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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

“Our problem is that we put more faith in the power of our problems to destroy us, than we put faith in the power of love to heal us.”

Marianne Williamson

Today is my birthday.

And on this day, when I am contemplating what's next, struggling with the state of my country and the world, and searching for my place in all of it, I ask that you indulge me for a couple of extra minutes, dear reader.

I want you to know why I write this blog -- when I don't get paid, don't have thousands of followers, and often don't know if it makes any difference.

It is almost a cliche today to quote Gandhi's direction to "be the change you wish to see in the world."

But it's the only way I know to empower my own experience of what I see and how I relate to the world.

I post what I write because I need to share information and perspectives that I feel we all deserve to access.

I unknowingly started down this path several years ago when I began to take charge of my own health issues after finding no solutions in the traditional allopathic approach.

That is not to say that I don't value trauma-focused Western medicine — it has a great place.

But I had deeply rooted energy and pain issues that I needed to resolve using a more holistic approach.

It's taken years, but I am hugely improved from those days when I couldn't get out of bed for weeks at a time.

As I learned about cutting-edge health science, I shared what I was finding with friends.

As I continued to follow those resources while the coronacrisis arose, I was alarmed by the growing disparity between information I was accessing and what the mainstream media was reporting.

I was shocked at the censorship of renowned doctors, scientists, and online resources.

I felt it my duty to share publicly.

I started my career in the media and saw the way stories were chosen and presented.

I am not a journalist, but I was a lifestyle television story producer.

I have made arbitrary decisions about what to cover and what not to cover.

I have worked among journalists and they are as human and subjective as any of us.

These days, I think it may be healthier to disclose our bias, rather than pretend we don't have one.

So I’m sharing my “agenda."

My purpose is to share as much credible scientific data and opinion as I am able to discover and reasonably understand from the scientists and sources that I have come to trust.

My purpose is to face the most negative aspects of our crisis with the most positive principles, to buoy myself and hopefully others from drowning in despair.

My purpose is to encourage those who are willing to stand for truth, justice, freedom and all the foundational aspects of joyful living that we have perhaps taken for granted.

I cannot convince anyone of anything, but I welcome those who are ready and willing to question authority and scientific censorship, and join the millions of people sacrificing everything for open access and debate around health and safety.

I do this without sharing the most horrific and dehumanizing language, images, and actions being perpetrated in the name of “health” that only serve to fan the flames of anger and hatred, victimization and hopelessness.

I do this because it is the only way I can clear my head and make sense of the world.

I do this for me, for you, for all my communities.

And I cannot do it alone.

None of us can.

And that is the great opportunity in this crisis.

We can build a beloved community based on values we cherish, rather than fears that control us.

As one example, there is now an inspiring Facebook group called Ontario Businesses Against Health Pass that already has 136000 members.

There is so much we can do to support each other, with or without the government.

Today, I am asking you to watch and share this most important and moving short video.

I will be watching this frequently over the coming months...

[December 5th update: This video was censored by YouTube so I am reposting a link from BitChute HERE. 👇 One has to wonder why YouTube is more censorious than British TV network GB News.]

“The autumn and the winter ahead will be what we choose to make them. It will be a test of who we are as people.”

I stand with Neil Oliver.

“The cure to all our ills is togetherness. Inclusion and not exclusion.”

We have all felt a sense of isolation, loneliness, or even helplessness.

But we are not alone.

We can change our society for the better.

“We are many. We are enough. We are more than enough.”

P.s. If there's something you'd like to see here that would support you, please let me know.

In the meantime, if you're looking for even more ways to expand your freedom, check out this week's How To Be Free podcast episode with purveyor of possibility...and real estate, Andrew Reid.

Because home is where freedom finds room to grow.


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