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Canada’s Unprecedented Inquiry 3 — Love & Courage

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

“They fear love because it creates a world they can’t control.”

George Orwell, 1984

We are living in a dystopian state of emergency.

There is no way to couch it anymore.

There is no way to deny it, for those who are willing to look — and yet many still aren’t.

I can only speculate as to why some people are not seeing it, or are hanging on to some inaccurate view or opinion of the world that served them until now but no longer aligns with the facts.

Cognitive dissonance is a powerful protective mechanism in humans.

I’ve been observing it in myself as my mind tries to process the horrors of misdeeds and malfeasance perpetrated by institutions and ordinary people.

I have moments when I want to sob (and sometimes do) and then moments when I find my mind trying to normalize what would have been unthinkable just 3 short years ago in order to carry on with ordinary everyday living.

I see the evidence of inhumanity that we have collectively displayed, but I also see what NCI witness and former police officer Rick Abbott described as a sprinkling of courage across the nation.

And that gives me hope.

More than hope.

It fuels me.

Our institutions are corrupt and our collective moral compass is in danger of disappearing under a deluge of disinformation intended to keep us in a state of fear.

But I am listening to and speaking with remarkable people in this brand new exercise in democracy called the National Citizens Inquiry.

They live across Canada and come from across the political spectrum, but the commonality is clear.

Love and courage — and the integrity to live consistent with both.

And this is what it will take to recreate our relationships, our communities, our country and our democratic culture.

In last week’s third set of NCI hearings, this time in Winnipeg, Manitoba, both were on display in abundance.

I encourage you to watch all the testimony at all the hearings, but here are some highlights from the longitudinal centre of Canada.

Testimonies of love…

Of children

  • Pierre Attalah’s son experienced scarring on his vocal cords and bleeding behind his ears due to masks, yet he was refused an exemption and forced to thank the teacher for wearing it — while Pierre was banned from school property. [Day 1 @ 8:40:10- Winnipeg]

  • Todd McDougall’s autistic charge in the childcare centre where he worked began regressing into violence because he couldn’t see the expressions of the staff wearing masks — yet they put policy before the child’s needs. [Day 3 @ 9:08:37- Winnipeg]

Of family

  • Brandon Pringle warned his adult children about the potential dangers of the injection, but was forced to keep quiet to keep the peace in his family. Both his daughter and daughter-in-law got the shot and both had miscarriages. [Day 3 @ 3:33:00 - Winnipeg]

  • Michelle Kucher advocated for her 95-year-old social butterfly mother, but her concern about her mother’s suffering due to lockdowns was dismissed and her mother succumbed to loneliness and died. [Day 2 @ 7:42:10 - Winnipeg]

“We did everything right….The government she obeyed so obediently failed her.”

Michelle Kucher

Of community

  • Mike Vogiatzakis is a funeral director who defied mandates and the threat of ~$50K in fines to allow a family to grieve a young child together. He tells many stories of heartbreaking loss.

  • Don Woodstock tripled his security business but felt compelled to testify about the fear the government and media instilled that caused his clients to attempt to protect themselves in more and more irrational ways. [Day 2 @ 9:06:00 - Winnipeg]

“The government did a fantastic job of getting us to hate our neighbours.”

Don Woodstock

Of humanity

  • Dr. Jessica Rose gave expert testimony, stating, “I don’t think the people who have been injured have a voice. Their voice has been taken away from them. I want to be their voice.” She spoke about:

    • The intentional loss of the placebo group in the Pfizer trials

    • The VAERS database created as a pharmacovigilance tool in exchange for removal of pharma liability

    • Autopsies showing the injection is “shredding people from the inside”

    • The censorship of her paper with Dr. Peter McCullough showing “myocarditis in young people is dose-2 related” — just before the shot was approved for children.

“What is the cutoff for the number of people who are allowed to die or be disabled?”

Dr. Jessica Rose

  • Dr. Natalie Björklund-Gordon gave expert testimony, stating that the result of 70% of the Canadian population getting the injection with its impact on ovaries and testicles could, “make China’s 1-child policy look like a picnic.” She also spoke about:

    • The violation of multiple ethical standards in the rollout of the injection

    • The targeting of indigenous peoples

    • Numerous recommendations for changes in pandemic policies

    • Many personal impacts including the “vaccine” injuries sustained by 5 of the 6 of her family members who took the jab

“It’s a crime against humanity and should be treated as such.”

Dr. Natalie Björklund-Gordon

  • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya gave expert testimony, condemning the lack of risk assessment and the focus on one disease only as “a public health policy malpractice.” He also spoke about:

    • Universal vaccination for kids not being “aligned with evidence-based medicine.”

    • The fact that, contrary to the narrative that children were superspreaders, they actually “serve more of a protective role than a threat.”

    • The Great Barrington Declaration’s vindication, as proven through the recent conclusion that Sweden had among the lowest C-19 mortality by following the principle of focused protection rather than mandates that restricted everyone.

“I think there was a mass violation of informed consent.”

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

Of democracy and the rule of law

  • David Leis gave passionate testimony as a policy expert and experienced elected representative, stating that, “if the ends justify the means and science doesn’t matter” we’ve lost it all. He spoke about:

    • The media placing us “in an emotional psychological quadrant.”

    • How “outrageous and immoral” it was that we did not follow established pandemic protocols.

    • How, as elected leaders, you never communicate with fear, you communicate with confidence about how we will face our challenges.

    • How Bill C-11 is “positioning the chess piece for censorship.”

    • How we must all “take heart and courage.”

“To lockdown a society is outrageous. The cost is profound.”

David Leis

  • Rick Abbott gave expert testimony as a police officer and head of a tactical unit on how the Edmonton Police policies moved from health to bullying. He spoke about:

    • Unvaxxed officers being forced to eat in a separate lunch area dubbed “the shame room.”

    • An officer being fired for refusing to disclose his vax status.

    • Being fired himself for attending a lawful anti-mandate demonstration on his day off, in order to see for himself what was happening.

    • The culling of ethical officers and the dangers of what lies ahead as people lose confidence in our institutions.

“This behaviour will not bode well for the future of police services.”

Rick Abbott

Testimonies of courage…

In the face of the loss of health and safety

  • Deanna McLeod gave shocking expert testimony on how the Pfizer trials were gamed and how testing was done on the wrong population cohort. She also warned us about:

    • How Health Canada has drastically lowered the bar on public health by not requiring medical products, including the C-19 shot, to be proven safe or effective.

    • How Bill C-97 created a huge loophole for the pharmaceutical industry, prioritizing innovation over safety.

    • How this “backdoor expansion program” could be used to allow AI medical devices with the potential for “biological interface.”

    • How the loophole could also be used to impact our food supply.

“If I wanted to design a trial study to hide the bodies this is exactly what I’d do.”

Deanna McLeod

  • Charles Hooper is a pharma consultant who worked with Merck when they launched Ivermectin. He gave expert testimony about the drug’s proven safety record and the campaign to discredit this effective early treatment for C-19. He walked us through:

    • The FDA disinformation campaign around the repurposing of this Nobel prizewinning drug on the WHO’s most Essential Medicines list.

    • The cumulative trial results showing that Ivermectin would have cut C-19 deaths in half.

    • How the pharmaceutical industry could be regulated to prevent this loss of life from happening again.

“There was no reason…not to be using Ivermectin.”

Charles Hooper

In the face of the loss of employment and education

  • Devon Sexstone bravely shared his demoralization due to being fired from both his job and his 20-year career in the army reserve because of his choice not to be coerced into the jab. With a wife and 4 children at home, no income and no EI, he “felt like an abject failure as a man.” [Day 3 - Winnipeg @ 2:33:38]

  • Cassandra Schroeder stood up for her bodily autonomy by gathering evidence of her naturally acquired immunity and demonstrating why she didn’t need the injection to attend university classes mandating the shot. After seeing her evidence, Cassandra’s MD agreed she should be exempt but wouldn’t risk her licence to write one for her. [Day 3 - Winnipeg @ 1:41:01]

In the face of the loss of friends and family

  • Martha Voth was shaking as she told the harrowing story of how her husband was ventilated against her will and eventually died of an infection that he caught in the ICU. [Day 2 @ 6:26:30 - Winnipeg]

  • Sharon Vickner is still traumatized by her arrest for protesting about mandates and her subsequent conditional release that disallowed her from making contact with any friends or family for nearly a year. [Day 1 @ 8:11:41 - Winnipeg]

“Holiness does not come from being removed from the world but from engaging it.”

Sharon Vickner, quoting her spiritual guide

In the face of the loss of Charter rights

  • Ivan Holloway began protesting mandates to protect his children, recalled the “surreal environment” of having to meet in car parks and other clandestine locations without a cellphone. “Is this really happening in this country??” [Day 3 @ 5:49:11- Winnipeg]

  • Tobias Tissen is a preacher whose community was prevented from holding services —outdoors in cars. He was eventually hunted down and arrested for fulfilling his calling and his community’s needs. “We’re not being rebellious for the sake of being rebellious.” [Day 1 @ 8:57:25 - Winnipeg]

  • Michael Welch is an experienced journalist whose award-winning radio show was dropped because he did what he always did — he asked questions. [Day 1 @ 9:16:30 - Winnipeg]

“As soon as you step out of line on Covid…you’re not credible.”

Michael Welch

In the face of the loss of life and liberty

  • Vivian Santos is a city councillor who was so traumatized by the Winnipeg city council’s attempt to force vaccinate her that she didn’t feel brave enough to testify. But after watching others step forward and speak their truth, she sat down with me for a 1on1 interview to share her story publicly.

  • Leigh Vossen is one of the most courageous witnesses we’ve heard from. As founder of Students Against Mandates, she gave a voice to hundreds of students and professors alike who found themselves suffering through the mandates but unable or unwilling to speak up. For her stand for freedom of choice, she lost her friends and endured death threats from strangers.

“You are here to decide who you are going to be.”

Shawn Buckley, NCI lead council

As we move onward west, with our next stop in Alberta, we must also move upward and outward.

We must rise from the ashes of so much destruction and find our inner strength and courage to demonstrate what these witnesses have been demonstrating.

It has become commonplace to quote Gandhi and say, “We must be the change,” but it is uncommon to see it actually put into practice.

The witnesses, NCI volunteers, and everyone watching and sharing this remarkable testimony are doing just that.

They are risking sanction, censorship, and being cancelling in a culture where the majority of the population is still not speaking out.

But the time for playing safe is over.

We need all hands on deck to get the truth out.

We need everyone spreading the word around the world about this exciting new phenomenon.

Canadians awakened the world through a convoy.

We can awaken truth and justice by igniting courage and love in citizens around the world.

We can be the spark that lights the flame of real democracy, real responsibility, and real accountability.

We can be the fuel.


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Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Apr 28, 2023

Since the enemy chose to grind us and pluck one wing and leg at a time like we were houseflies... it is not in our best interests to expect immediate results.

What we are doing here is creating a catalog of reference points to argue against the society and economy that the once-mighty Europe is starting to see. The seed for the new tree of life is being planted. We are in the process of determining how to set up the new garden.

It is said that if you want to train a warrior you have to train his grandfather. Similarly, Sockboy is using his present time to build the next class of socialist (his own kids). A close frie…

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Sep 11, 2023
Replying to

"...creating a catalog of reference points." Yes. We are recording history in real time.

"The seed for the new tree of life is being planted." Beautiful and poignant.

"It is said that if you want to train a warrior you have to train his grandfather." Wise and profound.

Thank you for sharing these insights, Robert. 🙏💙


Apr 25, 2023

Bless you Michelle, for seizing the opportunity to be the Spokesperson for NCI! Not only is NCI giving courageous souls an opportunity to share their Truth... You are resounding their cries for help to wake up and free all mankind! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of reflecting their Truth! 💖🌞 😇

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
May 30, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am just getting through them now. As I think about writing my last NCI hearings summary, these comments give me fuel. 🙏💙


Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Apr 24, 2023

You make so many great points. Thank you for taking the time. 🙏💙


Apr 21, 2023

Very beautiful. Highlighting love and courage is essential to help people to get past fear and abuse they suffered the past 3 years at the hands of the government and media and open their hearts to the harms done especially from these experimental shots both from getting them and being harmed or loved ones killed or the harms done for refusal to take them. I applaud this inquiry focusing on love compassion and humanity that is sadly lacking in society but professed by so many to possess. Fake humanity. Covid helped to expose it and bring it to the surface. Elites with doctors and politicians maskless at parties even when mandates in effect with the odacity to scream at citizens…

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
May 30, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for taking the time to make so many relevant and important points. The hypocrisy and harm of the masks. YES. Remembering the dark past of vaccines. YES. The lack of science and the use of politics to justify the unjustifiable. YES. We have to use love and compassion because they don't have any. 🙏💙

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