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Every Child Matters

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

“You’re so beautiful.”

After hello, those were my first words to Tracy “Ignites the Fire” Bone.

With her high sculpted cheekbones and long, caramel-coloured hair, it was both her physical beauty and her internal peace that first struck me.

There is a quiet presence and groundedness in Tracy’s demeanour that immediately drew my curiosity.

She listens deeply, expresses herself clearly and directly, and transmits love and healing in her epic hugs.

Tracy has transformed more in her 46 years than many people do in a lifetime.

It is the alchemy of turning her pain and suffering into healing and hope that gives gravitas to both her words and her embraces.

“Thank you. So are you,” she said, appreciative but nonplussed by a compliment most women would struggle to accept.

It was at the Freedom Convoy protest in February where I first met Tracy, along with her cousin, Chief JD Anderson, who regularly joined the truckers at the basecamp tent to connect and break bread together.

When I heard her speak on the Parliament Hill rally main stage, I began to understand her presence in the nation’s capital, far from her home on the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation reservation near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“At age 6, I had my virginity taken from me.”

This was the disarming start to her public speech on the Hill, where Tracy recounted her personal history with intergenerational trauma inflicted on First Nations people as a result of government actions that tore families and lives apart and created untold damage on a people and a culture.

She pulls no punches in calling out the destruction left by what she calls “the Residential School plague," and sees clearly the similarities in the current government’s COVID-19 mandates — both the destructiveness and the pretence of being for our own good.

It was Tracy who first had me see the eerie parallels.

In both the history of the treatment of indigenous peoples in Canada and the treatment of current peacefully non-compliant citizens, we find a government that targets and denigrates a group of people (now the unvaccinated) in a concerted effort to push an agenda of assimilation in order to forward policies that have nothing to do with protecting those it purports to serve.

No group better understands the very real threat of authority to take away parental rights and manipulate and damage children than the First Nations people.

No group better understands the malignancy that those with power can cause than the First Nations people — equalled perhaps by those who have grown up under oppressive governments elsewhere.

This may also explain the large number of immigrants at the Freedom Convoy rally in Ottawa earlier this year, and the growing unity among the first and latest residents here.

Unlike many people who have been here for a few generations, those who have experienced tyranny first hand are also first to recognize the signs.

A cursory comparison with the Biderman Report of 1956 makes a compelling case...

And if you’re unfamiliar with the genocidal policies that nearly destroyed Canada's First Nations, I recommend doing your own research.

As a starting point, you can check out this brief and moving statement from former senator, the Honourable Murray Sinclair HERE.

These days, indigenous peoples are not the only victims of coercive government policies.

There has never been a shred of credible scientific evidence for the effectiveness against any coronavirus of lockdowns, social distancing, masking or any of the non-sensical policies that continue to destroy livelihoods, communities, families, and lives — particularly the lives of children.

And this is where Tracy found her line in the sand.

This is what compelled her to leave her own family in Manitoba.

This is what led her to step up her stand for women and children of all families.

During one of many lockdowns, several First Nations mothers were harassed and detained by reservation authorities for attempting to leave their homes in order to buy food and diapers for their children. (For more on this story read here 👇)

In late January of 2022, Tracy spent 4 days in spiritual isolation, facing her deepest feelings of grief and anger at these new injustices both in her community and outside of it.

She allowed herself to feel the pain and suffering of the living, while being consoled by and communing with her ancestors.

At the end of these 4 days, she recorded an unscripted Facebook live post where she allowed these ancestors, from whom she draws both wisdom and guidance, to speak through her.

(You can watch the whole video here 👇)

“We are currently…in a clear state of emergency. When mothers are treated as criminals for leaving their community to ensure that they have food in their cupboards to feed their children.…This now, as mothers, has sparked a fire within me, and I will not let their voices not be heard. Every single one of us deserve freedom….It is the time to assert ourselves and to stand up. Stand up for what is right. Because I’m telling you now, as I join this Freedom Convoy 2022, the truckers have let everybody know — and we all know this — that there needs to be a sacrifice made in order for change to happen.”

Tracy Bone

And so it was that Tracy Bone came to sacrifice her own needs with family and her personal desires and goals as an accomplished singer/songwriter to travel 26 hours by car to stand for freedom for everyone in the nation’s capital.

In Ottawa, she began to connect with others who are standing for freedom and democracy in a country that continues to move towards authoritarianism with breathtaking ease and speed.

Across Canada, those who have chosen not to get an experimental and demonstrably damaging injection are still banned from travel both within and outside of the country.

This at a time when even the United States has declared the “pandemic phase” over.

Meanwhile in Quebec, mask-wearing is still rigorously imposed.

And Bill 15, which allows the Francophone state to take the rights of children away from their parents, was just passed.

Since children in that province are already being jabbed against their parents’ wills, it’s not a great leap to imagine kids being taken away because their parents refuse the government’s mandatory “vaccine.”

The implications and precedent should disturb and alarm everyone.

Watch this succinct overview...👇

I’m not sure what it will take for those who don’t yet see that fascism is a real and present danger in this country, but as Tracy says, we must all now sacrifice.

“I surrender now to who we are and our mission on this planet, which is becoming more and more clear every single day. That it is not the time to be silent any more.”

Despite massive and growing evidence of the harm to children by the jab, kids in this and other countries are being “vaccinated” against their parents’ wills with an experimental injection, still in the clinical trial stage until 2023, showing a higher injury and fatality rate than all vaccines added together over the last 30 years combined.

Read these current articles on just a few of the issues we're now facing...👇

Listen to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s brief but powerful words about the Nuremberg Code HERE 👇

“Never in human history have old people required that young people take risks, make sacrifices, and die to preserve older people.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Something is not right.

It’s not just that we’ve lost our moral compass, but that there seems to be a nefarious effort not to provide informed consent and freedom of choice.

How else can we explain the continuation of policies that have been proven ineffective and unsafe?

The evidence, which I’ve been sharing for a year now, is all there — C-19 mandates do not work.

We can no longer assume government ignorance about these ill-conceived policies.

We must now ask unthinkable questions.

Is the unprecedented push to get a shot that does not stop transmission or lessen symptoms, but clearly causes irreversible damage, fertility issues, and even death, an attempt to sterilize future generations and control populations?

Are we complying with another genocide?

The First Nations people do not need theories to understand this possibility.

They have lived it.

It is the facing of these horrors that ignites Tracy Bone’s fire.

It is her commitment for all women and children that fuels her stand here in the nation’s capital.

To connect with and empower all people in their struggle to gain and regain the freedoms that are guaranteed to us under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Bill of Rights, and the Creator’s inherent human rights.

To honour that all children are sacred.

In the popular Every Child Matters movement and slogan, she sees the possibility of connecting with our hearts, our conscience, and even our inner child.

Just last week, her latest single of the same title was released.

You can find Every Child Matters HERE 👇

As with every challenge, there is opportunity.

While the mainstream media continue to promote a fear-based government agenda and narrative, ignoring the freedom movement’s peaceful and dignified stand for sovereignty of person and inclusive community, I am witnessing a growing empowerment and unity that includes, perhaps for the first time, a powerful indigenous presence and leadership.

Despite the divisive rhetoric, the world is watching and finding hope here.

Christine Anderson, German Member of the European Parliament, summed it up here...👇

Globally, over 40 convoys have already followed suit as a result of Canada’s Freedom Convoy lead.

And as the indigenous people of Canada unite and stand up around this peaceful movement, so are indigenous people elsewhere.

And we are all, from some place at some time, indigenous.

As Tracy Bone emerged from her 4 days of self-isolation and deep introspection on the plight of the women and children in her own community, she once again used her pain to seize the opportunity of this moment…

“And so I took these 4 days to go within myself, and I cried and I was angry and I wanted to hurt people, because I was hurting. Because others were hurting. And that’s how we’re connected. We’re connected through energy. And my heart aches for these women. And at the same time, they’ve ignited my fire. So I thank you.”

It's time for all of us to ignite the fire within us and in those around us.


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Gino Salotti
Gino Salotti
08 мая 2022 г.

Fabulous article Michelle. Could you make this content in a printable form, such as a PDF document, to share with those who don't have Internet ? This is the kind of information that is critical to know about the current affaires of our society, and specially in these days of trials and tribulations. Let there be LIGHT ! Mulgtess, 'IO' xox

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
28 мая 2022 г.
Ответ пользователю

I love this idea, Gino. I'm putting it on my "to do" list! 🙏💙

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