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The tide is turning.

This is a bittersweet turn.

The downside is that warnings about a rushed vaccine are coming true.

The upside is that the information is slowly starting to get out to the public.

Millions of people took a chance on the covid shots, still in clinical trials until 2023.

We were told that it would stop the transmission of C-19, and that it was our only hope.

The unfortunate truth is that this virus, with its 99.5% survival rate — even without early treatment options that substantially mitigate the symptoms and need for hospitalization, and that continue to be denied in Canada and many other countries — is not stopped by the C-19 injections.

Citing a new Israeli study, Harvard Professor and Epidemiologist, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, posted…

“In Israel, vaccinated individuals had 27 times higher risk of symptomatic COVID infection compared to those with natural immunity from prior COVID disease….”

This is not an anomaly.

It's just the beginning...

Vaccine injuries have stopped the usage of the Moderna shot in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and now Iceland.

And of course there are the growing number of reports and articles on adverse effects in young people.

None of this will come as any surprise to anyone watching the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which has recorded more adverse effects from the C-19 injections than from all other vaccines combined over the the past 30+ years.

With no stake in vaccine effectiveness one way or the other, here’s the inimitable Ivor Cummins with a short data analysis video from back in June…

“With debatable net benefit, but enormous real cost: Shouldn’t we all be openly discussing this data?”

And just last month, this undercover video from a federal whistleblower exploded in the Twittersphere...

Most of the people under 60 that I know got the shot to regain their freedoms.

They didn’t get it for their health.

They wanted to travel, eat out, and, you know, keep their jobs.

What does it say about a medical treatment that requires coercion?

If it’s needed and it works, people will gladly take it.

And if it doesn’t, or if it doesn’t work as well as intended, isn’t it time to pause the program?


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