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How We Ended Up Last

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

“…Toronto has suffered the longest continuous lockdown of any major city in the world – possibly, of any city of any size. In earlier days, Ontario’s lockdown rules might have been described as excessive and arbitrary. They have long since proceeded to the preposterous and absurd.”

Financial Post

If you're a conservative Canadian, you're more likely to have seen today's Financial Post article.

The liberal media seems less likely to post a story like this one, and that's a problem in and of itself.

When did human rights, freedom of information, democratic debate, and science-based policies become right wing?

When I was growing up in a lefty home, we actively opposed illegal and inhumane government policies, as well as unscientific thinking.

It is a popular narrative in North America that the left are for lockdowns and the right are the freedom-fighters.

But it was Sweden, Socialist Sweden, that led the way in scientifically-based policies that did not include lockdowns, mandatory masking, or other undemocratic and unfounded practices.

And it is Progressive Conservative Ontario that is in last place, world-wide.

Yup, Toronto, our province’s previously progressive and largest city, wins the prize for most regressive, authoritarian lockdown policies in the world.

Check out this shocking article hot off the press from Canada’s National Post

And the BBC article it quotes…

I share this story for 2 reasons.

First, we need to stop polarizing health issues as left or right.

For those on the left, we need to stop following the narrative because “our side” is saying it.

For those on the right, you need to stop blaming the left.

We need to oppose fear-based and misguided policies together.

There are no sides in science.

Are there disagreements? Yes.

But it is the spirit of debate and robust disagreement that makes for good science - something that has been grossly lacking in the mainstream narrative.

Our coronacrisis is an issue of growing authoritarianism and loss of constitutional rights and freedoms, healthy debate, and scientific autonomy.

We need to follow the science - not the story about the science.

Read this comprehensive article by an epidemiologist and Professor Emeritus of Public Health…

"Sweden’s statistics tell us, unequivocally, that in much of the world lives have been lost and livelihoods have been destroyed — in vain."

The second reason I’m sharing this is because we need to wake up.

I took a parliamentary petition to some of the local shops in my neighbourhood.

A petition to stop the censorship of health information that would end the justification of lockdowns and other unhealthy measures.

In the blocked doorway of a local shop, two clerks stood outside wearing masks.

After a short explanation, I asked them if they were interested in health censorship.

They looked at me with that polite but dismissive smile shop clerks give when you've taken up enough of their time.

“No, thanks, we’re good.”

And therein lies the problem.

We in Toronto have become “good” with completely unfounded measures that have disrupted and damaged our physical, mental, emotional, and economic health.

The rest of the world is moving on.

We in Toronto seem, at best, unaware of how far we’ve fallen behind.

At worst, we have become complacent about and compliant with these regressive rules that do far more harm than good.

We, as Torontonians, as Canadians, as global citizens, need to demand of our policymakers that they end these undemocratic, unconstitutional, and unhealthy measures.

Then we can once again sit together on a patio, toasting the city and country we were once so proud of.


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