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Blog Bite - Pro Evolution

A friend sent me an email saying that people he knew wanted the unvaccinated to die.

Such is the destitution of understanding, rationality, and humanity in this climate of fear.

Wonderfully and frustratingly, he has challenged me with building bridges between the so-called “sides” of our coronacrisis.

But I believe these sides are a false dichotomy, perpetuated by those who want to divide and conquer.

We all want health and freedom and peace in our lives.

The real division is between those who will choose love or those who will succumb to hate.

We are all capable of both, and only awareness will make the difference.

No argument or reason can convince people away from fear-based opinions and beliefs.

But I believe that truth will out.

And when the time comes, we will hold authorities to account — for misinformation, mishandling, and fomenting mistrust and hatred.

Until then and afterwards, we must encourage compassion for all our brothers and sisters victimized by unsound and unhealthy policies.

Regular readers know that I’m a big fan of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He taught that love, the toughest, most robust energy in the universe (ask any mother), is the way through.

He led by example.

His is my agenda.

Love and justice.

I may fail, but I will fail in the direction of evolution — the next stage of humanity’s awakening.

Marianne Williamson makes the case for this mindset in this (r)evolutionary article ending with this meditation…

“Today I begin a new path forward,

by which I will try to make my life

a reflection of what the world could be.”

For another mindset meditation to take you into a rejuvenating weekend, take a listen to this week’s episode of How To Be Free.

We interview actor and author, Alan Catlin (yes, my husband), about how to live with a vacation mindset.

Find out how to have 5% more freedom in a week's time by listening HERE.

Dos cervesas, por favor.


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