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Repairing the World

There are no words to ease into this.

It has been reported that a woman in Melbourne, with a sign saying, “NO ONE CARES. MANDATES ARE KILLING US,” covered herself in gasoline and set herself on fire.

The story has not been picked up by the mainstream media and some social media commenters are trying to debunk it.

I’ve seen the footage of the aftermath and it does appear to be real.

You can judge for yourself.

But this one case is hardly the whole story.

According to several articles, the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews,“was told in 2020 that 10 percent of all suicides in Victoria are lockdown-related."

And in Germany, a man murdered his entire family this week, killing himself as well.

“In a farewell note found by officers, the man said he had forged a vaccine certificate for his wife and her employer had found out. The couple were afraid they would be arrested and lose their children….”

Such is the despair of people living through the most far-reaching authoritarianism in history.

A tyranny that has wreaked more damage than the virus it was installed to protect us from.

In a country where police are regularly using violence and brutality for mandate violations, this expression of violence should be no surprise.

It is tempting to dissociate ourselves with those who would do something so extreme.

To sit back and judge them as separate and different from ourselves.

But this is the very act that has led us to this situation.

We have fallen prey to those who would take advantage of our division.

Who will continue to demonize those who oppose them and reap the rewards of divide and conquer mandates in the name of “health.”

We cannot afford to keep judging each other.

Only the elite, only those in power, only those who would exploit a virus for personal or political gain will benefit.

We can no longer turn a blind eye to what is happening.

Planned or unplanned, left or right, tyranny is tyranny.

I don’t know if our current situation is an evil plot to depopulate the planet, a panic-driven race to fulfil the zero-covid fantasy, or something in between.

What I do know is that this is not healthy.

I have avoided sharing the harshest of the measures and outcomes that are being forced upon us because I am committed to focusing on the science, providing hope, agency, and the opportunity to step into our responsibilities as human beings and citizens.

But many of us will not awaken until we face the reality of what is happening.

Anti-science mandates are inhumane and people can no longer cope.

We can and we must turn the tide of authoritarianism.

We have lived in cushy times, virtue signalling our respect for those who fought for freedom by wearing a poppy every November 11th.

But many of us have never had to stand up for our rights.

We have never had to take responsibility for them.

Now is the time.

And now it is happening.

Just this past weekend, protests were taking place around the world.

Though we can no longer count on the mainstream media to cover any stories against the official narrative, perhaps this isn’t all bad.

So many small and independent researchers and writers are filling the void.

Rational Ground is one of the sources I follow, and yesterday’s post by co-founders Justin Hart and Aaron Ginn is one of the most inspiring I’ve found. 👇

Not all the protests are peaceful, and not all the videos are good news, but the scope of the scenes from around the world tells the story that people are rising up.

We are not alone.

Among the many, many short videos they’ve assembled in this blog, you’ll find protests and images from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, Brazil, the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Peru, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Spain, Finland, Cyprus, Australia, Slovenia, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Columbia, New Zealand, Germany, Guadeloupe, Romania, England, and New York City...

The last word in this inspiring compilation is reserved for this woman.

You can listen to her speak here...👇

“Fear of infectious epidemics was exactly what the Nazis used to demonize Jews as spreaders of disease. Today, the unvaccinated are being accused of being spreaders of disease.

The Holocaust didn’t happen overnight, it happened in stages. Stages of humiliation, discrimination, demonization, and the final stage, extermination.

The current hysteria about a virus is an assault on our freedom. It has nothing to do with health.”

We must come together and repair the rifts that those who profit from our divisions have rendered.

Please share this story with friends and family.

And start a healthy dialogue.

Tikkun olam.


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