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Doctors & Truckers Together On The Hill

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

“I’m not stopping until this discrimination stops.”


I’m in the Iconic Café, around the corner from Parliament Hill.

It’s a free space where Rico, the owner, has maintained a warm and welcoming atmosphere for unmasked protesters.

At the hightop table where I’m sitting, there are people from BC, Quebec, and Ontario.

These former strangers are talking about what’s happening here, and how appalled they are with the mainstream media coverage and how they’re being portrayed.

What they see on TV has no bearing on what they are witnessing with their own eyes, ears, and hearts.

People uniting from all provinces, all politics, all cultures, and all religions — something politicians have never been able to do.

The man beside me is a business owner with an economics degree.

He’s been talking with the trucker at the end of the table about what brought them here.

His wife and her friend are showing the Francophones across the table a map of where their families are from in Trinidad and Guyana.

There is a lot of talk about the nonsensical “health” mandates that fly in the face of medical science and common sense.

A woman who moved to Canada from Serbia just joined us.

She was fired from her job as a hospital administrator and cannot believe what is happening here.

“I’ve cried a river of tears. I never thought this could happen here.”

Up on the Hill, health is the focus as doctors dominate the main stage this weekend.

Yesterday’s lineup included a team of doctors from Quebec, a vaccine-injured scientist, and esteemed doctors Paul Alexander, Roger Hodkinson, and Byram Bridle, who invited government “experts” to a public debate on the science on Friday.

No one showed up, so they used the opportunity to speak to the medical issues...

All of them spoke at the protest, many times.

They're speaking again today.

This is a small part of Dr. Alexander’s impassioned speech to the crowd of tens of thousands…

There were also recorded messages from around the world, including medical giants Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone.

If you haven’t been following the Joe Rogan kerfuffle, these are the 2 scientists who broke podcast records when Rogan interviewed them.

Here are their messages to the truckers…

Despite the government’s attempt to polarize and politicize Canadians, the only politician to speak was former Premier and Charter of Rights signatory Brian Peckford.

And despite being the most credible person alive to address the intent and spirit of the Charter and its current abuses, the legacy media has repeatedly ignored his editorials and speeches.

But this weekend, the majority of speeches are about the science.

More doctors are speaking about the science today, and I will add them as I get footage.

Remember the science?

Remember when the government said this was about health and to “follow the science?”

Now that people are seeing the overwhelming evidence that the handling of Sars-CoV-2 and COVID-19 was a colossal failure, the government says the protests are political.

Nobody’s talking about the hundreds of thousands of maskless people, crammed together in tight crowds and not getting sick.

With a magician’s skill, they practice misdirection, attempting to turn us against each other.

We cannot let that happen.

Everyone, every single person I’ve met and spoken to here, is concerned about the health and safety of their families and their fellow citizens.

The only virus they’re spreading is love.

The only message is freedom…


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