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Disturbing Changes in Personality of the Vaccinated

“This cannot be allowed to happen....

You can’t let your children be vaccinated because they’re changing mankind. All your personality is going to be changed. Your brain is being changed. And your heart is being weakened.”

Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

People are changing.

On top of the millions dead and dying from the mRNA injections, as shown by the huge increase in excess deaths since the “vaccine” rollout, people’s personalities are changing.

I have not been ready, willing, or able to write about this phenomenon…until now.

Like many of you, I’ve observed and heard anecdotally of these changes in those who chose or were coerced into participating in the world’s largest medical experiment.

But until now, I didn’t have proof.

As always, I aim not to tell you what to think but to provide you, dear reader, with evidence that you can examine for yourself.

Today, I’m sharing a critical video so that you can watch and listen and decide for yourself.

Because what we need now, more than ever, is critical thinking and discernment.

Unfortunately, these are the very faculties that are disappearing, which could explain why many “vaccinated” people are either choosing to ignore or are unable to examine the truth of what’s happening right before their eyes.

It may explain why there has been such a primal and un-nuanced reaction to those who did not make the same mainstream medical decision.

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi now has the scientific evidence for what, why and how this is happening.

In the first 20 minutes of this shocking conversation recorded just 2 weeks ago, Dr. Bhakdi presents information from a new paper that discloses necrosis in the brains of the vaccinated.

The death of living tissue.

(Watch here 👇)

“This has been a war on the human and what makes us human. And if an injection can close down people’s compassion or their higher powers of nuanced critical thinking…it could close down their connection to a sense of spirituality. It could close down their sense of responsibility to the next generation. We don’t know. This is a massive experiment on the human brain and the human heart.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf

We already know about the damage the spike proteins from the mRNA shots are causing the heart, liver, ovaries, and other organs.

We already know about the clotting caused by the jab.

What I learned in Dr. Bhakdi’s presentation is that dementia is often associated with micro clots in the brain.

And the nanoparticles in the mRNA injections cross the blood-brain barrier.

“All mRNA vaccines are dangerous and are going to threaten life.”

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

The video begins with an introduction to Dr. Bhakdi’s presentation by lawyer and Coronavirus Investigative Committee co-founder, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

Afterwards, he leads a conversation with journalist, bestselling author and CEO of, Dr. Naomi Wolf, and Psychiatrist and bestselling author, Dr. Peter Breggin.

Dr. Breggin and his wife recently released their latest bestseller, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey.

Considered one of the leading psychiatrists in the US, Dr. Breggin is responsible for stopping the use of lobotomy in psychiatric treatment.

As an expert on psychiatry and the brain, his take on the use of the shot as an authoritarian tool is terrifying.

“What is better for a totalitarian mass than producing docility, lack of being able to plan anything like a rebellion? So the extent to which they anticipated…a generalized brain-damaged reaction, docility is such a big part of it.”

“They are definitely creating the kinds of masses that they want. There’s no question about that.”

Dr. Peter Breggin

But the conversation goes deeper.

I’m actually now seeing a horror on a scale that outdoes the Holocaust….

Anyone who avoids language about the Holocaust is engaging in intellectual negligence, to say the least.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf

As the German Dr. Fuellmich points out, the biggest contributor to the World Health Organization is now Germany.

The first PCR test used to justify “cases” was created by a fake German professor.

And the first mRNA “vaccines” came from Germany.

What is the connection?

What is happening?

Watch for yourself.

“As a Jew and as a human being, there’s really no…no way to process what we’re seeing in terms of a collective societal abdication of what we thought was our eternal Western post-World War 2 certainty that human life has value, and you don’t engage in mass murder any more. That’s gone.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf

We need to allow all analyses, all opinions, and all theories to be expressed and explored.

Especially while we still have the capacity to critically examine them.


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