s list of essential medicines, has been renamed a “livestock drug” by some in the media, in order to discredit and dissuade its usage, despite dozens of studies and real-world examples demonstrating its inexpensive and effective usage for both early treatment of C-19 and even prevention.

But the truth is coming out…

And the old story is starting to fall apart.

Just this week, 2 of the top leaders at the FDA resigned, apparently due to frustration over the politicization of medical decisions regarding vaccines.

I am not afraid.

I am encouraged.

I am committed to finding the light beyond all this -- to recognizing the spark of an emerging new story.

The story of courage and the world we want to create.

Legal battles are being fought and won around the world.

We are on the brink of awakening, of the next step in our evolution towards consciousness.

This may require more darkness before more people recognize and finally step out of the insanity of what is happening.

Some are calling this World War 3.

Some see the very real parallels with 1930s Germany, with the division of people into “clean and unclean,” the building of fear and hatred for the “other,” the segregation, loss of jobs, and even loss of access to one’s own children and family.

I wish these were exaggerations, but they’re all out there in the news and on social media.

Some of the images I've seen are deeply disturbing and I do not want to expand their reach and energy here.

You can look for them yourself if you want.

I have cried too many tears over them, and I am done.

In pushing into these images, in bearing witness to horrific breaches of human dignity and freedom, in feeling the pain and despair of the damage done by ill-considered and un-scientific policies, I have come out the other side.

I continue to connect with my tribe, with you, dear reader, and with others who are willing to see the truth, and stand for freedom, justice, and love.

Your alignment with these values means the world.

It means the beginning of the new story.

On September 20th, Canadians will vote to continue this path of authoritarianism or we will turn a corner, put all this behind us, and begin to heal.

In the meantime, I practice kindness and compassion on the street and in the subway, sharing my healthy, mask-free smile.

And on September 18th, I'll be joining millions of people around the world as we gather to celebrate and stand for freedom at the next World Wide Rally for Freedom.

People from every religion, political stripe, and background will be there.

People who have never demonstrated for anything in their lives will be there.

People who understand that this tyranny stops when we stop following and start leading.

Leading by example.

Loving and caring for each other, honouring our beautiful diversity, and protecting the vulnerable.

This new story will be written by all of us, through our hearts and through our actions.

We can literally write to our political, union, and company representatives and authorities.

Here is one brave and inspiring police officer's stand...

In the article, you'll find a template for your own letter.

You can read this encouragement and support of free choice from the Ontario Civil Liberties Union...

Be inspired by the leadership of this warrior goddess lawyer...

[September 4 update: This Tweet was censored. This was a video of a British lawyer and retired army officer protesting outside a vaccination centre about the illegality of experimental injections without informed consent. Please see Nuremberg Code for clarification.]

[December 5 update: I found another source for this short video! You can watch it HERE 👇]

See what the truckers in Australia and the US are doing...

Even opening your doors makes a difference...

We will write this new story together.

We are the creators of our lives, and this period in our human history is the call to awaken to our greatness.

In the words of John Lennon, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

We are not the only ones.

Please watch this film and be inspired by who we are together.

Share it widely.

Stand up and draw a line in the stand...and start your own story.


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