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Blog Bite -- Pro Emergence

I just got some relief.

With the degeneration of Australia into a police state and the implementation of vaccine papers creating a 2-tiered society where I live (and maybe where you live) it’s been more than a little challenging to find the “all is well” state of spiritual equilibrium in which I try to locate myself and access wisdom and peace.

It’s no secret that I am up and down with all this coronacrisis reading and writing.

I’m empowered, then deflated.

I’m hopeful, then crestfallen.

I’m peaceful, then enraged.

Despite my certainty about the complete and utter failure of the C-19 response, there are many parts of this massive mishandling that I am still exploring.

While the government has attempted to divert, divide and conquer along the lines of vaxxed or unvaxxed, the real quandary for me has been this:

Conspiracy or incompetence?

Theories abound, but “proof” is often a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Is Big Pharma capitalizing on the push for their “vaccine” product?

Hell, yes.

But haven’t they always?

I mean, making money by lying about safety, cheating on studies, and paying off the penalties is part of the long and checkered past of Pharma.

Are governments falling over themselves to misdirect attention from their malfeasance, misuse of money, and other mistakes?

Well, duh.

Haven’t they always squandered resources and twisted policies in an effort to save face and spin opinion?

If you're looking for it, evidence of conspiracy and incompetence are easy to find.

But in this wonderfully freeing article by psychiatrist Dr. Hugh Willbourn, I see that there is a third option — emergent behaviour...

As Dr. Willbourn so creatively compares, our coronacrisis response has been like a murmuration of starlings.

They don’t plan to fly together and they don’t accidentally form their ethereal emanations.

Rather, the patterns emerge.

I don’t know why this gave me freedom, because our current flight patterns, regardless of where they came from, are dangerous.

I think it’s because I don’t have to consider an evil overlord, or accept that people are just bumbling idiots.

We are social animals who rise and fall together.

It affirms what I already know to be true on a spiritual level.

We are all part of the collective consciousness.

And as such, we can and do each impact the whole.

There is no all-powerful person (or persons) who can wreak havoc without our say so.

Conversely, we cannot wait for someone to rescue us.

This is good news.

We, each of us individual starlings, can begin to shift the patterns of our behaviour until another, far more ennobling and empowering pattern emerges.

One murmur at a time.


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