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Blog Bite - Pro Context

The more I dig into science, the less I see that I know.

As those of you who've done the same, you know that the pie of knowledge keeps getting bigger and deeper.

We can't keep up, and knowing this allows us to accept and acknowledge our limitations.

Humility is freeing!

So how do we disseminate the complex issues around our coronacrisis when authorities and scientists appear to be divided?

We need to develop our capacity to step back and look at The Big Picture.

To acknowledge a context that we can all understand and agree upon.

This is critical to all important decisions, because if you can't see the context, the meaning of the content is lost.

While we rearrange deck chairs, the real problem of our sinking society is being all but ignored.

The goal of 100% vaccination, and vaccine passports to encourage 100% vaccination, is based on the premise that we can eradicate Sars-CoV-2.

Spoiler alert: We can't.

We need to educate ourselves.

Julius Ruechel is a Canadian treasure who has the gift of both understanding the way things work and conveying the technical minutae.

In his most recent essay, Julius explains why the "noble goal" of eradicating C-19 is not a physical possibility...

(Click 👇 for the whole juicy article)

In giving us a detailed description of the science of how a virus spreads, what causes spreading, what can be stopped and what can't, he builds the foundation upon which we can form reasoned opinions and reasonable actions.

Today's common sense question:

Does segregating people who can transmit the virus from people who can also transmit the virus to stop an unstoppable virus make sense?

(This one may be rhetorical.)


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