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Blog Bite - Pro Treatment

There are some things that are so absurd as to be laughable.

Truth be told, it’s laugh or cry.

Ivermectin, a drug that is considered possibly the safest drug ever created, winner of the Nobel Prize, listed as a WHO “essential drug” that has treated billions of people for parasites around the world, is now being called a “horse dewormer” in the media.

I mean, really?

It’s true that the drug also has wonderful effectiveness with animals, but it was invented for and is used safely and effectively by people.

And yet articles are appearing all over the media making Ivermectin out to be simply an animal drug that only crazy traitors and anti-vaxxers would use.

This despite 44 peer-reveiwed Ivermectin studies for repurposed use as an early and effective outpatient treatment for Covid-19.

If you haven’t heard, world famous podcast host, Joe Rogan, got Covid a couple of weeks ago.

He was given a cocktail of drugs by his doctor, including Ivermectin.

He was cured in 3 days.

No prolonged illness, no hospitalization.

And did the media celebrate?

No. He was raked over the coals.

(I won’t share the worst of it here.)

Health authorities ignored the now common Ivermectin victory.

His podcast was even banned in Australia.

But Rogan has a sense of humour.

That said, when even the supposedly reliable media make false claims, there has to be a line.

Today’s common sense question is this:

If this coronacrisis is about health, why are we mocking, censoring, banning, and denying a drug that is proving to work and prevent hospitalization?

There’s something off when the only treatment supported by the government and health authorities is not keeping people out of the hospital, but a safe and effective outpatient treatment is being denied...


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