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More Harm Than Good

If you’re watching the daily Covid case counts, this may not come as a surprise.

But if you’ve been avoiding the daily barrage of all things Covid (and who would blame you), today’s information may come as a shock.

If you think the shots are working, I suggest you sit down for this.

First, there's this little story that doesn't seem to be making mainstream headlines...

But that's not the big story today.

We were promised an end to Draconian mandates if we got an experimental injection that was touted as 100% safe and effective at stopping transmission.

Government officials and media “experts” have been tap-dancing around the latest data, changing the story from prevention to alleviation of severity.

Want to know what the actual data says?

The truth is coming out.

You can download a bombshell Confidential Pfizer Report for some of the details HERE.

But even that is not the big story.

The really big story is an outstanding, just-released video from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

In the clear and comprehensive breakdown of Pfizer’s own trial data, you will find the following…

“The failures to follow established, high quality safety and efficacy protocols were evident right from the beginning.”

You will learn about the Hierarchy of Evidence — and how government policies are based on the lowest form.

From Pfizer’s own trial data, you will learn that the absolute risk reduction of getting C-19 if you get the Pfizer jab is less than 1%.

You will learn about how Pfizer did not follow its own trial plan for a double blind randomized control trial.

Spoiler alert: They unblinded the study after 2 months, and offered the placebo group the shot, which most of them took.

There is now no way to assess long-term effectiveness or safety.

You will also learn that, again according to Pfizer’s own data, the inoculated group showed a 300% increase in adverse events over the placebo group.

We know that 85% of people most at risk from C-19 are over 75 — but this cohort represented only 4% of Pfizer’s trial subjects.

In addition, Pfizer did not even measure death and illness reduction as outcomes of the shot.

It seems glaringly obvious that the point of any inoculation should be to, well, inoculate.

What did the trial measure?

“Do people who take the vaccines test positive for C-19 less often?”

Does it matter if I test negative if I’m suffering adverse events or die?

As for adolescents, the results show all risk and no benefit.

In this report, you’ll learn about Maddie de Garay — a 12-year-old participant whom we should never forget.

She represents everything that is wrong with the coercive campaign to vaccinate children against C-19 and should have put a stop to this idea before it even began.

And then there’s myocarditis, serious and irreversible heart damage.

“There is now such a high expectation of heart problems from the inoculations among children that [world-renowned Toronto hospital] SickKids is putting out brochures on how to deal with them.”

Despite the failure to follow established trial protocols and the manipulation of data, Pfizer’s own trial data shows clear evidence of harm due to their “vaccine.”

A shocking 78% of trial subjects reported adverse events.

If Pfizer’s study results had been correctly reported, based on their actual data, they never would have obtained emergency use authorization.

There is so much more in this breakdown of Pfizer’s trial data.

This is not speculation.

This is not opinion.

This is level 1 evidence of harm, including death.

You can peruse the slides by downloading them HERE.

And you can watch the 38-minute narrated version here 👇

You may be wondering why the media isn’t blowing the lid off the biggest fraud in medical history.

This 4-minute video on the Trusted News Initiative may offer at least part of the explanation…

Since the mainstream media is not sharing this information, we need to do it ourselves.

I’ll be sending it to my elected representatives this week.

In Canada, you can find your MP and their contact info HERE.

In Ontario, you can find your MPP and their contact info HERE.

Canadians can also sign this petition to stop the “vaccine” campaign HERE.

A quick online search will give you contact info for elected representatives wherever you live.

Take a moment to send this to the people making life or death decisions for you.

Send it to the people you care about and the people who care for you.

I sent it to my team of healthcare providers.

Everyone deserves to know the truth.

For many, this could be the first step towards acknowledging our missteps.


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