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Blog Bite - Pro Debate

Moods are like passing clouds.

I woke under a grey sky that seemed to go on forever.

The kind of sky that has you forget that the life-giving sun is not gone but is in fact still exactly where you left it -- just hidden from view on the other side of a temporary blanket of gloom.

I let the clouds be and followed my curiosity on my regular morning online jaunt.

The blanket lifted (as it is wont to do when I let it be), as quickly as a magician's flick of the cape revealing his conjured object.

I knew I wanted to create life-giving posts, even while storm clouds are brewing and people are hunkering down for a threatening season.

I knew that my commitment was to stand for things, not against them.

And I knew that I needed to do this without a massive investment of time and energy (for either myself or for you).


The Blog Bite.

A short snack of food for thought to satisfy our hunger for openness and inclusion, freedom of information and choice, creativity and compassion, and yes, even love.

Today's bite is about the glorious scientific principle of open debate.

Watch this short video as Russell Brand discusses an open letter to the British Prime Minister, signed by over 100 doctors and health professionals, encouraging healthy debate!

Like all food, it's better shared.

Pass the mustard, please...


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