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Crimes & Punishment

Updated: Jan 9, 2022



"They don't believe in science." *

Justin Trudeau, September 2021

Who was Canada’s Prime Minister talking about?

The unvaccinated.

It’s not the only divisive and horrifying thing Trudeau has said during the past year of fear mongering, but since this video from a Quebec talk show recorded earlier this year was just posted on social media, the wound is fresh for many... 👇

In this interview, he publicly questions whether the unvaccinated should be “tolerated.”

I never could have imagined that such hostile and segregationist language could be used against a portion of the Canadian population in the 21st century.

It is, at best, ironic at a time when 80% of Canadians are vaccinated and are the vast majority of those getting Covid... 👇

At worst, it is dangerous.

There are deep stirrings of violence brewing in Canada.

I’ve seen it, heard it, read it.

I do not condone or promote violence on any side — in action or in speech.

Those who have been trained to hate and wish the unvaccinated dead are motivated by fear.

We cannot allow ourselves to succumb to this base emotion.

We must do what we have done all along.

We must use evidence, argument, reason.

These are the tools of science, of democracy, of humanity.

And these are the tools being used by lawyers around the world.

As the year draws to a close, I’m buoyed by the many people awakening to the false narrative.

If you need a reminder of the motives, lies, and broken promises, here’s an excellent year-end video review… 👇

I am also buoyed by the many legal cases being prepared and already underway.

Many individual cases are being fought here in Canada, some of which you can find HERE.

Rebel News has funded many cases, and you can support them HERE.

You can specifically donate to The Democracy Fund to fight the unconstitutional vaccine passes HERE.

And last month, the courageous British Columbia physician, Dr. Daniel Nagase, filed reports with the RCMP about his suspicions of criminal behaviour and conflicts of interest within the provincial government of BC and with executives at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC... 👇

Back in July, I posted that, ‘The Indian Bar Association served notice to the WHO Chief Scientist for “spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India…” by ignoring the massive research showing the effectiveness of Ivermectin.’

And now this…

But the biggest case has just been filed this month.

This story, which should have made headlines around the world, can be found in the following publications.

The Desert Review in the US... 👇

The Exposé in the UK... 👇

And The Rio Times in Brazil... 👇

There's no conspiracy to deny here.

You can download the documents and read over the 46-page filing for yourself HERE.

So much of what has been known for the last year has come out into the mainstream.

A year ago, I wouldn't have believed most of this myself...

As we wind down 2021, those who have not yet awakened to the reality of the corruption and complete public health failure of this now endemic coronavirus need to reflect upon the evidence.

More lawsuits will come.

There are other suits that I haven't even explored yet, though a deeper dig also brought me to this incredible compilation of legal cases and evidence of C-19 crimes against humanity… 👇

From this site, you can even join a Canadian class action suit if you have been in any way harmed by mandates.

Holding those who are culpable to account for the damages and deaths caused by divisive and anti-scientific mandates is how we will win.

This is how those who have been misguided and lied to will win.

This is how humanity will win.

And as the great Dr. Kulvinder Kaur posted on Twitter this week…

“All are welcome on Team Humanity 💛 We have kept the porch lights on for you for nearly two years. Join us!”

May the new year bless humanity.


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* The opening quote was edited January 9th. It was the commentator that called the unvaccinated "extremists." That part of the quote was removed.

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