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Blog Bite - Pro Choice

Something’s happening here.

But it may not be the story you’re hearing.

And if you’ve watched the horrific images from around the world of police handcuffing unmasked pedestrians, beating women, and pepper-spraying children, you might be surprised by this story.

I’ve seen those images.

I’ve wept over them.

I am not denying them or glossing over them.

But I am here to share the glimmers of hope and glimpses of sanity, whenever I can.

There is another story.

In Canada, while our government has lost its way with divisive and anti-science statements about the unvaccinated needing to be segregated and not deserving our Charter rights, our frontline workers are telling a different story.

Our police are standing with the people, not the powers that be.

The Metropolitan Toronto Police have posted a template to send to employers for those who wish to refuse mandatory vaccination.

Last week, firefighters gathered for this silent vigil in Calgary…

Inspired by this moving display of respect for choice, a similar gathering occurred on Monday in Toronto…

The heroism of our front line workers seems to know no bounds.

Not only did they do their job through over a year of C-19, with no vaccine and no idea how dangerous the disease was, but now they’re putting their jobs on the line to stand for our freedom, as well as their freedom, to choose.

There are organizations you can read about, hear from, and join…

Free to Fly (our frontline workers in the air)

You may be surprised to learn about these groups and the values that they share.

I recommend checking them out to see for yourself what the media is failing to report.

In a not surprising coincidence, my favourite Canadian writer on this subject, Julius Ruechel, just put out an article on this very topic.

For those of you who want more details, including info on a rally in Niagara Falls later today, I highly recommend you check it out HERE.

For those outside of Canada, here are just a couple of other starter points…

Police For Freedom (in Canada as well)

So today’s common sense question is:

Why are these first responders, who’ve dealt with Covid patients and experienced the impact of the coronacrisis first hand, risking their jobs to fight for our freedom to choose whether or not to get the jab?

Talk amongst yourselves.

P.s. For great ideas on how to be 5% more free with your own health, listen to this week’s episode of the How To Be Free podcast, where we interview effervescent naturopath, Dr. Afsoun Khalili.

P.p.s. Join your local front line workers and fellow freedom lovers at World Wide Freedom Rally 4.0 this Saturday, September 18th.


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Sep 19, 2021

The push back gives us hope. Canada is on a dark path. We need to counter the totslitatian madness.

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Sep 19, 2021
Replying to

Linda, yes! The Freedom Rallies are a great source of hope. Nurses, doctors, scientists speaking out. As Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galetti said yesterday, the government's attempt to divide us has created the greatest alliance of people across political and religious lines, race, gender, and other false divisions.

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