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A World Beyond Sides

"The people who hold the contradictions and resolve them in themselves are the saviors of the world. They are the only real agents of transformation, reconciliation, and newness."
Richard Rohr

When I first started looking into the legitimacy of the rumblings counter to the pandemic narrative, I had my doubts.

Big doubts.

Surely the mainstream media would’t lie, and how could they be so misinformed?

I sought out and listened to leading scientists, professors, and even Nobel laureates.

But still.

What do I know?

I did something I’ve never done before.

I sent my new-found evidence to the biggest critical thinkers I know.

If what I was discovering was wrong, I wanted to know.

The act of willingly and publicly testing the accuracy of my thinking was an act of defiance of my ego and an obliteration of its absolute power over me.

The willingness to be wrong in the service of something greater than my identity set free a part of me that has been trapped for most of my life.

In the past, I tried so hard not to offend as I strived to do the “right” thing.

But now, I am not offering up my ego’s opinion.

I am simply awake to the rich resource of science and what remains of investigative journalism, and I’m sharing the wealth.

I’m no longer allowing myself to be intimidated by scientific studies and data.

I am a student of facts.

Honestly? It would have been easier to take the blue pill.

To buy into the mainstream narrative created by policy makers and to keep my relationships even-keeled and my head down.

Instead, I stood up and I have rocked the boat.

Even so, I am not on a “side” - other than that of the truth.

This is why the corona crisis, when considered in a meta picture, is exciting.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think people sick and dying is exciting.

But how we respond to this situation, the disease and our reactions to the disease, will shape not only what we do but who we become.

We have the opportunity to evolve beyond the polarizing politics of left and right.

We can search for technical truths through science, and find commonality through spiritual principles.

Instead of pointing fingers, calling names, or canceling people, we have the liberty to listen newly.

To open our eyes, minds, and hearts.

Currently, most of us are so stuck in our perspective, that anyone who doesn’t agree with us is an idiot or a lunatic.

We are caught in our cognitive bias, so identified with our thoughts and actions over the past year, that we only look for resources that support our existing opinions and behaviour.

This stifling grip is why I find today’s short article so relevant and fascinating.

Swedish MD, Dr. Sebastian Rushworth, shares highlights about a not-so-new book on vaccines.

He points out that while it should have flown off the shelves, it is “languishing in obscurity.”


“The problem, in my estimation, is that it is too brutally honest, and that it therefore pleases no-one….No-one wants a balanced take. Most of the people who write and talk about vaccines are fundamentalists, of either the anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine variety.”

In this short but powerful article that demonstrates my point, Dr. Rushworth summarizes the book by pointing out the fraudulent study that led to the anti-vaxx movement and the CDC data that shows that flu vaccines have never shown any effectiveness.

Ready to look?


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