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Canada’s Unprecedented Inquiry 6 — The End of Pretending

"If it’s not the vaccine [causing an unprecedented rise in death and disability], what is it and why aren’t we talking about it?”

Edward Dowd

Driving around British Columbia is eerie these days.

It’s so beautiful on the outside and yet so sinister on the inside.

This dichotomy may explain why the community of people who gathered to put on, support, and testify at the 6th round of hearings of the National Citizens Inquiry was so strong.

With the recent passing of Bill 36 in this land of splendour, there’s a lot at stake.

At a time when we know the experimental injection does not stop transmission or hospitalization or death, the jab has been mandated for anyone working in healthcare.

In fact, what we know is worse than that.

The vaccine is what Dr. Charles Hoffe calls “an anti-vaccine.”

It increases your chance of getting Covid and spreading Covid, as well as hospitalization and death.

In his breathtaking testimony, the dedicated family practitioner and ER doctor explained how people who had natural immunity and got the shot have had their immunity ruined.

This was supported by Deanna McLeod’s clinical trial analysis, which showed the shot actually induced Covid symptoms in 60% of people in the Pfizer trial. 👇

And then was reiterated by Dr. Steven Pelech, a biochemist who has worked in immunology, vaccinology and virology, who called each injection, “a recipe for autoimmune disease.” 👇

Which may explain why all cause mortality and disability are up.

Way up.

Catastrophically up.

Internationally renowned financial expert, Edward Dowd, gave testimony to this.

Mr. Dowd was asked by Dr. Robert Malone to investigate excess mortality and disabilities recorded by the US insurance industry.

What resulted was his book, Cause Unknown — The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths.

What Mr. Dowd discovered was a black swan event.

An unprecedented increase in death and disability in the healthy working population of Americans between 18-65.

An increased mortality rate of 40% — and a whopping 84% increase for millennials.

The question for Canadians is why don’t we have access to our death and disability numbers?

Why isn’t our government releasing this data?

“If you can’t count the dead, you’re not a first world country.”

As Mr. Dowd admonished, there’s no excuse for Canada to be acting like a third world country.

He went on to share his calculation of the financial cost of excess deaths, disabilities, and injuries in the US due to the injection.

$150 billion.

“This is the greatest financial cover up I’ve seen in my financial career.”

Watch his testimony here 👇

But the vaccine story started long ago.

One of the most moving and eye-opening testimonies we’ve heard to date came from Ted Kuntz, who lost his son to a vaccine injury and is the current President of Vaccine Choice Canada, an organization defending the right to informed consent.

He has carried the truth about vaccines and their dark history for over 4 decades, and represented thousands of parents as he laid out little-known facts about an industry we are just starting to understand.

Did you know that of the 17 different types of vaccines on the childhood schedule, not one has been tested against a placebo?

There are no double blind clinical trials, and adverse events are only documented during a short window after vaccination — anywhere between 48 hours to 4 weeks.

In the case of the polio vaccine, it’s 3 days.

Did you know that vaccines are not tested for any long-term effects, including cancer and infertility?

Knowing that neurological issues take time to manifest, how could the manufacturers possibly claim that there are no side effects if they simply stop looking?

We know that hepatitis B is transmitted sexually or through dirty needles.

Did you know that babies are given a Hep B shot on their first day of life?

And here’s one your family doctor won’t likely know…

Vaccinated children are 4.2 times more likely to have autism than unvaccinated children, 4.2 times more likely to have ADHD, and 30 times more likely to have asthma.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this fascinating subject, you really must watch Mr. Kuntz’s full testimony here.👇

But I want to get back to the great Dr. Hoffe.

Because his testimony isn’t just about the pretence of a “vaccine.”

It isn’t just about the D-dimer tests he did on his patients who chose the gene therapy product, showing the irrefutable increase in micro blood clots after the shot.

Though both of these points are critically important.

His testimony is also about a dying breed — a good country doctor.

A doctor who went above and beyond the call of duty to serve the people in his community.

A doctor who, after 31 years of selfless service, advised a vax-injured patient with naturally acquired immunity not to get a 2nd shot…and was subsequently fired.

“I think this entire pandemic has been a moral integrity test….Some people will do whatever they’re told no matter what. Some people will do the right thing no matter what.”

If you want to understand the calibre of people Canada is losing and the corruption of the medical establishment, you need only watch Dr. Charles Hoffe testify. 👇

Of course, this is not the only must-see testimony, but I’ll let you decide where and how you want to prioritize.

If you want to go back to the beginning and understand the disastrous modelling we followed, you’ll want to watch the testimony of Douglas Allen, an economist with 41 years of experience and an expert in mathematical models.

Even the most ardent lockdown supporters can no longer pretend that the models used to justify lockdowns and other disastrous mandates were anything other than wildly inaccurate.

How were these modelling predictions made, such that they were off by a factor of nearly 15?

Watch Mr. Allen’s fascinating lesson on how Neil Ferguson got the models so wrong. 👇

Perhaps the most horrifying testimony we’ve heard came from neurological researcher, Dr. Chris Shaw.

We know the injection causes the body to make spike proteins — and each booster gives you one trillion more spike proteins.

And as Dr. Shaw shared, lipid nanoparticles are designed to cross any cell barrier, including the blood/brain barrier.

What keeps him up at night is the unthinkable but real possibility that every Canadian who took the injection has the potential to develop neurological issues.

He pointed out that we are already seeing a trend in accidents increasing, people not showing up at work, a rise in brain fog.

If what we were told is true and 80% of Canadians have been injected, we could have, “a societal disaster of terrifying dimensions.”

Watch his full testimony here. 👇

Perhaps the most sobering testimony came from Dr. Greg Passey, a physician with 42 years experience, 22 of which were spent in the armed forces.

Among the many things Dr. Passey talked about was the dangerous language used by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We’ve all heard the chilling words he uttered on a Quebec talk show nearly 2 years ago, when the PM said the unvaccinated “take up space” and asked if we should be tolerated.

He compared Trudeau’s language to that of Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and Adolph Hitler.

“You all should be afraid in this country."

But the biggest revelation in his testimony came from British Columbia’s Chief Medical Officer herself.

Dr. Passey read a passage from Dr. Bonnie Henry’s own book, where she admitted that her health mandates were not based on science, as we were led to believe, but based on following the government’s instructions.

Dr. Passey was also Dr. Henry’s superior officer in the armed forces, and testified that she would have known about the uselessness of masks and the importance of fresh air and sunshine in reducing respiratory virus mortality.

Just like in Alberta, we heard evidence that a Chief Medical Officer was not following science, but was in fact just following orders.

It seems the only science we’ve been following in Canada is political science.

We need to stop pretending that our government’s priority is our health.

“We are the only thing that stands between truth and complete disaster.”

Watch Dr. Greg Passey’s testimony here. 👇

There were, as always, tragic testimonies of harms done — by the injections, by lockdowns, and by other mandates that saw people lose their jobs, their financial security, and even their family.

Zoran Boskovic’s choice to not get the shot led to a loss in his pension that will cost him $900 per month for the rest of his life.

Caroline Hennig’s father had just won a hard-fought battle with cancer when lockdowns were implemented. He lost his will to live and ended up calling MAID, Canada’s assisted suicide service.

Kristen Ditzel’s anaphylactic reaction right after her injection, at the “vaccine” centre where she got the shot, led to convulsions strong enough to dislocate her bones — and yet her physician refused to link her damaged health to the “vaccine.”

Shawn Muldoon’s adverse reaction to his first shot was so severe that he was rushed into emergency surgery where they had to remove 6 feet of his small intestine. Though he will have to be on blood thinners for the rest of his life, he was declined an exemption for the 2nd shot.

James Jones recounted the discovery of a 40-page report his wife had compiled about the bullying and coercion she experienced at work because of her hesitancy to take the experimental injection — a report he didn’t even know about until after the stress of her experience led to her suicide.

There’s more.

There’s always more.

We need to stop pretending that these are rare cases.

What the deluge of applications to apply to testify are showing us is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We need to face the fact that internationally recognized human rights were violated, as was pointed out in the testimony of retired human rights lawyer, Gail Davidson.👇

The non-derogable rights to informed consent, freedom from coercion, and freedom from experimentation.

As she said, “It was as if overnight, democracy collapsed.”

We also need to stop pretending that someone is coming to save us.

And this is where we are finding hope in the testimonies of the National Citizens Inquiry.

“We’re going to have to work together to take back the law….Judges aren’t revolutionaries. Change always comes from the people.”

Ordinary people are stepping up, taking action, and doing whatever they can to reveal the truth.

Liam Sturgess is a musician who voluntarily put together a book of the 60 citizens’ testimonies given at last year’s Citizens Hearing, an event that was a precursor to the NCI. He shared the power of the “first follower effect” and how we each need to be willing to be the next person to stand up. 👇

Aurora Bisson-Montpetit is a now former registered nurse who spent a year gathering scientific evidence that she presented at a board meeting of the Provincial Health Services Authority. Despite their best efforts to stop her entry and silence her, she persisted in being heard.

(Her testimony elicited cheers and a standing ovation at the BC hearings.) 👇

Lindsay Kenny is a former elected official who used Freedom Of Information requests to ask for proof of the efficacy of masks. What should have been a 30-day process took 20 months and contained evidence of nothing. 👇

So much of the evidence we’re hearing is absence of evidence.

No scientific evidence for lockdowns, masking, or any other made-up mandate.

No evidence of excess deaths, except from the experimental injection.

No evidence of a pandemic, period.

As veteran and former paramedic and ER nurse, Sean Taylor, testified, “I never saw a pandemic.”

“I’ve always defaulted to incompetence, but this has been revelatory.”

His assessment in the aftermath of Covid policies points to the question that may be the hardest to face.

What is it we have witnessed these past 3 years?

Perhaps it’s time to stop pretending that this was just a mistake.


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댓글 43개

Sheila Price
Sheila Price
2023년 5월 14일

I can attest to the detrimental effects of vaccinations in my life as a laboratory technologist at VGHosp....In 1995 I was given a jab at the hospital I worked in and it has been downhill ever since...Total body neuropathy and a myriad of other dilemmas....And this was before the so-called plandemic...I can only wish that my experiences would be beneficial to others but even my extended family looks at me as if I have 2 heads now...2 strokes , 3 TIA's, and a heart attack but I still love them enough to say please no more shots...As far out as they profess me to be - they and others still matter...Do as I say , not as I did speaks…

2023년 5월 24일
답글 상대:

Thanks for your story. City News in Toronto did a story on an injured man who is contemplating MAID as his rooming house was sold and he can't find a new place to live on a disability check of $1200 and his doctor has signed the form for MAID instead of demanding Premier Ford and Trudeau start taking care of injured Canadians. The level of pathetic Canadian doctors is endless. The nazi mentality on display. Cowards everywhere.


2023년 5월 14일

My spouse is a deputy chief firefighter and first responder. What we've seen in the past 3 years is appalling. In a small community, where call outs are normally rare, we've seen an astronomical increase in events — difficulty breathing, heart issues, stroke, confusion and loss of balance, unconsciousness, and death. It's now not uncommon to receive simultaneous call outs, something previously almost unheard of! The first responders here know when a new shot has been released by the sudden rush of call outs... when they know a new shot is scheduled, they prepare for that rush. According to the spouse of one of the local ambulance attendants, we haven't even heard half of the call outs, because mo…

2023년 5월 25일
답글 상대:

Very sad of sudden death of a 53 yr old Toronto EMT. They all had to be vaccinated or they lost their jobs in Toronto. All sudden deaths should be investigated since in LTC even alzheimer patients needed autopsies. When people are dying young suddenly in their sleep it should be investigated or young ones dying while running or engaging in sports or daily activities who collapse and die.

A new universal coronavirus vaccine is supposedly coming so I was wondering why the present pneumonia vaccine wasn't good enough for Wuhan pneumonia as it's universal. Reading tweets of doctors in Canada and they never ask important questions.


2023년 5월 14일

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi warned of damage from these vaccines to the cells lining the blood vessels and this has been confirmed by histopathology. Dr. Theresa Tam and Doug Ford premier of Ontario were tagged on Twitter with Dr. Bhakdi videos so they can't say they didn't know. Dr. Bhakdi is being persecuted by German officials for inciting the masses and that's pretty funny because warnings of dangers is very normal especially when your a good expert who is knowledgeable in the field. Dr Tam is not an expert in the field. She is a pediatrician in infectious diseases. Doug Ford is a premier who sold drugs and had an escort/ prostitute business. So German officials who are attacking Dr Bhakd…

2023년 5월 24일
답글 상대:

Yes he won the court case against him. The German Health Minister gave out misinformation in 2021 and 2022 that these vaccines do not have side effects and he has changed and states they cause severe disability including death. The trial of Dr Bhakdi was intimidation.


2023년 5월 14일

Bruce McGray has collected massive evidence with respect to injuries to pilots and including the US Military. He presented his evidence to the FAA and they ignored him. Theresa Long a whistle-blower from the US military presented evidence as well and their valuable research was covered up. They keep pounding away and hopefully along with Senator Ron Johnson they will be successful in revealing the truth about these covid vaccines. To schools who fired unvaccinated teachers 3 have won sizeable lawsuits already. Seems in Ontario doctors investigated by the CPSO are losing but keep your heads up. The CPSO is caught telling Dr. Jean Marc Benoit that doctors could wrote exemptions to the covid vaccines based on their own judgmen…

2023년 5월 24일
답글 상대:

Free2Fly has commenced class action lawsuits for vaccine mandates.


2023년 5월 14일

Amazing testimony of Shawn Buckley. Can't wait until your next writing Michelle on Shawn's testimony of the interim order and deviance from regular drug approval.

2023년 5월 24일
답글 상대:

Shawn Buckley was totally amazing at the NCI. His compassion and empathy on display and his opening and closing comments were outstanding.

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