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You think Halloween is spooky?

Try censorship.

What are we to do when giants of the scientific world are being discredited, de-platformed, and dismissed?

I haven’t got a comprehensive list because, honestly, it’s just too long to put together.

You can scan through past blogs for the numerous videos I’ve had to replace once they were removed from YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

(I’m not excluding Facebook from these offences, I just don’t use it.)

When even journalists like the award-winning Mary Beth Pfeiffer and former New York Times writer Alex Berenson are, respectively, temporarily and permanently banned from Twitter for questioning the mainstream narrative, you have to find alternatives.

Just this week, Novara Media, “among the top 50 most watched news and politics channels in the UK,” had their whole YouTube channel deleted without warning.

It's difficult to find mainstream sources of real and relevant C-19 information these days, but, thankfully, many alternative media websites have sprung up.

I used to judge news based as much on the presenter and the presentation as on the content.

A habit I inherited from the days of innocence, when I thought the big broadcasters were reasonably unbiased, or at least not blinded.

But I’ve had to let go of my personal opinions and search for truth wherever I might find it.

That sometimes means that the presenter or writer may have differing political opinions or attitudes or even production styles than I personally would choose.

About an indy online news video I shared, someone on Twitter asked…

“I have a simple question. I noticed most of the anti-vaccine videos are low resolution, why?”

I replied…

“Why is any reporting of adverse effects labelled “anti-vaccine?” When I worked in television that was called good journalism. The videos people share about adverse effects often have to be recorded from non-mainstream sources, where citizen journalists are picking up the slack.”

First, we have to notice the framing of the question.

The mainstream media has bought and sold us the term “anti-vaxxer,” a pejorative that they’ve associated with the ignorant, stupid, and just plain stubborn.

(As it happens, people with PhDs are actually most hesitant about this particular shot.)

But these days, we have to get facts where we can find them.

That’s what Project Veritas has been collecting.

Check out the following 2 videos of their undercover journalists getting an inside scoop from Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer’s own scientists...

Even private citizens are going undercover, recording insider information...

Veritas is now taking submissions from the public.

It is the people who can and must make the difference in exposing the truth about C-19 and all its components.

Again just this week, social media users harnessed their collective power to create a musical and political sensation.

If you haven’t heard, sports fans have been chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” at events around the US.

At an interview with NASCAR champion Brandon Brown, this common chant was cleaned up by the interviewer, stating that what they were actually saying was, “Let’s go Brandon.”

Two different songs about the now ubiquitous replacement chant hit the top 2 spots on the iTunes chart, even beating out Adele.

YouTube has banned the songs.

Spooky times, dear reader, spooky times.

But let’s end the week on a different kind of scary, as the How To Be Free podcast interviews a

paranormal investigator!

Start your Halloween weekend with this fascinating and surprising inquiry with paranormal TV host, Heather Taddy.


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