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First Do No Harm

“Science normally works by debate and contention. And shutting down debate and contention is not the way to arrive at the truth.”
Dr. John Lee, Pathologist

Where did our civility go?

We say we live in a “civilized” culture.

Whatever country you’re in, people probably say that.

But what does that mean?

Here are two definitions:

  1. Having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc.

  2. Polite; well-bred; refined

We like to think we’re advanced and humane, maybe even polite.

But when our fears rise up, so do our more base reactions.

When we are afraid, we react from our primitive brain, where we fight, freeze, or flee.

These days, our fears have been whipped to such a froth that we practically foam at the mouth with anger at those who are not digesting the narrative we’ve been fed.

Good people post hateful messages online, bury their heads in the sand, and even end friendships.

Fear is a powerful tactic if you’re intentionally trying to manipulate people.

But sometimes, causing fear in others is simply the outcome of one’s own fears.

The fears of panicked politicians trying not to fail have led to rash decisions that will be hard to undo.

As the wonderfully civil and rational retired UK pathologist, Dr. John Lee, says in today’s video, “The authorities…have painted themselves into a corner by their responses to covid.”

“The government decided to prescribe treatment for the entire country with no risk/benefit analysis of that treatment whatsoever.”

This is where science offers an alternative.

In science, rigorous debate is part of the process, and failure to prove one’s theory is part of the road to success.

But in politics, it’s the road to ruin.

I know I’ve said this before, but this video is a must-watch.

Dr. Lee explains, among other things…

  • How immunity works

  • That asymptomatic people don’t spread disease

  • How health services are always “on the verge of collapse”

  • The difference between a “case” and someone who tests positive

  • That excess deaths are partly due to the effects of lockdown and other measures

  • How numbers have been incorrectly reported

  • Why social distancing is a “made-up story”

  • The dangers of creating policies based on worst-case scenarios

  • How lockdowns create more virulent versions of the covid virus

  • Why lockdowns, masks, and social distancing are “not good science…not good medicine, and it’s not good management.”

There is another definition of “civilized”:

Easy to manage or control; well organized or ordered.

May we let go the grip of fear.

May we practice responding rather than reacting.

May we be a little less civilized and a lot more civil.


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