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Blog Bite -- Pro Awareness

There aren't many spiritual leaders who are also vocal political thinkers.

Marianne Williamson is one of the rare few, and I've shared some of her writing here.

Russell Brand is another of my favourites, and today's video is a great example of how he disseminates media, ideas, and politics with human-centred values at the heart.

It's a tough balancing act to see so much injustice and not just rage.

For me, it's sometimes a tightrope walk, where presenting the evidence of unjust actions is the rope and maintaining a view that the world is going through exactly what it needs to go through is the safety net below.

Evolution is inevitable but not always easy.

In the beginning, I naively thought it was just a matter of getting the information out to people.

If they knew that the average age of death by C-19 in Canada is actually higher than life expectancy, or that children have a 0% statistical chance of dying of C-19, or that excess deaths from C-19 worldwide are low to non-existent, everyone would relax.

As we do with the flu, we'd take care of the vulnerable and get on with living life -- like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, who have all returned to normal.

"Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more dangerous than ordinary flu"

But the extraordinary measures that have been imposed upon the rest of us are not about health, as the censorship and disparagement of countless doctors and scientists not following the approved narrative have shown.

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have strict vax mandates and mask laws.

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have no restrictions on citizens, regardless of vax status.

Maybe these measures started out about health.

Politicians and other power players are reactive humans like the rest of us -- they don't make the best decisions when coming from fear, as Russell points out in his talk.

Once decisions were made to increase their own powers, they liked it.

It became hard to let go.

As Russell also points to in his usual entertaining style, authoritarianism isn't a concept to beware of.

It's the very system we are now living with and under.

As with any awakening, we must first bring awareness.

Here's Russell with a short but captivating analysis...


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