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How to Listen Newly

Updated: May 15, 2021

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, is not someone with whom I share political ideology.

But Governor DeSantis did something that most politicians have been unwilling or unable to do.

He gathered leading scientists from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford, for a discussion on the current pandemic measures to determine if they were working and if they should be continued.

In this video, posted on April 12,2021, Governor DeSantis calls out big tech for their efforts to:

“…stifle debate, short-circuit scientific inquiry, [and] make sure that the [pandemic] narrative is not questioned.”

Today’s opportunity is to put aside our opinion-clutching personal identity and practice curiosity.

When we listen to the message, rather than attack or dismiss the messenger, we open our minds not just to new information, but we expand our capacity for thinking itself.

What point-of-view can I step aside from to see and consider people, situations, and information, newly?

Who might I now be able to learn from?

How might that make a difference for me, for them, or for others?

I am learning to listen to the message without automatically dismissing the messenger.

I am learning to disseminate what is real from what is opinion.

And I am learning that our current challenges could be the catalyst for more than change...we could actually transcend politics and make real progress.


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