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Enough Said

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

"If there's nothing you can say,

there may be nothing you can do."

Lyrics by Van Morrison

Sung by Eric Clapton

Is our aversion to opposing views built in?

Do we really believe that curiosity killed the cat?

And if so, do we think it will kill us, too?

On one level, yes.

Among the many problems created by building public health policy based in and promoting fear, is the inflammation of the human ego.

I don’t just mean the part of us that thinks we’re great.

I mean the all too human, mind-made entanglement of thoughts and resulting emotions we call our identity.

Fear is a primal state of being that does not allow for access to our highest cognitive functions and our deeper collective consciousness.

We all know that we don’t make the best decisions when we’re scared or stressed.

When people are subjected to daily “case” counts (and wrongly assume that this means number of people who are actually sick), and constant death counts (with no context to compare these numbers with deaths that would normally occur anyway), they stop thinking for themselves.

Their higher brain function is put on hold and the amygdala rules.

They will do what they’re told to protect themselves.

And if you don’t conform along with them, they’ll tell you, too.

This is the brilliance of authoritarianism.

It sews the seeds of fear, spreads the manure, then relies on its victims to tend and harvest the crop.

If you spread enough misinformation, people begin to identify with it.

I’m complying, therefore I’m a good person.

I’m listening to the media and politicians, therefore I’m an informed person.

I’m following the advice of the governing bodies, therefore I’m a smart person.

None of this requires real thinking.

And because we’re afraid every day, we believe it when we’re told that only conspiracy theorists and “Neanderthals” are not wearing masks, locking down, social distancing, and questioning the origin of C-19.

This is why censorship is a necessary component of authoritarianism.

As Noam Chomsky said, “He who controls the media controls the minds of the public.”

But of course he wasn’t the first…

“The press is our chief ideological weapon.” Nikita Khrushchev
“The press of Italy is free, freer than the press of any other country, so long as it supports the regime.” Benito Mussolini
“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” Joseph Goebbels

“Lockdown to flatter the curve.”

“Mandatory masking.”

“Social distancing.”

“Full vaccination.”

“Cases cases cases.”

The same simple messages have been drummed into us for well over a year, even though the data has clearly shown that none of this is scientifically sound.

If you think that information is flowing freely, it’s time you started digging a little deeper.

Last week, I posted a critical interview with one of the top C-19 doctors in the world.

Dr. Pierre Kory is not only a lung specialist and ICU specialist, but a pioneer in C-19 treatments.

Though both the interviewer and interviewee were highly credentialed, YouTube deleted it - because of its arbitrary rules about what health information is allowed to get to you and what isn’t.

What was so controversial?

The doctor's overwhelming scientific evidence and clinical experience with the highly effective and proven drug, Ivermectin.

The big tech giants have joined the big media outlets in only feeding us the currently sanctioned narrative.

And only because US President Biden launched an inquiry and the story could no longer be contained.

It is unconscionable that scientists and doctors are being suspended and banned on social media platforms, barely being heard in the mainstream media, and not being included in the decision-making process of policymakers that are affecting billions of lives.

That’s why a woman at the supermarket felt she had the right to tell me to pull my mask up.

Who needs police when you scare the population into commanding others?

And why, when I told her I write about science, she left the store yelling that I thought this was all a hoax.

We are losing access to information and the ability to think for ourselves.

Here is the new link for Dr. Kory’s eye-opening interview…

And if you want a shorter, even more impassioned talk, this is his Senate testimonial…

This Senate appearance, which was also deleted from YouTube after 5 million views, is part of the reason for this hopeful announcement made just 2 days ago.

Please click the image to watch this short but hugely important announcement...

Contrary to our ego’s machinations, there is no shame in admitting we were wrong.

The only face we lose is that of a made-up identity that serves only itself.

It’s time to reveal our true selves.

It’s time to express our human rights, values, and freedom.

In the words of Van Morrison, and the voice of Eric Clapton, it’s time to Stand and Deliver.

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