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Control & Consent

If you’re here, I’ll assume you’re not Amish.

After my last blog, you may be wondering what you can do to avoid the jab — without having to build barns or wear bonnets.

We “English” need our own community, across borders and beyond mandates.

I’ve got two great resources for you today.

First, we can support science and declare our participation in the control group.👇

It’s free to join, you check in every month like you might in any study, and you can join their Telegram channel for more info and support.

They've also got this form you can download right here 👇

I don't know how it will hold up in court, but it's a starting point.

Second, there’s PANDA: Pandemics, Data & Analytics.

This has been a credible source of information since the start of the coronacrisis.

They have an excellent consent form, full of relevant and vital information, that you can download here 👇

They also have many international documents available to download here 👇

And finally, there’s this Canadian resource…

Health freedom is not a privilege, it is a right.

But it is also a responsibility.

Along with eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, practicing good sleep hygiene, and keeping stress down, we need to understand and exercise our agency.

We cannot be controlled unless we allow ourselves to be.

And we only allow ourselves to be if we give consent.

Yes, there are hard decisions to be made.

Yes, there are consequences.

But there are consequences for whatever we choose.

For me, there is no job and no relationship that comes before my integrity.

I’ve had far less in my life than I have now, and what got me through was being true to myself.

More than that, it made me more grounded, more compassionate, and more trusting of Source.

Some time in the future, when this madness is over, we will look back and have regrets or peace.

I choose peace.


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