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Blog Bite - Pro Facts

"Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts."
Sergeant Joe Friday, Dragnet

I've fed you a lot of information to chew on these past couple of weeks, dear reader.

And much of it has been distasteful, perhaps even difficult to swallow.

So I'm ending the week with 2 simple snack facts.

From the CDC's COVID-19 Tracker page, comes this current fact:

50% of the U.S. Population Live in Counties with the Highest Vax Rates AND the Highest Case Rates

Read this Rational Ground article if you want a quick walk-through on how to use the tracker.

And then factcheck this.

Did we get what they promised? 👇

Once you've digested that smorgasbord of headlines and soundbites (I knew I could pun one more), join us for this week's episode of the How To Be Free podcast, where we'll give you nutritious food for thought and a taste of mindful ease with our gestalt therapist guest, Ginette Mohr.

Bon Appetite.

P.s. A Friday morning addendum too relevant to pass up...

The proportion of hospitalizations, and fatalities experienced by Manitoba's First Nations people "remains higher after vaccination."


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