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A Sporting Chance

I’m not methodical about my story selection process.

I share what compels me.

What I feel must be seen and discussed.

The recent removal from a scientific journal of a Report on Myocarditis Adverse Events due to the C-19 injection, is just the latest example of the dangerous degree of censorship we are experiencing.

But most people don’t want to read dry studies.

It’s not sexy news.

Sports stories, however, are headliners.

I’ve had no less than 5 stories appear in my inbox on young, healthy athletes collapsing and even dying…after being vaccinated.

The first I'm sharing is by the outspoken health advocate and tech millionaire, Steve Kirsch.

He has put up $1 million of his own money to anyone who can refute the evidence he has gathered against the safety and efficacy of C-19 injections.

So far, no takers.

Here’s his short compelling article and video clip…

Canada’s own Bright Light News puts out super short blogs several times a day. Here’s their list of athletes…

Dr. Mark Trozzi, who was the first to educate me on how these injections are not vaccines but something new and untested, put out his usual no-holds-barred report…

And this video was the first compilation to draw my attention to this ongoing crisis…

But perhaps the most compelling and tragic testimonial is from a professional mountain biker.

Regardless of what we believe about Covid or the vaccine program, we have to check ourselves.

Are we so invested in our opinions that we have lost our compassion?

Are we willing to deny someone’s suffering because it does not fit our narrative?

As someone somewhere on social media said,”If you are wishing anyone dead, you are part of the problem.”

Watch his video here👇

I am asking these questions:

Is this proof of causality?

Is it correlation?

Or is it, as the mainstream media seems to suggest, coincidence?

You decide.


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