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Raising Our Voices

“Is it right to keep silent about this? It’s not.”

London nun

The cracks are beginning to show, dear reader.

I have a dozen stories lined up that I can’t write fast enough, and all of them need urgent public attention.

But this one is inspiring and poignant and current and I get to start the week on a high note.

This past weekend, tens of thousands, some estimate 500 000, marched in London to say enough is enough.

We must no longer tolerate unscientific and damaging policies and protocols that deny our human rights.

If you haven’t seen the footage, there are all kinds of videos on social media.

This one taken from a helicopter has the best vantage point.

Click the image to watch...

But my favourite will come as no surprise to regular readers, since it encapsulates the spirit of this blog.

Science and spirituality.

Logic and compassion.

Information and action.

Click the image to listen to this highly informed nun speak out about, and on behalf of, real people impacted by the experimental covid injections…

“We have to speak out about this. There’s something not normal about this mRNA vaccine.”

She goes on to cite Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, who has also been publicly critical of the covid vaccines.

(More on that later this week.)

“I’ve got printed out 4 scientific, peer-reviewed studies. Don’t tell me I’m a conspiracy theorist.”

And she’s not the only one voicing concerns about our covid response.

Leading scientists and health experts from around the world are speaking out.

Many of them have participated in this short video called Wake Up From Covid.

Take 2 minutes to hear their informed take on actual risk of dying of C-19, lockdowns, mass testing, misinformation, and the costs of all our unscientific and unprecedented policies…

I try to post as many long format and detailed interviews here as I can as well, but I just can’t keep up.

And that’s good news!

The information is coming out.

It can’t be contained.

Let’s hope that the spirit of Londoners sweeps over the world when we gather for the next World Wide Rally for Freedom on July 24,2021.

There will be over 180 cities participating.

I will be at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

Whether you’ve ever been to a rally before or not, it’s time to raise our voices, together.

Let freedom reign, dear reader.

Pass it on.


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